Placement Guidelines

  1. Academic job applications usually require three or more letters of recommendation. These typically include letters from the members of your dissertation committee and someone who can speak to your qualifications as a teacher. Request letters from your potential recommenders at least one month prior your deadlines. If they grant your request, ask them to send their letters to the Placement Officer for review.
  2. It is highly recommended that you send any writing samples to be included in your dossier to your dissertation supervisor for review.
  3. At least one week prior to your deadlines, send your application materials to the Placement Officer for review
  4. If your dossier has been approved by the Placement Officer, the Department will pay for an Interfolio subscription for three years or until the candidate receives a full-time job. Updates to your dossier should also be reviewed by the Placement Officer.
  5. Interfolio subscriptions pay for up to 50 “deliveries” per year, via mail or email, of a complete dossier of letters, cv, writing sample, etc.
  6. Additional deliveries may be reimbursed but will need approval from the Department Chair.
  7. Send receipts for approved Interfolio subscriptions to the Pound Business Cooperative Financial Specialist for reimbursement.
  8. It is solely the responsibility of the candidate to request and upload materials to Interfolio early enough to meet deadlines.
January 2021