Battalion Activities


Physical Training 

Physical Training (PT) is conducted early in the morning three days a week. The purpose of PT is to not only improve the physical fitness the Midshipmen, but also to improve leadership skills, discipline, and unit cohesion.

PT often consists of running, calisthenics, competitive workouts, weight training, and stretching. Occasionally the Midshipmen will compete in games for PT such as football, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and basketball.

Battalion Drill

Battalion drill is conducted once a week and is intended to teach marching, rifle movements, customs, and courtesies.

Drill also gives upper-classmen Marine options the opportunity to lead the battalion in marching and drill movements in order to prepare them for Officer Candidate School (OCS).

Colorado Drill Meet

The University of Nebraska NROTC unit is one of many across the country that participates in the annual Colorado drill meet hosted by the University of Colorado-Boulder. Midshipman get the opportunity to join various different events to compete in and also have the chance to meet Midshipmen, Enlisted, and Officers from other units. Some of the events that the university of Nebraska NROTC unit participates in include: 

Close Order Drill

    • Close order drill involves training Marine and Navy-option Midshipmen basic drill and formation. This also gives Marine-option Midshipmen in their Junior year to build confidence in calling commands from a drill card which will not only prepare them for the Colorado Drill Meet, but also for OCS. The team meets months in advance to practice rifle and marching skills in order to execute the drill card perfectly on the day of the competition.

Color Guard

    • The color guard team practices familiarizing themselves with proper flag and rifle drill and ceremonies. This training will be utilized to execute the color guard drill guard during the competition.
    • Not only is color guard practiced for the drill meet, but the University of Nebraska-Lincoln NROTC Midshipmen also have the opportunity to be a part of color guards for the Nebraska Husker football and basketball games and any other events that may come up throughout the year.

Endurance Team

    • The Endurance competition is a strenuous multistage race involving a pool circuit, various calisthenics, and an endurance race with a weighted hike up and down one of the mountains overlooking the University of Colorado Boulder. Midshipmen who volunteer to participate in this competition physically train as well as build team cohesion and teamwork. 

Rifile/Pistol Team

    • The rifle and pistol shooting competition consists of the use of .22 rifles and pistols firing at targets from various ranges at the standing, kneeling, and prone position.

Knowledge Team

    • The knowledge competition focuses on the mental aspect of the overall competition. Midshipmen prepare to answer questions on various topics about both the Navy and the Marine Corps.

Joint ROTC Field Meet

Every year, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln NROTC Unit competes with both the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Army and Air Force ROTC programs in a multitude of physical events that range from games to military-themed events. This has been a good way to build camaraderie between the different branches while still having a friendly competition between each other.

Navy and Marine Corps Ball

Every year, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln NROTC Unit celebrates the founding of both the United States Navy and Marine Corps. This occurs in the fall somewhere between the dates that the United States Navy and Marine Corps were founded. Midshipmen and their dates get the opportunity to converse with Navy and Marine Officers and Enlisted Veterans as well as being a part of the ceremony that takes place during the ball.

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