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We are currently unable to administer the ELT because of the ongoing COVID 19 Pandemic. Therefore, students admitted to the Intenstive English Program (IEP) or the Online English Program (OEP) for fall 2020 will be placed using a recent proficiency test score from one of the following exams: 



Duolingo English Test

If you submitted one of these scores to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln when you applied, we will use the score we have on file to place you into the program.  If you did not submit any test scores when you applied, we ask that you do so no later than August 1, 2020. Please make sure you have your official scores sent to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln at the time you register for the exam. Having more than one test score in our system will not negatively impact your placement; we will use your highest overall test score for that purpose. 

Graduate Students who need to take the ELT for the fall of 2020 should consult with the office of Graduate Studies for information on how to proceed.

Learn more about the language requirements for undergraduate and graduate students below:

Undergraduate proficiency requirements:

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Graduate proficiency requirements:
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