Great Plains Fellows: History

Armando Alonzo Associate Professor, History Texas A&M Mexican American, Texas, and Spanish Borderlands history
Melissa Amateis Journals Assistant, Center for Great Plains Studies UNL World War II history on the Great Plains
Peter Argersinger Professor Emeritus, History Southern Illinois University Populism, politics, electoral process
Blake Bell Historian Homestead National Monument Great Plains women, African Americans, immigrants, Civil War
Kent Blansett Langston Hughes Associate Professor, Indigenous Studies and History University of Kansas Native American, modern U.S., Global Indigenous history
Judith Boughter Instructor, History UNO History
Laura Cannon Assistant Professor, History University of the Incarnate Word U.S.-Mexico borderlands, labor history, and citizenship and civil rights
Robert Carriker Professor Emeritus, History Gonzaga University Jesuit missionaries, Lewis and Clark Expedition, Columbia River
James Carroll Professor, History Iona College Native American history, education and pedagogy, transnational studies
Thomas Clark Lecturer, History Sacramento State University Urban history, history of crime and poverty
Sara Crook Professor, History and Political Science Peru State College United States Congress and Nebraska Politics
Harl Dalstrom Professor Emeritus, History UNO History of Omaha, Nebraska, Great Plains, upper Midwest, Canada-U.S. borderlands
Roger P. Davis Professor, History UNK Latin America, U.S.-Latin America relations
Jeanne Eder Professor Emeritus, History University of Alaska North American Indians, oral histories, museums
Mark Eifler Associate Professor, History University of Portland History, North American frontiers, American history, Ethnic Studies, Native American Studies
Mark Ellis Professor, History; Dean of Graduate Studies
UNK American Indians, Nebraska history
Lisa Emmerich Professory Emeritus, History California State University American history, Office of Indian Affairs, California Indians
Richard Etulain Professor Emeritus, History University of New Mexico Western American literature, culture and religion
Eric L. Ewing Executive Director; Adjunct Professor, Bellevue University Great Plains Black History Museum Regional history, education, management, leadership
William Farr Professor Emeritus, History; Senior Fellow, O'Conner Center for the Rocky Mountain West University of Montana Blackfoot Indians, Montana History, Native Americans
Elizabeth Fenn Professor, History University of Colorado Boulder Early American West, Native American history, epidemic disease
Jacob Friefeld Illinois and Midwest Studies Research Historian Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Public history, nineteenth-century studies, homesteading
Harry Fritz Professor Emeritus, History University of Montana American history, Western America, Montana, military history, Lewis and Clark, Civil War
Bruce Garver Professor Emeritus, History UNO Modern European history, transport history, Czech
James Garza Associate Professor, History, Ethnic Studies UNL Chicano/a, Latin America, Mexico
H. Roger Grant Kathryn and Calhoun Lemon Professor, History Clemson University American railroad, transportation history
Dolories Greenberg Professor Emeritus, History Hunter College, CUNY Energy, industrialization, modernization, TransAtlantic partnerships
Pekka Hämäläinen Rhodes Professor of American History St. Catherine's College at University of Oxford Borderlands, Plains Indian trade, fur trade, Santa Fe Trail
John P. Hankey Historian and Cultural Resource Consultant Omaha, Neb. History of technology, American railroading
James Hanson Historian, Editor Museum of the Fur Trade American history, trans-Mississippi west, western expansion, plains Indian anthropology
C. Robert Haywood Professor Emeritus, History Washburn University American West, Dust Bowl, fiction writing
Donovan Hofsommer Professor Emeritus, History St. Cloud State Unviersity Transportation history, American West, Minnesota, public history
Teresa Houser Founder and CEO Magdalene Omaha Great Plains history, sex trafficking and recovery programs
Margaret Heuttl Program Director, Indigenous Studies University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Native American history, history of the American West
Michel Hogue Associate Professor, History University of Carleton Metis, the fur trade, and first peoples of the Great Plains
Douglas A. Hurt Assistant Teaching Professor, Geography; Director of Undergraduate Studies University of Missouri Cultural and historical geography, geography education, North America
Andrew Isenberg Hall Distinguished Professor of American History University of Kansas American West, environmental history, bison, Native/settler encounters
Thomas Isern Professor, History; University Distinguished Professor North Dakota State University North American plains history, history of agriculture
Margaret Jacobs Professor, History; Director, CGPS UNL Indigenous Peoples, women, colonialism, decolonization
Katrina Jagodinsky Associate Professor, History UNL North American West, comparative legal history, borderlands
Katrina Jagodinsky Associate Professor, History UNL North American West, comparative legal history, borderlands
Elizabeth Jameson Professor Emeritus, History University of Calgary Women's history in the American West
Jeffrey A. Johnson Professor, History Providence College Radical labor, politics, and reform in the late 19th and early 20th century American West
Yasuhide Kawashima Professor, History University of Texas at El Paso American history, colonial history, history of the Far East
Martha Kennedy Independent historian Fairfax, Va. American cartooning history, caricature, illustration
Todd Kerstetter Professor, History & Geography Texas Christian University 19th- and 20th-Century Trans-Mississippi West, environmental history, Gilded Age/Progressive Era
Leo Killsback Associate Professor, Native American Studies, Northern Cheyenne Nation Montana State University Indigenous governance, traditional law, sovereignty, treaty rights
Louis Knafla Professor Emeritus, History University of Calgary Canadian prairie history
Renee Laegreid Professor, History University of Wyoming Western women's history, American West
Lori Ann Lahlum Professor and Graduate Coordinator, History Minnesota State University-Mankato American West, women's and gender history, and Norwegian America
Howard Lamar Sterling Professor Emeritus, History, President Emeritus Yale University American West, frontier history
Susan Lawrence Professor and Department Head, History University of Tennessee-Knoxville History of medicine
Kenneth Leyton-Brown Associate Professor, History University of Regina Canadian legal history, Saskatchewan legal history
Brad Lookingbill Distinguished Professor, History Columbia College Missouri American military history, American Indian history
Timothy Mahoney Professor, History UNL Nineteenth century U.S., urban history
Michael Mayer Professor Emeritus, History University of Montana American law; Civil Rights movement; post-WWII culture
L.G. Moses Professor Emeritus, History Oklahoma State University American Indian history, American West, history of anthropology, ethnohistory
Gary Moulton Professor Emeritus, History UNL American West, Native Americans, Nebraska history, Lewis and Clark
Elaine Marie Nelson Assistant Professor, History; Executive Director, Western History Association University of Kansas North American West, Native American, gender history
Roger Nichols Professor Emeritus, History University of Arizona American frontier and West, Native Americans
Patrick O'Brien Professor Emeritus, History Emporia State University Great Plains history
Richard Overfield Professor Emeritus, History UNO History
Jacqueline Peterson Professor Emeritus, History and Comparative American Culture Washington State University American Indian history, race in colonial American society, history of Canada
Paula Petrik Professor Emeritus, History & Art History George Mason University History of the Trans-Mississippi West, U.S. women's history, U.S. business history
Christopher Phillips Assistant Professor Emeritus, History Emporia State University African American history, Civil War
William Pratt Professor Emeritus, History UNO Political science, women socialists, socialism
Cynthia Prescott Professor and Department Chair, History and American Indian Studies University of North Dakota Gender in the American West, material culture, historical memory
M-L Quinn Research Affiliated Faculty, History & Philosophy Montana State University Water resources/law, climate change, environmental history
Ted Regehr Professor Emeritus, History University of Saskatchewan History
Brenden Rensink Associate Professor, History; Associate Director, Charles Redd Center for Western Studies Brigham Young University North American West, Indigenous peoples, transnational borderlands
James Ronda Professor Emeritus & H.G. Barnard Chair, Western American History University of Tulsa American West exploration, Western American History and Literature
Mark Scherer Professor, History UNO Legal & constitutional, Native American legal history, Nebraska & Great Plains
Douglas Seefeldt Associate Professor, History Clemson University American West, environmental history, public history, digital, 19th and 20th Century U.S.
James Sherow Professor, History Kansas State University Environmental history, Konza Prairie, American history
Jerold Simmons Professor Emeritus, History UNO American constitutional history, film, World War II
Dennis J. Smith Assiniboine (Fort Peck); Associate Professor, History UNO Northern Plains tribes, Native American history, North American Indian cultures
Victoria Smith Associate Professor Emeritus, History & Ethnic Studies UNO Native American history, 19th Century
Lawrence J and Barbara Sommer Historian Duluth Archaeology Center Historic preservation, architecture, mining, museum administration
Christopher Steinke Associate Professor & Graduate Program Chair, History UNK Plains Indians, waterways, Pawnee, Arikaras, environmental history
Allyson Stevenson Assistant Professor, Indigenous Studies and Gabriel Dumont Chair in Métis Studies University of Saskatchewan Métis history, indigenous child welfare history, gender and indigenous women’s political organizing
William Stoutamire Assistant Professor, History UNK Material culture, historic preservation, U.S. West, heritage tourism
Orlan Svingen Professor, History Washington State University American West, Indian-white relations, modern East Asia, North Cheyenne Indian Reservation
Baligh Ben Taleb ACLS  Postdoctoral  Fellow in Race,  Ethnicity,  &  Indigeneity, Institute for Research in the Humanities University of Wisconsin-Madison American Indian & Indigenous history, race, ethnicity, and Indigeneity, settler colonialism, decolonization, transitional justice
Michael L. Tate Professor Emeritus, History UNO American frontier history, Native American History
William Thomas III John & Catherine Angle Chair, Humanities; Professor, History; CAS Associate Dean, Research & Graduate Education UNL Civil War, U.S. South, slavery, digital history
Tommy Thompson Professor Emeritus, History UNO U.S. survey, American colonial, American South
Jinny Turman Associate Professor, History University of Virginia's College at Wise Public history, Buffalo County, Kearney history, historic preservation
Nathan Tye Assistant Professor, History UNK Agricultural history, Great Plains history
David Vail Associate Professor, History UNK History of aerial pesticide application and food production in North American grasslands
Vernon L. Volpe Professor Emeritus, History UNK American history, Civil War
Jeff Wells Associate Professor, History Dickinson State University Gilded Age, Progressive Era, digital history, populism
Clinton White Professor Emeritus Campion College, University of Regina Canadian history
Rebecca Wingo Director of Public History, Assistant Professor University of Cincinnati Indigenous history, homesteading, housing, digital history
Kenneth J. Winkle Sorensen Professor, History UNL 19th Century U.S. political, social, cultural, military history
Stephen Witte Associate Editor South Dakota State Historical Society Press Buffalo Bill, Prince Maximilian
Carroll Van West Director, Center for Historic Preservation Middle Tennessee State University 19th/20th Century Southern and Western culture, architecture
John Wunder Professor Emeritus, History, Director Emeritus, Center for Great Plains Studies UNL American West, Native American history, legal history
Ed Zimmer Retired Historic Preservation Planner Lincoln/Lancaster County Planning Dept. U.S. studies, history research methods, neighborhood history