Great Plains Fellows: Architecture

Arnold Alanen Professor Emeritus, Landscape Architecture University of Wisconsin-Madison Planned communities, company towns, immigrant settlements
Catherine De Almeida Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture University of Washington Rural landscapes, Nebraska's brick industry, brownfield remediation
R. Wayne Drummond Professor Emeritus, Architecture UNL Health care design, health care design research
Ted Ertl Associate Professor Emeritus, Architecture UNL Architectural history and theory, architects, environmental issues
Bernard Flaman Conservation Architect Public Works and Government Services Canada Architecture of Canada and Saskatchewan
Mark Hoistad Professor, Architecture; Director, Landscape Architecture UNL Materiality in design, sustainable urbanism
David Karle Associate Professor & Director, Architecture UNL Urbanism, architectural typologies
Sarah Thomas Karle Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture UNL Site design and planning in environmentally sensitive ecosystems
David Murphy Senior Research Architect Nebraska State Historical Society History and theory of architecture and place
Thomas Laging Professor Emeritus, Architecture UNL Urban design
Ronald Ramsay Associate Professor, Architecture North Dakota State University Landscape architecture, architectural history and design, historic preservation
Keith Sawyers Professor Emeritus, Architecture UNL Architectural history, Nebraska architecture