Undergraduate Courses

170: Introduction to Great Plains Studies

(ANTH, GEOG, NRES, SOCI 170) (3 cr.) Required for Great Plains Studies majors and minors. An interdisciplinary introductory course, including the study of the natural environment, social environment, human heritage, arts and humanities of the Great Plains.

377: Women of the Great Plains

GPSP/GEOG/WMNS 377 is 'Letter Grade only'.
The intersections of gender, identity, power, and representation throughout time and space in the Great Plains of the United States and Canada.

378: Cultural Encounters on the Great Plains

GPSP/COMM 378 is 'Letter Grade only'.
Intercultural encounters which have occurred on the Great Plains with a focus on American Indian, African, African-American, Latino, Asian, South Asian, and European cultures.

399: Independent Directed Reading

(1-3 cr.) Must be taken under the direction of a faculty fellow of the Center for Great Plains Studies.

400: Seminar in Great Plains Studies

(GEOG 400) (HIST 400) (3 cr.) Should be taken only by students who have taken one or more courses dealing with the Great Plains; required for Great Plains Studies majors and minors. Interdisciplinary course. Topic varies.

495: Internship

(1-6 cr) Prereq. Junior standing, Great Plains Studies major or minor and permission. Note: Course is graded pass/no pass only.


Charles Braithwaite,
Undergraduate Adviser
Center for Great Plains Studies
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1155 Q Street, 504 Hewit Place
Lincoln, NE 68588-0245


Core Areas

All majors take at least one course from each of the following four categories. The listing includes the call number, number of credits, and course name.

Arts and humanities
AHIS 398 3 Great Plains Art
ENGL 211A 3 Plains Literature
ENGL 247 3 Literature and Arts on the Plains
ENGL 347 3 Humanities on the Plains

Human Heritage
ANTH 434 3 Introduction to Great Plains Archaeology
GEOG 334 3 Historical Geography of the Great Plains
HIST 360 3 History of Nebraska and the Great Plains
HIST 465 3 History of Plains Indians
Natural Environment
BIOS 232 3 Ecological Issues in the Great Plains
NRES 310 3 Intro to Forest Managment

Social Environment
ANTH 130 3 Anthropology of the Great Plains
ANTH 352 3 Indigenous Peoples of the Great Plains
POLS 225 3 Nebraska Government and Politics

Note: Not all courses are offered every year.
Substitutions may be approved. See adviser.

Great Plains Courses At-Large

AECN 201 4 Farm and Ranch Managment
AECN 265 3 Resource and Environmental Economics
AECN 376 3 Rural Community Economics
AECN 388 3 Ethics in Agriculture and Natural Resources
AECN 445 3 Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis
AGRO 440 3 Great Plains Ecosystems
AGRO 445 3 Livestock Managment on Range and Pasture
AGRO 475 3 Water Quality Strategy
ANTH 451 3 Contemporary Issues of Indigenous
Peoples of North America
BIOS 455 3 Great Plains Flora
BIOS 459 4 Limnology at Cedar Point
BIOS 470 4 Prairie Ecology at Cedar Point
BIOS 475 4 Ornithology at Cedar Point
BIOS 482 4 Field Entomology at Cedar Point
BIOS 487 4 Field Parasitology at Cedar Point
BIOS 488 4 Natural History of the Invertebrates at Cedar Point
BIOS 489 4 Ichthyology at Cedar Point
ENGL 245B 3 Native American Literature
ENGL 245K 3 Canadian Literature
ENGL 405K 3 Canadian Fiction
ENGL 411B 3 Plains Literature
ENGL 445E 3 Native American Literature
GEOG 370 2-3 Geography of Nebraska
HIST 352 3 American West Since 1900
HIST 359 3 The Mythic West
MUSC 489 3 American Music
NRES 415 1 Water Resources Seminar
SOCI 446 3 Environmental Sociology

*classes at Cedar Point Biological Station in Ogallala, Nebraska