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Senior Lecturer in Philosophy Philosophy 402-472-2425 Oldfather Hall 505

Representative publications

"Spinoza's Theory of Immanence Reconsidered," Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy, Vol. 5 (1995).

"The Lonely Woman of Faith under Late Capitalism: or, Jewish Feminism in Marxist Perspective," in: Hava Tirosh-Samuelson (ed.), Women and Gender in Jewish Philosophy (Indiana University Press, 2004).

"The Jewish Settler Movement and the Concept of Fundamentalism," in: Simon Wood and David Harrington Watt (eds.), Fundamentalism: Perspectives on a Contested History (University of South Carolina Press, 2013).

Cahan, Jean, ed. Water Security in the Middle East: Essays in Scientific and Social Cooperation (London, Anthem Press, forthcoming December 2016).

Dr. Cahan has published on Spinoza, modern Jewish philosophy and Marx. Her research interests include philosophy of religion and philosophy of history.