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Robert J. Kutak Professor of Law Philosophy (402) 472-1204 255 Law College

Representative publications include:

Mental Health Courts: Competence, Responsibility, and Proportionality, Special Problem Solving Courts: Social Science and Legal Perspectives (forthcoming 2012).

Pursuing Non-Adversarial Justice within an Adversarial Structure, Monash Univ. L. Rev. (2011).

So Sick He Deserves It: Desert, Dangerousness, and Character in the Context of Capital Sentencing, Action, Ethics, and Responsibility 259 (Robert F. Schopp, Joseph Keim Campbell, Michael O'Rourke, & Harry S. Silverstein, eds., 2010).

Mental Disorder and Criminal Law: Responsibility, Punishment, and Competence, (co-editor), 2008, Springer.

Justification Defenses and Just Convictions, (Cambridge, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1998).

Automatism, Insanity, and the Psychology of Criminal Responsibility, (Cambridge, Cambridge Univ. Press 1991).

Professor Schopp practiced clinical psychology before turning to the study of law and philosophy in an attempt to understand some perplexing issues that he encountered during ten years of clinical practice. He joined the University of Nebraska College of Law in 1989 after completing the concurrent law/philosophy program at the University of Arizona. His primary areas of interest involve questions that lie at the intersection of law, psychology and philosophy. These issues tend to arise in criminal law, mental health law, jurisprudence and professional ethics. More info here.