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Charles Sayward, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Professor Sayward taught graduate and undergraduate courses in philosophy of logic, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mathematics. He has published extensively in these areas. He has published two books with Philip Hugly: (1) Intensionality and Truth , (Kluwer, 1996); (2) Arithmetic and Ontology: A Non-realist Philosophy of Arithmetic, volume 90 of the Monographs-in-Debate subseries of Poznan Studies in Science and Humanities , edited by Pieranna Garavaso (Rodopi, 2006). Recent articles include: “What is the Logic of Propositional Identity?” (2006) Logic and Logical Philosophy , 15: 3-15; “What Truth is there in Psychological Egoism?” (2006) Facta Philosophica, 8: 145-159; “Quine and his Critics on Truth-Functionality and Extentionsionality” (2007) Logic and Logical Philosophy, 16: 45-63.