GPQ 39.1 cover

WINTER 2019 VOL. 39/ No. 1

Some Sign Will Be Seen: The Aurora Borealis at Black Elk’s Death
Mark Hollabaugh, 1-10

African American Homesteader “Colonies” in the Settling of the Great Plains
Jacob K. Friefeld, Mikal Brotnov Eckstrom, Richard Edwards, 11-37

“Being Judged by Its Fruits”: Transforming Indian Land into Orchards along the Arkansas River, 1800–1867
John J. Buchkoski, 39-58

Nebraska’s Pioneer and Heritage Farms: A Geographical and Historical Perspective
H. Jason Combs, Natasha Winfield, Paul R. Burger, 59-75

Westward O-uch!
Linda Ray Pratt, 77-87


Heart Stays Country: Meditations from the Southern Flint Hills by Gary Lantz, reviewed by Elizabeth Dodd, 89

The North End Revisited: Photographs by John Paskievich, reviewed by Sarah Ciurysek, 90

Gambling on Authenticity: Gaming, the Noble Savage, and the Not-So-New Indian ed. by Becca Gercken and Julie Pelletier, reviewed by Kathryn R. L. Rand, Steven Andrew Light, 91

No Man’s Land: The Life and Art of Mary Riter Hamilton by Kathryn A. Young and Sarah M. McKinnon, reviewed by Angela R. Cunningham, 92

Frank on the Prairie by Harry Castlemon, reviewed by Elizabeth Lloyd Oliphant, 93

Farming across Borders: A Transnational History of the North American West ed. by Sterling Evans, reviewed by David D. Vail, 94

Indigenous Cities: Urban Indian Fiction and the Histories of Relocation by Laura M. Furlan, reviewed by Lindsey Claire Smith, 95

The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen by Sean Sherman and Beth Dooley, reviewed by Paul Kelley, 96

Muskrat and Skunk: A Lakota Drum Story by Donald F. Montileaux, reviewed by Terri Davis, 97

The Popular Frontier: Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Transnational Mass Culture ed. by Frank Christianson, reviewed by Roy R. Behrens, 98

“That’s What They Used to Say”: Reflections on American Indian Oral Traditions by Donald L. Fixico, reviewed by Priscilla M. Martinez, 99

America’s West: A History, 1890–1950 by David M. Wrobel, reviewed by Stephen Aron, 99

Freedom’s Racial Frontier: African Americans in the Twentieth-Century West ed. by Herbert G. Ruffin II and Dwayne A. Mack, reviewed by Michael K. Johnson, 100

GPQ 39.2 cover

SPRING 2019 VOL. 39/ No. 2

African Americans and the Southern Homestead Act
Richard Edwards, 103-129

Draft by Draft: The Battle of Sandoz and Her Bighorn Manuscript
Elaine Marie Nelson, 131-158

Bullets and Ballots: Destruction, Resistance, and Reaction in 1920s Texas and Oklahoma
Hollie A. Teague, 159-177

The Mystery Man of Sand Creek: George Laird Shoup
Joy Masoff, 179-209


Prairie Rising: Indigenous Youth, Decolonization, and the Politics of Intervention by Jaskiran Dhillon, reviewed by Amanda J. Zink, 211-212

Comanches and Germans on the Texas Frontier: The Ethnology of Heinrich Berghaus by Daniel J. Gelo and Christopher J. Wickham, reviewed by Roger L. Nichols, 212

Women of Empire: Nineteenth-Century Army Officers’ Wives in India and the U.S. West by Verity McInnis, reviewed by Kara Dixon Vuic, 213

All Over the Map: True Heroes of Texas Music by Michael Corcoran, reviewed by Diego Astorga de Ita, 213-214

Out Where the West Begins, Volume 2: Creating and Civilizing the American West by Philip F. Anschutz, reviewed by Derek R. Everett, 214-215

Fictions of Western American Domesticity: Indian, Mexican, and Anglo Women in Print Culture, 1850–1950 by Amanda J. Zink, reviewed by Kylie M. Gower, 215-216

The Republic for Which It Stands: The United States during Reconstruction and the Gilded Age, 1865–1896 by Richard White, reviewed by Christa Dierksheide, 216-217

Can You Dance Like John? by Jeff Kurrus, reviewed by Jeff Fair, 217-218

The Lewis and Clark Expedition Day by Day by Gary E. Moulton, reviewed by Diana L. Ahmad, 218

Adventures of a Ballad Hunter by John A. Lomax, reviewed by Michael Lee, 218-219

A History of Mortgage Banking in the West: Financing America’s Dreams by E. Michael Rosser and Diane M. Sanders, reviewed by Lincoln Bramwell, 219-220

Prairie Power: Student Activism, Counterculture, and Backlash in Oklahoma, 1962–1972 by Sarah Eppler Janda, reviewed by Sherry L. Smith, 220-221

GPQ 39.3 cover

SUMMER 2019 VOL. 39/ No. 3

“Canaan on the Prairie”: New Evidence on the Number of African American Homesteaders in the Great Plains
Richard Edwards, Jacob K. Friefeld, Mikal Brotnov Eckstrom, 223-241

“Our Eyes Ached with the Very Vastness”: Reimagining the Great American Desert as the Great American Prairie
Jimmy L. Bryan Jr., 243-263

Rage of the Rural Minority: The High Plains Farm Crisis and Farmer Activism in Colorado and Kansas
James N. Leiker, 265-289

Unsettling Landscapes: Prairie Madness and EcoGothic Themes in US Plains Literature
Vanessa Steinroetter, 291-310


The Trans-Mississippi and International Expositions of 1898–1899: Art, Anthropology, and Popular Culture at the Fin de Siècle ed. by Wendy Jean Katz, reviewed by Rachel McLean Sailor, 311

Cherokee National Treasures: In Their Own Words ed. by Shawn Morton-Cain and Pamela Jumper Thurman, reviewed by Brett D. Burkhart, 312

The Better Half: Nebraska’s Hidden Treasures by Matthew Hansen and Sarah Baker Hansen, reviewed by Margaret Davenport, 313

Religious Revitalization among the Kiowa: The Ghost Dance, Peyote, and Christianity by Benjamin R. Kracht, reviewed by Dennis Wiedman, 313-314

Read, Listen, Tell: Indigenous Stories from Turtle Island ed. by Sophie McCall et al., reviewed by Michael P. Taylor, 314-315

All In: The Spread of Gambling in Twentieth-Century United States ed. by Jonathan D. Cohen and David G. Schwartz, reviewed by Helen Breen, 316

The Commanders: Civil War Generals Who Shaped the American West by Robert M. Utley, reviewed by Harry W. Fritz, 316-317

Horses in the American West: Portrayals by Twenty-Four Artists by Heidi Brady and Scott White, reviewed by Ki Doolittle Slaymaker, 317-318

The Cedar Choppers: Life on the Edge of Nothing by Ken Roberts, reviewed by James Benes, 318-319

A Crooked River: Rustlers, Rangers, and Regulars on the Lower Rio Grande, 1861–1877 by Michael L. Collins, reviewed by Justin A. Joyce, 319-320

An Aide to Custer: The Civil War Letters of Lt. Edward G. Granger ed. by Sandy Barnard, reviewed by John R. Legg, 320-321

Presidents Who Shaped the American West by Glenda Riley and Richard W. Etulain, reviewed by Katherine Joslin, 321-322

Glorious Fourth of July and Other Stories from the Plains by Catherine Rademacher Gibson, reviewed by Cynthia Culver Prescott, 322

Theodore Roosevelt: A Literary Life by Thomas Bailey and Katherine Joslin, reviewed by Curt Smith, 322-323

My Ranch, Too: A Wyoming Memoir by Mary Budd Flitner, reviewed by Marva Dee Rich, 323-324

GPQ 39.4 cover

FALL 2019 VOL. 39/ No. 4

2019 Stubbendieck Great Plains Distinguished Book Prize Winner: No Place Like Home: Lessons in Activism from LGBT Kansas by C. J. Janovy
Christina E. Dando, 325-330

White Lies, Native Revisions: The Legacy of Violence in the American West
John R. Legg, 331-340

Mitakuye Oyasin (We Are All Related): Connecting Communication and Culture of the Lakota
Daniel P. Modaff, 341-362

Little Schools on the Prairie: Depictions of Social Capital in the Works of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Ethan K. Smilie, Kipton D. Smilie, 363-382


Last Days of Red Cloud Agency: Peter T. Buckley’s Photograph Collection, 1876–1877 by Thomas R. Buecker, reviewed by David Nesheim, 383

Peregrinations: Walking in American Literature by Amy T. Hamilton, reviewed by Tyra A. Olstad, 384

Women Have Always Worked: A Concise History by Alice Kessler-Harris, reviewed by Angela Boswell, 385

Albert Bierstadt: Witness to a Changing West by Peter H. Hassrick, reviewed by Kate Meyer, 385-386

Plains Indian Buffalo Cultures: Art from the Paul Dyck Collection by Emma I. Hansen, reviewed by Emily C. Burns, 386-387

Transnational Frontiers: The American West in France by Emily C. Burns, reviewed by Jessica L. Horton, 387-388

First Americans: US Patriotism in Indian Country after World War I by Thomas Grillot, reviewed by William C. Meadows, 388-389

The North-West Mounted Police, 1873– 1885 by Jack F. Dunn, reviewed by Bill Waiser, 389-390

The Ältester: Herman D. W. Friesen, A Mennonite Leader in Changing Times by Bruce L. Guenther, reviewed by Abigail Carl-Klassen, 390-391

Crusader for Democracy: The Political Life of William Allen White by Charles Delgadillo, reviewed by Andrea Vieux, 391-392

The Sea of Grass: A Family Tale from the American Heartland by Walter Echo-Hawk, reviewed by Kristin Youngbull, 392-393

Larry Schwarm: Kansas Farmers ed. by Kate Meyer, reviewed by Coreen Henry Cockerill, 393-394

Dust Bowls of Empire: Imperialism, Environmental Politics, and the Injustice of “Green” Capitalism by Hannah Holleman, reviewed by Baligh Ben Taleb, 394-395