Great Plains Fellows: Geography and Geology

J. Clark Archer Professor, Geography UNL Urban and regional geographer, GIS
John T. Bauer Professor, Geography UNK Human, historical geography, GIS
Randy Bertolas Professor, Geography; Chair, History, Politics, and Geography Wayne State Recreation, tourism and sports, natural disasters, geography education, utilizing GIS in mapping
Brian Blouet Huby Professor, Geography & International Education William & Mary Political geography, U.S. settlement
Vijendra Boken Professor, Geography UNK Water resources, agriculture, remote sensing
Rebecca Buller Assistant Professor of Practice, Geography UNL Cultural & historical geography in the Great Plains, Women's history, geographic education
Paul Burger Professor, Geography UNK GIS, economic, population, and political geography
H. Jason Combs Professor & Chair, Geography UNK Urban, cultural/historical, research methods
Christina Dando Department Chair & Professor, Geography UNO Gender and landscape, Great Plains cultural history
Ashlee Dere Associate Professor, Department of Geology UNO Soil geochemistry, soil morphology and genesis
Robert Diffendal, Jr. Professor Emeritus, Conservation & Survey, Geology UNL Geology, historical geology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, geomorphology
Jeremy Dillon Professor, Geography UNK Soils, geomorphology
George Engelmann Professor, Geology UNO Vertebrate paleontology, mammalian evolution
Glen Fredlund Associate Professor Emeritus, Geography University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Geography, anthropology, geomorphology
Jeanne Kay Guelke Professor Emeritus, Geography University of Waterloo, Canada Historical geography of human interactions with wilderness
R. Leslie Heathcote Professor Emeritus, Geography Flinders University of South Australia Historical geography, environmental perception, drought
Robert Hitchcock Professor, Geography Michigan State Unviersity Anthropology, human ecology of populations in arid and semi-arid ecosystems
Douglas A. Hurt Assistant Teaching Professor, Geography; Director of Undergraduate Studies University of Missouri Cultural and historical geography, geography education, North America
Andrew Husa Lecturer, Geography UNL Rural geography, small town identity, and attachment to rural landscape, especially in the Great Plains
Todd Kerstetter Professor, History & Geography Texas Christian University 19th- and 20th-Century Trans-Mississippi West, environmental history, Gilded Age/Progressive Era
Jon Kilpinen Dean, College of Arts & Sciences; Professor, Geography Valparaiso University American historical geography, Europe, political geography, GIS
Ryan Klataske Founder & Principal; Adjunct Assistant Professor Applied Ethnographic Services; University of Nebraska Medical Center Anthropology, ethnography, agriculture, work, environment, health, and rural life
David Kromm Professor Emeritus, Geography Kansas State University Water resources, natural resources management
Katherine Nashleanas Lecturer, Geography UNL Human geography, Nebraska geography, teaching geography
Merlin Lawson Professor Emeritus, Geosciences UNL Geography, climate of western interior U.S., geology
G. Malcom Lewis Senior Lecturer Emeritus, Geography University of Sheffield, England Geography
Harmon Maher Professor, Geology UNO Geology of the Great Plains, geologic mapping
Joseph Mason Professor & Department Chair, Geography University of Wisconsin-Madison Geomorphology, Quaternary geology, hillslope geomorphology
Sarah Nelson Assistant Professor, Geography, Affiliate of Medical Humanities, Native American Studies UNO Oral ways of knowing, aging in Indigenous communities, cultural safety in health care
Tyra Olstad Assistant Professor, Geography & Environmental Sustainability SUNY - Oneonta Environmental science, monitoring, and history
Bradley Rundquist Dean, Dean's Office A&S; Professor, Geography University of North Dakota Remote sensing, GIS, prairie ecosystems
Fred Shelley Professor Emeritus Geography University of Oklahoma Political geography, environmental policy, world economy
Robert Shepard Assistant Professor, Geography UNL Cartography, GIS, population geography and urban historical geography
Robert Shuster Associate Professor, Geology UNO Granites, growth of the North American continental crust
Robert Watrel Associate Professor, Department Head, Geography South Dakota State University Human geography, political geography, cartography
Randy Widdis Professor Emeritus, Geography University of Regina Cultural-historical geography, rural geography, population geography
David Wishart Professor, Geography UNL Human geography, Indigenous Peoples, Great Plains