11 Physics Students Named to Spring 2016 Deans' List

Photo Credit: Jorgensen Hall
Fri, 06/17/2016 - 08:40

Congratulations to 11 Physics majors who were named to the Deans' Lists during the spring 2016 semester. To qualify for the Arts and Sciences Dean's List, students must earn a 3.7 GPA and have a minimum of 12 or more graded semester hours.


  • Jared Brokke, sophomore
  • John Chrostek, sophomore (physics and mathematics double major)
  • Alex Clough, freshman
  • Matthew Dunn, junior (physics and mathematics double major)
  • Levi Jaspersen, senior
  • Michael Kasada, freshman
  • Peter Kosch, sophomore
  • Ashton Neylon, senior (physics and chemistry double major)
  • Jordan O'Neal, senior
  • Caleb Schmidt, freshman
  • Ethiyal Wilson, senior (physics and electrical engineering double major)


  • Anna Brettmann, junior
  • Michael Courtney, junior
  • Nicholas Gilbert, senior
  • Lawrence Seminario-Romero, junior