Spotlight Writer-Jane Connealy

Jane Connealy

Pius X, Lincoln


Jane ConnealyPersonal
Ardent supporter of the Nebraska Sandhills, dogs, family, writing across the curriculum and NeWP

Currently serving as English teacher at Pius X High School in Lincoln where we recently began a Literature Club which continues to be one of my main, on-going school projects

NeWP involvement
Co-director of the Nebraska Writing Project; '03 to current
Co-facilitator of Pius X Open Institute; summer '04 and Embedded Writing Institute; 03-04
Recipient of a Teacher Inquiry Communities Network Minigrant '04 that investigates the impact an embedded writing institute will have on a school and its writing community
Attended NWP Professional Writing Retreat -Rhode Island; '03
Advisory Board Member; '01 and '02
UNL Summer Institute Facilitator, 2003; Participant, 2000

Writing: "Inner and Outward Migration"

Author's note: This is an excerpt from a piece in progress that was well received on the summer institutes website. I believe this section shows my passion for the land where I was born and raised. I hope it suggests to the reader the fragile balance we have with this land, its environmental issues and how insignificant we humans are in the great scope of this region.

From Jane's Classroom:
Postcards From the Edge (view online / download)