Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Jennifer McKitrick

Photo Credit: Dr. Jennifer McKitrick
by Brooke Adam March 25, 2019

Dr. McKitrick—chairperson and professor, Department of Philosophy

What are your areas of specialization?
Metaphysics, Gender

Why did you choose philosophy?
I always wanted to pursue deeper questions than other disciplines would allow.  I would question unspoken assumptions and ask for their justification.  I appreciate the way that analytical philosophy tries to grapple with such questions in a systematic, rational way.

What is your favorite course to teach?
Philosophy of Feminism. Students get very interested and excited about the subject.  We debate important issues that affect all of our lives.

What are you currently researching?
I currently have two very different projects.  One is on the metaphysics of causal powers -- properties like inflammability and electrical charge.  The second is on the nature of race -- whether it is merely social or has some biological component.

My first book, Dispositional Pluralism, came out last year.

What professional associations are you affiliated with?
American Philosophical Association, Society for Analytical Feminism

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Fiber crafts (quilting, knit, crochet), backyard bird watching 

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