Before 2000, UNL had a few students from Nepal. These students would gather once in a while to celebrate Nepalese holidays and festivals. Few Nepalese students attempted to start a Nepalese student organization but the plan remained unfulfilled because of the small number of students that could commit time in an organization because of busy schedules.

In 2007, students concluded after vigorous discussions and considerations that the time to form an official organization had come. By the time the number of Nepalese students was almost 20, which was enough to assemble the organization. Therefore, in 2007, the first Nepalese Student Association (NSA) at UNL was formed. The first executive committee was formed under the leadership of Rajendra Dahal, a PhD candidate in the Department of Mathematics.

The glorious past of the organization proved that the organization is not just for Nepalese students studying in UNL but also a bridge between Nepalese community and students in Lincoln.