Apply your skills
Apply your skills

Career Possibilities in Philosophy

The conversation usually goes something like this…
“What are you going to study? What are you going to do with that major?”

We know that in any college commitment, outcome is king, so we help you build versatile skills that will make you marketable, hirable, and secure. We’ll help you discover your passion. So you can let your curiosity move you.

Philosophy graduates from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln go on to succeed in a wide variety of careers — anything that requires a versatile, self-motivated, deadline-driven professional with skills in critical analysis, problem solving, and communication.

Below are a few examples:

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The law profession values the ability to think and write clearly, to analyze and present arguments cogently. Philosophy majors have high rates of acceptance in law schools.

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Philosophy alumni have gone on to a variety of positions in various government agencies. Their ability to think critically, to make and evaluate arguments, and to understand other people’s assumptions prepare them well for government careers.

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Information Technology

The connection between philosophy and computers is obvious for anyone who has studied logic – not to mention cognitive science.