Undergraduate Course Guide

Undergraduate Course Guide
Undergraduate Course Guide

Industries, jobs, and technologies change. The Department of Philosophy empowers you to focus broadly — develop a wide knowledge base — so you can see what’s coming, and be ready to lead the way. Below is a list of courses to get you started on your life’s story.

Which Philosophy courses should I take?

For more information, talk to a Philosophy Undergraduate Advisor. We'll be happy to advise you about which course is best suited for you. This document includes general advice.

To start:

Any 100- or 200-level course is a good introduction to philosophy. If you are already interested in philosophy, we recommend you begin with a 200-level course, since the 100-level courses are larger and you would have less contact with the instructor in them.

Succeeding courses:

Beyond your first philosophy course, you should choose courses based on your interests. To help you, here are some courses grouped broadly by subject. For a bulletin course description see the course listing.