Fulbright English for Graduate Studies Program

Welcome to the 2022 Fulbright English for Graduate Studies Program proudly hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) and Programs in English as a Second Language (PIESL). We are very excited to have you join us in Lincoln, Nebraska this summer. We have prepared an exciting and rigorous pre-academic program that will help you prepare for your new life as a graduate student in the United States. This website has been created to provide you with useful information that you will need both prior to your arrival in Nebraska and while you are here. If you should have any questions about the information on this website or any other questions, please contact the program assistant or program coordinator. Contact information is at the bottom of this webpage.

Sponsoring Organizations

This activity is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs as part of its Fulbright Program, the U.S. Government’s flagship international exchange program supported by the people of the United States and partner countries around the world. For more information, please visit fulbright.state.gov.

This activity is administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE).

Program Overview

The 2022 Fulbright pre-academic Program includes:

  • Oral communication classes that will help you actively participate in classroom discussions as well as give effective presentations in English
  • Writing classes where you will learn about and practice the different types of writing expected of graduate students as well as how to conduct research using internet and library resources and avoid plagiarism
  • Overview of culture in the United States, including the higher education system, that will help you adapt to your new environment
  • Opportunities to meet other graduate students and faculty in your area of study
  • Opportunities to meet local community members
  • Seminars and lectures on a variety of topics that will help with your transition to graduate studies in the United States
  • Field trips and cultural outings

Program Dates

Program Agenda

The Program Agenda provides a weekly guide to morning classes, afternoon seminars, and cultural events.  Detailed information about classes can be found below and will also be distributed in course syllabi that will be provided by each instructor on the first day of class. 

Speech Communication Class

Graduate Writing Class

Presenter Materials (TBD)

Arrival Information

Participants should arrive at the Lincoln Airport (LNK) on July 10, 2022. If you provide us with your flight information in advance, program representatives will meet you at the airport and provide transportation to campus on that day.   If you must arrive earlier or later than July 10th, you should contact us for information about alternate transportation and temporary lodging arrangements.

Please complete the following pre-arrival survey as soon as possible, but no later than June 29, 2022.  This information will be used to arrange your airport transportation and make your room assignments.  It will also be used to make any special accommodations you might need. 


Housing and Dining Information

Participants will be housed in the University Suites complex in apartment-style single-occupancy rooms. The University Suites are located within close walking distance to all classes and events. Towels, including a daily towel exchange, and full bedding are included for each resident. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided in the Cather Dining facility, our newest dining facility on campus which offers a wide variety of local dishes and cuisines from around the world. Additionally, all fellows will have access to the main and field-specific libraries, campus union, University Health Center, computer labs, and other amenities on campus. Downtown Lincoln is also within a short walking distance. 


Participants can use campus and city buses through StarTran, the city of Lincoln's bus service. Bus stops are located on campus and the buses will take you throughout the city. StarTran has a trolley that makes a loop around the downtown area that will get you to several locations including the Haymarket District, where the Canopy Street Market is located. The bus system is currently free for all riders.

In addition, UNL and the city of Lincoln participate in a bike-share program called BikeLNK with convenient stations located near the residence hall and other campus buildings as well as throughout the community. You have a variety of choices which include paying for individual rides or a 31-day pass.

 The University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a land grant top-tier comprehensive research university in the state of Nebraska and a proud member of the Big Ten Academic Alliance. With nine colleges, 150 majors, and 126 minors, students at Nebraska have access to a wide variety of academic programs and co-curricular activities. The University offers state-of-the-art learning and recreational facilities as well as support services designed specifically for international students and scholars that hail from more than 150 countries.  

Learn more about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln here: UNL visitors page.

Programs in English as a Second Language

Programs in English as a Second Language (PIESL) at Nebraska supports non-native speakers of English with a wide range of language and cultural learning opportunities in a safe and inclusive environment. Our students and visiting scholars achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals through rigorous and innovative curricula in small classes with individualized instruction taught by expert faculty.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, home to approximately 280,000 people, is a vibrant college town with something for everyone. We are consistently ranked as one of the safest cities in the United States, and we are praised for our high quality of life and low cost of living. The city has an extensive network of parks and recreation trails as well as an exciting arts and entertainment scene. New businesses and technology firms are thriving, bringing jobs and internship opportunities for all. Nebraskans are proud of their capital city and invite international visitors from around the world to experience all that Lincoln and the University have to offer. 

Learn more about the city of Lincoln here: Lincoln, Nebraska.  For a list of events in Lincoln, search the Lincoln Events Calendar.

Healthcare Information

Participants will have access to the University Health Center  (UHC) for the duration of their stay. Staffed by Nebraska Medicine, the UHC specializes in treating college students. The new facility has been open for five years and is conveniently located steps away from the housing accommodations. The UHC is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. For emergency needs during hours in which the center is closed, the UHC website has information on the nearest local healthcare facilities. In any medical emergency, please contact the program coordinator, Chris Dunsmore, as soon as possible for further assistance. 

COVID-19 Information

The current level of COVID 19 in our state is relatively low, though cases have been increasing slightly over the past couple of months, Thankfully, most cases have not been severe, and hospitalizations remain low compared to the past couple of years.  For that reason, life in Lincoln has largely returned to normal without mask mandates or social distancing being required in most public spaces (hospitals and dental offices may still require them).  Vaccinations are not required but are widely available for anyone who wants them, and testing is conveniently available on campus for all students who come down with symptoms.  

Though the situation has much improved, there are still significant risks associated with this disease.  Therefore, we have implemented the following precautions for the EGSP program.  Keep in mind that these policies are subject to change as the COVID situation in our state and community changes.  


  • You are NOT required to take a COVID test before getting on a flight to the United States at this time, but we encourage you to take one voluntarily.    
  • You are highly encouraged to take a COVID test soon after you arrive on campus, especially if you did not test before departure. 
  • Free, saliva-based PCR testing will be available on-campus. The testing location is near the Union and will be shown to you during the campus tour during orientation. 
  • Appointments are made using the Safer Community App or the COVID 19 Testing Portal.  Please try to schedule your appointment before or after your EGSP classes and workshops.   


  • You are NOT required to be vaccinated to participate in this EGSP program, though vaccination is highly encouraged.  
  • Vaccinations and boosters are NOT available at the University Health Center but are widely available at local pharmacies and other locations around Lincoln.  You can get more information on finding a vaccination location here.  Vaccines should be free or covered by your UNL health insurance.  Make sure you claim your UNL health insurance in advance of getting a vaccine or any other health-related care.  Claiming insurance will be covered in the orientation.  
  • Once vaccinated, you are encouraged to register your vaccination here.  This helps our campus better understand the breadth of vaccination rates in our community.  Vaccine registration is NOT required.  


  • Masks are highly encouraged in residence halls, classrooms, workshops, and other facilities, especially if you have not received a full dosage of an approved COVID 19 vaccine.  
  • Masks are also encouraged outdoors when everyone is together in a large group.  
  • Note that we reserve the right to enforce a mask mandate should the University, CDC, or local health officials implement one for the Lincoln/Lancaster County area.  


  • Each of you will have your own separate bedroom in the University Suites;  you will share bathrooms and other living quarters.
  • Morning Language classes will have only nine participants per room which should allow for one student per desk.


  • All classrooms have a wellness station equipped with hand sanitizer, wipes, and disinfectant for desks and devices. 
  • Frequent hand washing/sanitizing by all participants, faculty, and staff is expected.
  • Cleaning supplies for your residence hall room can be purchased during the orientation shopping trip to Target (a local department store). Note that you are responsible for general cleaning and disinfecting of your own bedroom and living areas.   


  • Please do not participate in classes or any activities if you develop...

One or more of the following symptoms: 

  • fever over 100.4 degrees, an onset of shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, new onset of dry cough, new onset of loss of taste or smell

Two or more of the following symptoms that last for 24 hours without a known cause: 

  • Chills longer than two hours, congestion and/or running nose/vomiting/diarrhea, sore throat, headache, muscle pain.
  • Let your instructors and the program director, Mr. Dunsmore, know that you are not feeling well and will not be attending events in person. 
  • Ask if you can join the activities through Zoom if you feel well enough to participate from your room. 
  • Schedule a free COIVD test as soon as possible using the Safer Community App or COVID 19 TESTING Portal.
  • Wear a mask and self-quarantine until you get the results of your test. 
  • If you test positive, report your results to your instructors, the EGSP program director, and the UNL Public Health Advocacy Team
  • If your symptoms are severe and you feel it is an emergency, then you can call 911, the UNL Police Department (402) 472-2222, or go to a nearby emergency room. The closest emergency room is: 

                                    Bryan LGH Medical Center –West, 2300 S 16th St, 402-481-5142


  •  Anyone who tests positive will be required to enter isolation housing. 
  • Isolation housing will be in a separate residence hall on campus designated specifically for this purpose. 
  • Meals will be provided during your isolation period since you cannot enter the dining facilities or other campus locations. 
  • While in isolation, you may join your class virtually through Canvas and Zoom if you feel well enough. 
  • Classes will be recorded and can be viewed later on if you are not feeling well enough to join virtually. 
  • You may return to class after your 5-day isolation period has ended (no need to test unless directed by your medical provider). 
  • Continue to wear a mask at all times unless alone in a room until the end of 10 days after you first tested positive.  


  • Some UNL units and venues may have specific health and safety guidelines that are different from our program policies and must be followed.
  • Health and safety guidelines for events taking place outside Lincoln/Lancaster County may be different than in our city/county.  When that happens, you will be required to follow whichever guidelines are stricter. 
  • You are encouraged to carry a mask with you at all times, just in case you encounter a situation where you need one. 

Important Links/Resources

Contact Information

Juliee Crocker
Program Assistant
514 Nebraska Hall
(402) 472-1884
Chris Dunsmore
Program Coordinator
514A Nebraska Hall
(402) 472-1874