Section 1: This organization shall be known as Nepalese Students Association, hereinafter referred to as 'NSA' in this constitution and its By-Laws.

This organization shall not discriminate in the selection of members or appointments when discrimination is defined as denying individuals membership or appointment on the basis of gender, age, disability, race, color, religion, marital status, veteran's status, national or ethnic origin, gender identity or expression, place of residence, or sexual orientation.

Section 2: The NSA shall be a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization formed to carry out its purposes listed as follows:
(i) To bring together individuals who share common interests in various aspects of Nepalese life and culture.
(ii) To promote Nepalese culture in University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the local community in Lincoln, NE.


Section 1: Any person who has interests about Nepal and Nepalese culture can be a member of NSA.

Section 2: NSA shall consist of at least five currently enrolled student members. Nonstudents will be allowed to participate in any NSA activity, but will not be a voting member, or an elected or appointed officer of NSA. A non-student is someone who is not currently enrolled at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for the fall or spring semester.


Section 1: The NSA shall have one Primary Advisor, which must be a permanent Academic/Administrative or Managerial/Professional faculty/staff member of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and may have any number of Secondary Advisors, which may be permanent Academic/Administrative, Managerial/Professional, or Office/ Service staff members or Graduate Assistants of the University of Nebraska. Only the Primary Advisor may approve expenditures of funds.

Section 2: An elected committee hereinafter called as "Executive Committee" shall govern the NSA. There will be at least five currently enrolled student members in the executive committee.

Section 3: The Executive Committee comprises of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and three Executive Members.

Section 4: Any currently enrolled UNL student with NSA membership qualifies for the candidacy of the Executive Committee. The NSA members shall elect the members of the Executive Committee each year for a one-year term in a meeting that can be attended by all the members of the NSA. A meeting called for all the members of the NSA shall hereinafter be referred as 'General Meeting'. The election shall be held during summer semester every year. The term period of the Executive Committee starts from July 1st and ends by June 30th of the consecutive year. The elected Executive Committee members cannot apply for the same post for the consecutive year except for members.

Section 5: In the event that a member of the Executive Committee other than the President resigns at any time during his/her term, the Executive Committee shall appoint a new member for the remaining term. In the event that the President resigns at any time during his/her term, the Vice President shall act as the President for the remaining term. If the entire Executive Committee resigns during its term, election shall be held within thirty days of the date of resignation. The NSA advisors shall be responsible for all activities of the NSA until a new committee is elected.

In the event that the Faculty/Staff Advisor resigns, the Executive Committee shall nominate a new Faculty/Staff Advisor.


Section 1: The Executive Committee shall call two General Meetings. The notice of such meetings with information on date, time, place and agenda shall be sent to the NSA members at least a week in advance.

Section 2: In addition to the two General Meetings, a special general meeting may be called anytime either by the Executive Committee or by one third of the NSA members with the written request. The Executive Committee shall then call a general meeting within a month of the date of submission of such a request.

Section 3: If the executive committee refuses to call a special general meeting for the request made in accordance with Section 2 of Article IV, a complain can be filed by NSA member(s) to the Faculty/Staff Advisor, who may then act according to Article V of this constitution.


Section 1: An officer in the NSA office is subject to removal if he/she violates this constitution or University of Nebraska-Lincoln Student Conduct Code.

Section 2: Any member is eligible to request the remainder of the Executive Committee for an officer's removal.

Section 3: Once the request to remove an officer has been made and a (special) general meeting has been announced, the officer in question shall be notified in written at least one week in advance to publicly defend his/her position at a (special) general meeting.

Section 4: Removal of an officer requires at least two-thirds (2/3) votes of the attendees in the (special) general meeting.

Section 5: The attendees shall immediately elect new officer(s) for replacement in accordance with Section4 of Article III of this constitution.


Section 1: All amendments must be approved by Association of Students of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Section 2: Amendments of this constitution and its by-laws shall be made in the General Meetings. All amendments must be approved by Association of Students of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Section 3: Any member may propose amendments to this constitution or its by-laws. The written proposal must be sent to all members at least a week in advance of the General Meeting.

Section 4: There will be an open forum followed by voting on the amendment(s) in the General Meeting. A constitution amendment to be accepted requires at least two-third (2/3) of votes of attendees. Similarly, a by-laws amendment requires a simple majority vote of the attendees.


Section 1: The NSA members interested in the Executive Committee posts should submit a written application to the incumbent Executive Committee at least one week prior to the election date. The incumbent Executive Committee shall set the election date and inform all NSA members four-week prior to the Election Day.

Section 2: The Executive Committee will appoint an Election Officer who will conduct the election under the recommendation of the Executive Committee. The Election Officer shall not be a candidate for the election and also shall not cast vote unless in the case of tie-vote.

Section 3: The incumbent Executive Committee will review all applications received for eligibility.

Section 4: The election should be held by third weekend of June during a General Meeting called by the incumbent Executive Committee.

Section 5: In the case of tie-vote, the Election Officer will cast the deciding vote.

Section 6: The election results will be announced during the General Meeting, and also informed to all NSA members by the Executive Committee.


Section 1: On finding any member of the NSA acting against the NSA purpose as stated in Article I, the Executive Committee has right to suspend his/her membership. The suspended member has the right to appeal to the General Meeting in order to lift the suspension of the membership.

Section 2: Failure to appeal to the next General Meeting right after the suspension will result in the membership termination. The membership will also terminate automatically if a member does not renew his/her membership.



Section 1: The President shall be the in-charge of overall coordination of all matters of the NSA. He/she shall also be responsible for having the NSA registered with the Union Activities Board of University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The President shall be the NSA representative for the International Coordinating Council (ICC) at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He/she shall inform the Executive Committee of any ICC meetings. If he/she cannot attend any ICC meeting for any reason, he/she should inform the Executive Committee in advance and designate one of the other Executive Committee members to attend in his/her place.

Section 2: The Vice President shall be a liaison with various campus and non-campus organizations and individuals.

Section 3: The Secretary's responsibility includes recording the minutes of all NSA meetings, corresponding and maintaining of all non-financial records of the NSA.

Section 4: The Treasurer's duties are outlined in Article V of the By-Laws of the Constitution of the NSA.

Section 5: The Executive Member's duty is to assist any NSA activity.

Section 6: The decision of the Executive Committee on all the operational matters of the NSA shall be final.


Section 1: The Executive Committee shall meet at least once in every three months during its term. The faculty/staff advisor shall be invited to attend such meetings.

Section 2: The President shall preside over such meetings. In the event that the President cannot attend, the Vice President shall preside over that meeting.

Section 3: The Secretary shall record the minutes of such meetings. In the event that the Secretary cannot attend such meeting, one of the other members of the Executive Committee shall record the minutes.


The Executive Committee will decide the membership fee which is non refundable for each year.


Section 1: In order to assist any activity of the NSA, the Executive Committee may create additional position(s)/subcommittee(s) which shall carry a designation and clearly defined responsibilities. The term of these position(s)/subcommittee(s) shall depend on the task assigned and/or the duration of the Executive Committee.

Section 2: The Executive Committee has the right to dismiss any appointed one or more members of any subcommittee in the event of failure to perform his/her duties.


Section 1: Organizational monies will be handled by Student Organizational Financial Services, regardless of source. No part of the earnings of this organization shall inure to the benefit of or be distributable to its members, trusties, officers, or other private persons, except that the organization shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered. This organization shall not engage in any activities not permitted to an organization exempt from federal income tax under Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (or corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue laws).

Section 2: Only the President and the Treasurer have the authority to sign checks on behalf of NSA activities. The signatures of both the President and the Treasurer are required.

Section 3: The Treasurer shall maintain the detailed records of incomes and expenses of the NSA in the account notebook. The income to the NSA includes membership fees, donations to NSA, advertisement revenues, funding obtained from University of Nebraska-Lincoln and other sources.

Section 4: The Treasurer shall obtain and keep a receipt for all transactions incurred. The Treasurer has authority to spend a maximum of US $50 (fifty dollars) with the approvalof the Executive Committee in the NSA activities without obtaining receipts during his/ her entire term.

Section 5: The Treasurer shall issue a receipt of each income the NSA receives; the counterfoils of all such receipts, giving the date of the transaction, the amount and the source, shall be retained by him/her.

Section 6: The Treasurer shall prepare quarterly statement of revenues and expenses duringhis/her term and send a copy to the President and Faculty/staff Advisor.

Section 7: The Faculty/staff Advisor shall review and approve the financial statements mentioned in Section 5 of Article V of the By-Laws to the constitution of the NSA quarterly.

Section 8: The Treasurer shall prepare a statement of revenues and expenses at the end of his/her term, and the copies will be sent to all NSA members. The Treasurer shall present the statement to a General Meeting

Section 9: The outgoing Executive Committee shall provide the incoming Executive Committee the following documents no later than one month after the incoming Executive Committee takes office: (i) minutes of all the General Meetings and Executive Committee meetings for the preceding year, (ii) quarterly financial statements mentioned in section 5 of Article V of the By-Laws to the constitution of the NSA including the annual report and (iii) any other relevant records.

AMENDMENTS: All amendments must be approved by ASUN.

Effective date: This constitution shall go into effect January 2, 2008.