Gruverman Elected 2016 JSAP Fellow

Photo Credit: Alexei Gruverman
by Amanda Lager Wed, 05/25/2016 - 09:06

Alexei Gruverman, Charles Bessey Professor of Physics, has been elected an International Fellow of the Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP). JSAP established the award to honor members for achievements in academic research, development or fostering of industrial technology, and educational and public-interest activities particularly with JSAP.

As part of the 10th JSAP Fellow class, Gruverman will give a commemorative talk at the 2016 JSAP Autumn Meeting in Niigata, Japan, during the awarding ceremonies.

The JSAP international fellowship is awarded to “individuals who have remarkably contributed to the progress of applied physics through the continuous activities in JSAP,” according to the program website. National and international JSAP fellowships were created in 2006, and nearly 350 researchers have earned this distinction. Awardees are also expected to represent the JSAP and participate in society activities.

Gruverman’s research is focused on fundamental studies of nanoscale physical phenomena in a wide range of electronic materials using scanning probe microscopy techniques. He has been involved with physics research in Japan since the early 1990s when he worked as a researcher in one of the first nanotechnology centers in Tsukuba. He later joined Sony Corporation to work on development of nonvolatile ferroelectric memory. After leaving Japan, he continued his collaboration with researchers from the leading Japanese universities and semiconducting companies, such as Fujitsu and Toshiba. He has given a number of talks in Japan, served as a JSAP symposium organizer in 2013, and is recognized with awards from several Japanese physics societies.