My-Track Course Descriptions


IEP 74 English for Campus & Community Engagement

This course will help to increase students’ English language competency and proficiency through learning about and participating in problem-solving and community-building activities and projects. Students will develop a sense of identity as active community members and learn about the value of citizenship, both in their home countries and here in the United States. Students will also discuss the roles and responsibilities of being a member of various communities, become more involved in social endeavors on campus, create a larger project to address a community need here in Lincoln, and discover how their culture and languages can help them to navigate their own identity, participation, and learning within.

IEP 84 English for Business

This course introduces students to the language necessary for doing business in English and prepares students for taking university-level business classes in English. Students will develop language and skills pertaining to business concepts, culture, and communication, and apply those skills in projects throughout the course.

IEP 85 English for Science & Engineering

This course is designed for students interested in the content areas of science and engineering.  Students will improve their English language skills through participation in activities closely related to these fields of study. In addition to classroom instruction in relevant language skills, the course will include activities with science and technology campus units such as Innovation Studio on UNL’s Innovation Campus, so that students can practice contextualized language skills through project-based experience.  Students will be required to purchase a textbook and access to the Innovation Studio.  

IEP 86 English for Social Sciences

This course will help students develop the language skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking that are necessary for being successful in social science courses. Students will combine classroom learning with group and individual projects to explore various cultures from around the world including those on the UNL campus and in the surrounding community. Many characteristics will be explored including the norms, values, traditions, and symbols of various cultures. Topics of study will include marriage, religion, education, and the arts, in addition to the definition of culture, the causes of cultural change, and the results of cultural conflict.