Great Plains Fellows: Full list

Mohamed Aboushanab Assistant Geoscientist, School of Natural Resources UNL Geology and hydrogeology with an emphasis on western Nebraska
Megan Adkins-Bollwitt Professor, Physical Education UNK S.T.E.M., Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Teacher Education Preparation
Jonis Agee Professor, English UNL Fiction, creative nonfiction, American literature
J. David Aiken Professor, Agricultural Economics UNL Water and agricultural law
Chris Allen Professor, Communication Studies UNO Broadcast, journalism history
Craig Allen Professor, Natural Resources UNL Fish and wildlife research, ecosystems resilience
Melissa Amateis Journals Assistant, Center for Great Plains Studies UNL World War II history on the Great Plains
Samantha Ammons Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology UNO Work-family-leisure boundaries and well-being; occupations; community and "little free libraries"; mixed methodology
Jessiline Anderson Associate Professor, Psychology UNO Native American psychology
J. Clark Archer Professor, Geography UNL Urban and regional geographer, GIS
Will Avilés Professor, Political Science UNK Comparative Politics, Latin American Politics
Tala Awada Professor, Natural Resources UNL Physiological plant ecologist
Timi Barone Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology UNO Medical anthropology, ethnomedicine, human adaptation
Bridget Barry Editor in Chief, University Press UNL Cultural, military, health and environmental history
Andrea Basche Assistant Professor, Agronomy & Horticulture UNL Soil and water sciences, resource efficiency, soil health
Deborah Bathke Climatologist, National Drought Mitigation Center UNL Climate, drought, atmospheric sciences, geoscience
John T. Bauer Professor, Geography UNK Human, historical geography, GIS
Stephen Behrendt George Holmes Distinguished Professor, English UNL British Romanticism
William Belcher Associate Professor, Anthropology UNL Forensic anthropology and archaeology, forensic taphonomy related to post-mortem interval of forensic case work within the Great Plains
Jesse Bell Director, Claire M. Hubbard Professor of Water, Climate, and Health Program UNMC Relationships of extreme weather, climate variability, and climate change on natural and human processes and health outcomes
John Benson Associate Professor, Vertebrate Ecology UNL Wildlife population, molecular, landscape, and behavioral ecology, conservation ecology, mule deer populations
Tonya Bernadt Education and Outreach Specialist, National Drought Mitigation Center UNL Climate, communication, education, workshops
David P. Billesbach Research Assistant Professor, Biological Systems Engineering UNL Atmosphere, water usage in Nebraska Sandhills
Joan Blauwkamp Professor, Political Science UNK Political rhetoric in popular culture, public policy debates
Patti Boehner Lecturer, Women & Gender Studies UNL Women & Gender Studies
Vijendra Boken Professor, Geography UNK Water resources, agriculture, remote sensing
Matt Bokovoy Senior Acquisitions Editor, University Press UNL Indigenous studies, borderlands history
Thomas Bragg Professor, Biology & Preserves Director UNO Grasslands, plant and fire ecology
Liliana Bronner Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine UNMC Health science education, health disparities, and women's health
Robert Brooke Professor, English UNL Rural education, composition and rhetoric, critical theory
Nicholas Brozovic Director of Policy, Water for Food Institute UNL Interdisciplinary water policy, economics, agriculture
Gabriel Bruguier Yankton Sioux Tribe, Assistant Professor and Research Specialist Librarian, University Libraries UNL Philosophy, Native American philosophy, Native American student success
Rebecca Buller Assistant Professor of Practice, Geography UNL Cultural & historical geography in the Great Plains, Women's history, geographic education
Mark Burbach Geoscientist, Natural Resources UNL Human behavior and the environment
Derrick Burbul Department Chair & Professor, Art and Design UNK Environment and human relations
Paul Burger Professor, Geography UNK GIS, economic, population, and political geography
Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel Extension Professor, Panhandle Research and Extension Center UNL Sustainable rural communities, community leadership
Timothy Burkink Assistant Vice Chancellor for International Affairs, Director, Study Abroad Program UNK Marketing, Food-related consumer behavior
Julie Campbell Professor, Criminal Justice UNK Criminal justice, women and crime
John Carroll Director and Professor, School of Natural Resources UNL Wildlife ecology and management, sustainability
Joy Castro Willa Cather Professor of English and Ethnic Studies, Director of Institute for Ethnic Studies UNL Memoir, fiction, film, U.S. ethnic literatures, women's literatures, modernism
Theresa Catalano Professor, Teaching Learning, and Teacher Education UNL Language teacher education, migration
Christopher Chizinski Associate Professor, Human Dimensions of Wildlife Management UNL Texas and Nebraska plains, fisheries, anglers, ecology
Alison Cloet Education & Outreach Associate, Center for Great Plains Studies UNL Art and environmental education, afterschool programming, design research
H. Jason Combs Professor & Chair, Geography UNK Urban, cultural/historical, research methods
Jessica Corman Assistant Professor, School of Natural Resources UNL Biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, phosphorus cycling, lake, stream, and river ecosystems
Rochelle L. Dalla Professor & Graduate Chair, Family and Consumer Science UNL Familial dynamics, women and human trafficking
Christina Dando Department Chair & Professor, Geography UNO Gender and landscape, Great Plains cultural history
Jenny Dauer Assistant Professor of Practice, School of Natural Resources UNL Science literacy, environmental literacy, disciplinary-based science education research
Roger P. Davis Professor, History UNK Latin America, U.S.-Latin America relations
Christopher S. Decker Professor, Economics UNO Environmental and energy economics
John DeLong Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, Director of the Cedar Point Biological Station UNL Predator-prey ecology, climate adaptation, and eco-evolutionary dynamics
Ashlee Dere Associate Professor, Department of Geology UNO Soil geochemistry, soil morphology and genesis
Brady DeSanti Associate Professor, Religious Studies, Director of Native American Studies UNO Native American religious traditions, religion and popular culture, Native American history
Timothy Dickson Associate Professor, Biology, Turkey Creek Preserve Director UNO Prairie restoration, grasslands, diversity biology, ecology
Jeremy Dillon Professor, Geography UNK Soils, geomorphology
Cristián Doña-Reveco Associate Prof., Sociology & Anthropology, Director, Office of Latino/Latin American Studies UNO Latin American migrations, social dimensions of immigration
Bree Dority Professor, Finance UNK Salary, rural schools, and labor markets
Matthew Douglass Director, Master of Applied Science Program UNL Prehistoric/historic/modern human environmental interaction, lithic technology
Mary Ellen Ducey Associate Professor, Archivist UNL Special collections, university archives, Willa Cather, Sandoz
Richard Duncan Sherman S. Welpton Jr. Professor, Law UNL Property, constitutional law
Bruce Dvorak Ray Fauss Professor, Civil Engineering UNL Environmental engineering, pollution prevention/environmental sustainability for industry
Janet Eckerson Assistant Professor, Modern Languages; Graduate Program Chair UNK Spanish language, educational policy and practice impacting Latinx students
Mark Ellis Professor, History; Dean of Graduate Studies UNK American Indians, Nebraska history
George Engelmann Professor, Geology UNO Vertebrate paleontology, mammalian evolution
Nancy Engen-Wedin Lecturer, TLTE; Program Manager, Lied Center for Performing Arts; Coordinator, Indigenous Roots Teacher Education Program, College of Education and Human Sciences UNL Education, Indigenous issues and education, arts and curriculum
Helen Fagan Assistant Professor of Practice, Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication UNL Diversity and Inclusion, Inclusive Leadership, Community Inclusive Leadership Development and Intercultural Competence Development
John Falconer Senior Advisor to the Chancellor for Executive Affairs UNK Grant writing, undergraduate student involvement
Michael Farrell Project coordinator, School of Natural Resources UNL Platte Basin Timelapse Project, photography, history, humanities, rural and environmental issues
Dennis Ferraro Professor of Practice, Natural Resources UNL Herpetology, Master Naturalist program
Joseph TJ Fontaine Adjunct Faculty, Natural Resources UNL Wildlife ecology, Nebraska Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Unit
Anne Foradori Professor, Music (Voice) UNK Women in music, prairie song
Michael Forsberg Research Assistant Professor, Natural Resources UNL Photography, Master Naturalist program, conservation
Thomas Franti Associate Professor, Biological Systems Engineering UNL Water quality, urban stormwater, ecological engineering
Dana Fritz Hixson-Lied Professor, Art (Photography) UNL Intersections of photography, landscape, and environment
Sherilyn Fritz George Holmes Professor, Earth & Atmospheric sciences UNL Paleoclimatology, quaternary environments, climate change
Jeannette Gabriel Director, Schwalb Center for Israel and Jewish Studies UNO Jewish and African American history in the Great Plains with an emphasis on race and gender
Thomas Gannon Associate Professor, English & Ethnic Studies UNL Native American literature, ecocriticism
James Garza Associate Professor, History, Ethnic Studies UNL Chicano/a, Latin America, Mexico
Lauren Gatti Associate Professor, Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education UNL English education, teacher education, democratic education
Phil Geib Associate Professor of Practice, Anthropology UNL Archaeology, hunter-gatherers, transition to agriculture
Keith Geluso Professor, Biology UNK Field biology, bats, rats, mammalogy
Maurice Godfrey Director, SEPA at the Munroe Meyer Institute UNMC Connective tissue disorders, molecular genetics, Native American health science education
Amy Goodburn Professor, English; Senior Associate VC Academic Affairs UNL Critical and multicultural pedagogies, women's studies
Susana Grajales Geliga Lakota/Taino, Assistant Professor, History and Native American Studies UNO Great Plains Studies, Lakota language, Native American women, construction of Native American identities in the early twentieth century
Patricio Grassini Associate Professor, Agronomy and Horticulture UNL Crop physiology, yield potential, resource efficiency
Yoanna Greenwood Lecturer, Spanish UNL Biology, language preservation, translation
Brandon Grimm Senior Associate Dean, College of Public Health; Associate Prof., Health Promotion UNMC Workforce and leadership development
Ramón Guerra Associate Professor, English; Editor, Great Plains Quarterly UNO Chicano/a literature, Latino/a literature, postmodernism
John Guretzky Associate Professor, Agronomy & Horticulture UNL Grasslands, forage-beef production, perennial grasses
Christopher Gustafson Associate Professor, Agricultural Economics UNL Behavioral economics, health disparities, rural communities
Maria Rosario de Guzman Professor, Youth Development Extension Specialist; Chair, TMFD UNL Culture, migration, family life
Erin Haacker Assistant Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences UNL Hydrology of the High Plains Aquifer, agricultural water use, modeling the movement of groundwater
Edmund “Ted” Hamann Professor, Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education UNL Education policy implementation across tiers, underserved student populations
Paul Hanson Professor, Natural Resources UNL Evolution of the Platte River system, river response to climate change
Mary Harner Associate Professor, Biology & Communications UNK River ecosystems, migratory corridors, watersheds, science education and outreach
Deryl K. Hatch-Tocaimaza Associate Professor, Educational Leadership & Higher Education UNL Community college environments and equity related to place
F. Gregory Hayden Professor, Economics UNL Ecological economics, public policy analysis, agricultural policy
Michael Hayes Professor, Natural Resources UNL Drought planning, impacts, vulnerability, climate change
Kate Heelen Department Chair, Professor, Exercise Science UNK Physical activity, community wellness and pediatric obesity prevention and treatment program
Tiffany Heng-Moss Dean, Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources UNL Insect ecology, plant-insect interactions, science literacy
Barbara Hewins-Maroney Associate Professor, Public Administration UNO Urban studies, life span development, social problems, public administration
Ted Hibbeler Tribal Extension Educator UNL Education, Indigenous food sovereignty, economic development, career development, conservation, leadership; Member of the Rosebud Sioux Nation (Sicangu Lakota Oyate) in South Dakota
John Hibbing Professor, Political Science UNL Political psychology, biology and politics
Leon Higley Professor, Entomology UNL Physiological ecology, conservation biology
Michael Hilt Dean, Communication, Fine Arts, and Media UNO Broadcast education
Brandi Hilton-Hagemann Rural Prosperity Nebraska Extension Educator UNL Community development, rural towns, leadership
Angel Hinzo Assistant Professor, History and Ethnic Studies UNL History and federal Indian policy from mid-19th century to the present
Mark Hoistad Professor, Architecture; Director, Landscape Architecture UNL Materiality in design, sustainable urbanism
Angeloa Hollman Associate Professor, Cyber Systems UNK Cyber security in education
Melissa Homestead Professor, English UNL American literature, history of the book, Cather studies
Adam Houston Professor, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences UNL Atmospheric convection, severe weather, climatology
Qi Steven Hu Professor, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences UNL Warm season precipitation, atmospheric science, climate
Andrew Husa Lecturer, Geography UNL Rural geography, small town identity, and attachment to rural landscape, especially in the Great Plains
Regina Idoate Assistant Professor, Department of Health Promotion UNMC Medial humanities, Indigenous health sovereignty, community health improvement
Margaret Jacobs Professor, History; Director, CGPS UNL Indigenous Peoples, women, colonialism, decolonization
Katrina Jagodinsky Associate Professor, History UNL North American West, comparative legal history, borderlands
Andrew Jewell Professor, Digital Projects UNL Willa Cather, digital humanities
Matt Joeckel Professor & Senior Associate Director, Natural Resources UNL Sedimentology, stratigraphy
Charles Johanningsmeier Professor, English UNO American regionalist literature, Willa Cather
David Karle Associate Professor & Director, Architecture UNL Urbanism, architectural typologies
Sarah Thomas Karle Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture UNL Site design and planning in environmentally sensitive ecosystems
Shawn Kaskie Extension Educator, Rural Prosperity Nebraska UNL Regional planning and economic development
Wendy Katz Professory, Art History UNL 19th-century American genre painting, landscapes, Great Plains
Pamela Steele Kellar Associate Professor, Biology UNO Plant systematics, Great Plains flora, tallgrass prairie, plant biodiversity
Casey Ryan Kelly Professor & Director of Graduate Studies, Communication Studies UNL American Indian activism, no Dakota Access Pipeline movement
Lydiah Kiramba Associate Professor, Teaching, Learning, & Teacher Education UNL Bilingual and ESL Education, Second/additional language acquisition and teacher education
Lisa Knoche Research Assoc. Prof., Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families, & Schools UNL At-risk children and families, early care and education; Getting Ready Project Director
Lisa Knopp Professor, English UNO Creative nonfiction, Mississippi, Missouri, and Platte rivers
Cody Knutson Research Professor, Natural Resources UNL Water resources, environmental geography
Jesse Korus Associate Professor, Natural Resources UNL Groundwater geology, Sedimentology, and Stratigraphy
Emily Levine Extension Technologist, Agronomy & Horticulture UNL Great Plains, Lakota/Dakota history/culture, native plants, history of plains horticulture
Beth Lewis Professor, Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education UNL Secondary science education; teacher learning, professional development, and leadership; geoscience education issues
Salvador Lindquist Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture UNL Environmental and climate justice, community engaged design, mapping and visualization
Jeremy Lipschultz Professor, Journalism & Media Communication UNO Social media law, regulation and ethics, media use
Andrew Little Assistant Professor, School of Natural Resources UNL Wildlife ecology and management, precision agriculture, landscape ecology, habitat management
Peter Longo Professor, Political Science, Editor, Great Plains Research UNK Public policy, constitutional law
Elizabeth Lorang Associate Professor, University Libraries UNL Digital humanities, co-director Genoa Indian School Digital Reconciliation Project
Louise Lynch-O'Brien Assistant Professor, Entomology UNL Insect biology, community/citizen science, One Health Extension, informal science education and literacy
Satoshi Machida Professor, Political Science UNK Comparative politics and international relations
Craig Maher Professor, Public Administration UNO Small and rural Great Plains communities
Harmon Maher Professor, Geology UNO Geology of the Great Plains, geologic mapping
Rezaul Mahmood Director, High Plains Regional Climate Center; Professor, Natural Resources UNL Weather and climate sciences
Timothy Mahoney Professor, History UNL Nineteenth century U.S., urban history
Kristin Malek Assistant Professor, Hospitality and Tourism UNL ROI of events, economy development and economic impact of events, rural tourism, event operations
John McCarty Professor, Biology; Director, Environmental Studies UNO Grassland birds in agricultural ecosystems
Gwendŵr Meredith Assistant Professor, Natural Resources UNL Native North Americans, Social-ecological systems
Sarah Michaels Professor, Political Science UNL Water resources policy and governance
Amelia María de la Luz Montes Associate Professor, English & Ethnic Studies UNL Late Nineteenth and contemporary American literature, Chicana/o literature
Amanda Morales Associate Professor, Teacher, Learning & Teacher Education UNL Immigrant, migrant and multicultural education
Max Mueller Assistant Professor, Classics & Religious Studies UNL History of American religion, history of the American West's race and religion
Shannon Mulhearn Assistant Professor, Physical Education UNK Stress and coping, and teacher education preparation
Laura K. Muñoz Assistant Professor, History & Ethnic Studies UNL Mexican American, Chicanx and Latinx communities in the U.S. with an emphasis on race, gender and education in the American West
Yunwoo Nam Associate Professor, Community & Regional Planning UNL Urban environment, spatial variation and land consumption patterns
Charlotte Narjes Rural Prosperity Nebraska Extension Educator UNL Agricultural economics, cooperatives, rural communities
Katherine Nashleanas Lecturer, Geography UNL Human geography, Nebraska geography, teaching geography
Sarah Nelson Assistant Professor, Geography, Affiliate of Medical Humanities, Native American Studies UNO Oral ways of knowing, aging in Indigenous communities, cultural safety in health care
Katie Nieland Associate Director & Communications Coordinator, CGPS UNL Ecotourism, graphic design, journalism
Alan Osborn Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology UNO Great Plains archaeology, Paleoindian adaptations, nutritional anthropology
Moises Padilla Director, Nebraska College Preparatory Academy UNL Education and college access and success for first-generation, low-income, and ethnic-minority students in the Great Plains
Mark Pegg Professor, Natural Resources UNL Fisheries ecologist, aquatic ecosystems
Lisa Pennisi Professor of Practice, Natural Resources UNL Human impacts on natural resources, communicating science, environmental education
David Peterson Associate Professor, English UNO 16th-20th century American literature, gay and lesbian studies
Aprille Phillips Associate Professor, Educational Administration UNK Education policy implementation in minoritized communities
Jamilynn Poletto Assistant Professor, Natural Resources UNL Fish behavior and physiology, conservation, climate change
Kevin Pope Research Professor & Director, Nebraska Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research UNL Fishery ecology
Larkin Powell Professor, Natural Resources UNL Conservation biology, wildlife ecology and management
John Price Professor, English UNO Great Plains literature, environmental literature
John Raible Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Professor, Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education UNL Transracial adoption and multicultural families
Athena Ramos Associate Professor, Center for Reducing Health Disparities UNMC Latino health, health disparities, health and safety of agricultural and meatpacking workers, immigrant integration in small towns, community well-being
Dustin Ranglack Associate Professor, Biology UNK Large mammal ecology, conservation, and management
Emily Rau Assistant Professor, Libraries; Editor, Willa Cather Archive UNL American literature, digital humanities, Willa Cather, and the Great Plains
Eric Reed Professor, Director of Transfer Programs at Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis UNL Literature of U.S. West, Great Plains historical violence
Letitia Reichart Professor, Biology UNK Avian biology, molecular ecology, behavioral ecology
Karl J. Reinhard Professor, Natural Resources UNL Forensic scientist, archaeoparasitology
Guy Reynolds Professor, English; Chair, Undergraduate Program and Curriculum Committee UNL Willa Cather project, American literature
Todd Richardson James R. Schumacher Chair of Ethics; Professor, Goodrich Scholarship Program UNO Folklore, creative thinking and expression
Beth Ritter Associate Professor, Anthropology & Native American Studies UNO Contemporary Native American issues, federal Indian policy
Barbara Robins Associate Professor, English UNO Contemporary Native American literature
Travis Robbins Assistant Professor, Biology UNO Vertebrate adaptations to thermal environments, evolution of social intelligence, epigenetic inheritance
Jacob Rosdail Associate Professor, Communication UNK Digital storytelling and video production
Clinton Rowe Professor & Department Chair, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences UNL Meteorology, climatology, climate modeling
Sabrina Russo Professor, Biology UNL Plant ecology and diversity
Thomas Sanchez Associate Professor, Sociology & Latino/Latin American Studies UNO Migration and immigration, race/ethnic/minority relations, theory
Timothy Schaffert Professor & Director of Creative Writing, English UNL Creative writing, fiction writing
Mark Scherer Professor, History UNO Legal & constitutional, Native American legal history, Nebraska & Great Plains
Marilyn Schlake Rural Prosperity Nebraska Extension Educator UNL Community economic development, entrepreneurship, nonprofits, strategic planning
Allison Schlosser Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology UNO Sociocultural medical anthropology, ethnographic methods, anthropology of drug use, and health disparities
Richard Schuessler Professor, Art and Design UNK Visual communications, typography
Anthony Schutz Associate Professor, Law; Associate Dean for Faculty UNL Agricultural, environmental law, land use
Casey Seger Collections Manager, Great Plains Art Museum UNL Digital humanities, museum studies, digital asset management
Julie Shaffer Professor, Biology; Co-Chair of Department UNK Invertebrate microbial iteractions
Tanya Shenk Research Coordinator, National Park Service UNL Great Plains Cooperative Ecosystems Unit, ecology, conservation biology, endangered species, whooping cranes
Robert Shepard Assistant Professor, Geography UNL Cartography, GIS, population geography and urban historical geography
Susan M. Sheridan Associate Dean, Research and Creative Activity; George Holmes Prof., Educational Psychology; Director, Neb. Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families UNL Parent-teacher behavioral consultation
Jessica Shoemaker Steinhart Foundation Distinguished Professor, Law UNL Community economic development, federal Indian law, land use, property law
Martha Shulski Professor, Natural Resources; Director, Nebraska State Climate Office; State Climatologist UNL Climate variability, change and impacts
Robert Shuster Associate Professor, Geology UNO Granites, growth of the North American continental crust
Patricia Simpson Professor, Modern Languages & Literatures (German) UNL German literature and immigration, language learning
Dennis J. Smith Assiniboine (Fort Peck); Associate Professor, History UNO Northern Plains tribes, Native American history, North American Indian cultures
Kelly Smith Drought Impacts Researcher, Assistant Director and Communications Coordinator, National Drought Mitigation Centery UNL Drought impacts, climate impacts, crowdsourcing, big data, drought signal
Jordan Soliz Professor, Communication Studies; Leland J. & Dorothy H. Olson Chair, Arts & Sciences UNL Intergroup processes in family, personal, and community relationships, multiethnic-racial families
Suzanne Maughan Spencer Sociology Department Chair UNK Rural youth as they transition to adulthood, and the impact that they will have in their home communities
Liahnna Stanley Assistant Professor, Communications and Ethnic Studies UNL Rhetoric and cultural studies, literary criticism, speculative fiction, Indigenous sovereignty and critical theory
Christopher Steinke Associate Professor & Graduate Program Chair, History UNK Plains Indians, waterways, Pawnee, Arikaras, environmental history
Crystal Stiles Adjunct Professor, Natural Resources; Tribal Engagement Coordinator, NIDIS-NOAA-CIRES UNL Climate science, drought management, river basins, geography
Matthew Stockton Professor, Agricultural Economics; West Central Research & Extension Center UNL Education and development of sustainable and profitable farm and ranch businesses, risk and decision making
William Stoutamire Assistant Professor, History UNK Material culture, historic preservation, U.S. West, heritage tourism
Mark Svoboda Director, National Drought Mitigation Center; Climatologist, Natural Resources UNL Water, drought, natural resources, weather, drought early warning
Tsegaye Tadesse Research Professor, Natural Resources; Geospatial Coordinator, National Drought Mitigation Center UNL Drought monitoring, natural resource management
Zhenghong Tang Professor & Program Director, Community & Regional Planning UNL Environmental planning, geospatial science and technology
Brigitte Tenhumberg Professor, Biological Sciences UNL Plant and insect ecology, life history evolution
Elizabeth Theiss-Morse Willa Cather Professor, Political Science UNL Public opinion concerning democracy and civil liberties
William Thomas III John & Catherine Angle Chair, Humanities; Professor, History; CAS Associate Dean, Research & Graduate Education UNL Civil War, U.S. South, slavery, digital history
Eric Thompson Karl H. Nelson Associate Professor, Economics; Director, Bureau of Business Research UNL Regional economics
Julie Tippens Associate Professor, Child, Youth & Family Studies UNL Forced migration and global health, social and structural determinants of refugees' health and wellbeing
Julia Torquati Professor, Family and Consumer Science UNL Child/development, early childhood education
Judith Turk Assistant Professor, Natural Resources UNL Soil morphology and genesis
Nathan Tye Assistant Professor, History UNK Agricultural history, Great Plains history
Andrew Tyre Professor, Natural Resources UNL Wildlife population, ecology
Natalie Umphlett Regional Climatologist, Natural Resources UNL Meteorology, climatology
David Vail Associate Professor, History UNK History of aerial pesticide application and food production in North American grasslands
Elizabeth VanWormer Associate Professor of Practice, Natural Resources UNL Disease organisms, wildlife habitat, agriculture, nitrates
Isabel Velázquez Professor & Graduate Chair, Spanish UNL Sociolinguistics, bilingualism, US Spanish, language contact, heritage speaker pedagogy, minority language maintenance and loss
Theresa Wadkins Professor & Chair, Criminal Justice UNK Procrastination, teaching issues, and assessment
LuAnn Wandsnider Professor, Anthropology; Associate Director, SGIS UNL Pre-Columbian archaeology of the North American central/high plains
Brian Wardlow Prof., Natural Resources; Director, Center for Advanced Land Management Information Technologies UNL GIS, drought monitoring
Michelle Warren Associate Professor, Spanish UNK Themes of culture, nationality, and ethnicity; theatre, film, and narrative
David Wedin Professor, Natural Resources UNL Grassland, savanna ecology, carbon/nitrogen cycling
Laurinda Weisse University Archivist & Digital Repository Manager, Libraries UNK Ethnic studies, history, Nebraska, women and gender
Jeffrey Westrop Assistant Geoscientist, Natural Resources UNL Aqueous geochemistry, biogeochemistry, sedimentology, water quality
Ashley Wilkinson Director/Curator, Great Plains Art Museum UNL Twentieth-century American art, New Deal-era printmaking
Steve Willborn Judge Harry A. Spencer Professor of Law UNL Employment law, discrimination, legal history, and legal theory
Kelly Willemssens Lecturer, School of Natural Resources UNL Ecology, insect physiology, and animal behavior
Sandra Williams Associate Professor, Art UNL Mixed media, the animal in art and aesthetics, art and well-being
Cynthia Willis-Esqueda Associate Professor, Psychology, Ethnic Studies UNL Race and ethnic bias, Native American populations
James A. Wilson Professor, Biology UNO Zoology, mammalogy, physiological ecology
Kim Wilson Professor, Landscape Architecture; Special Assistant to the Dean UNL Design, landscape representation
Kenneth J. Winkle Sorensen Professor, History UNL 19th Century U.S. political, social, cultural, military history
David Wishart Professor, Geography UNL Human geography, Indigenous Peoples, Great Plains
LaReesa Wolfenbarger Professor & Chair, Biology UNO Effects of agriculture on grassland ecosystems
Sharon E. Wood Professor, History UNO Women in America, 19th Century U.S. social and cultural history, material culture
Donna Woudenberg Lecturer, Women's & Gender Studies UNL Human interactions with the environment
Melissa Wuellner Associate Professor, Biology UNK Fisheries ecology and management, human dimensions of wildlife and fisheries
Judy Wu-Smart Extension & Research Entomologist UNL Bee Lab leader, pesticide exposure, landscapes, stressors on bee behavior
Sarah Zuckerman Associate Professor, Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education UNL State-level educational policy implementation and school-community partnerships, particularly in the context of rural communities