Great Plains Fellows: Native American and Ethnic Studies

Omowale Akintunde (EF)
Associate Professor


Education, race, 
and diversity

Matt Bokovoy (F)
Senior Editor, University Press


Indigenous studies, borderlands history

Richard Breaux (AF)
Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies

Colorado State University

African American history, education history

Gabriel Bruguier (F)
Education and Outreach Coordinator, Mid-America Transportation Center


Philosophy, Native American philosophy, Native American student success

Miguel Carranza (EF)
Prof. Emeritus, Latina/Latino Studies & Sociology, Dir. Emeritus, Latina/Latino Studies

UNL, Univ. of Missouri-Kan. City

Latino/Chicano studies, immigrant communities; mentoring at-risk youth; minority/majority relations

Richmond Clow (AF)
Professor, Native American Studies

University of Montana

Tribal resource management, politics on Montana's Reservations

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn (AEF)
Professor Emeritus, Native Studies

Eastern Washington University,

Native Americans, writing, South Dakota

Brady DeSanti (F)
Associate Professor, Religious Studies, Director of Native American Studies


Native American religious traditions, religion and popular culture, Native American history

Cristián Doña-Reveco (F)
Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, Director, Office of Latino/Latin American Studies (OLLAS)


Latin American Migrations, Social Dimensions of Immigration

Learthen Dorsey (EF)
Assoc. Professor Emeritus, History, Ethnic Studies


Social studies, history of Africa, African anthropology

Kalenda Eaton (AF)
Associate Professor, The Clara Luper Department of African & African American Studies

University of Oklahoma

Black American West, African American literature, Women’s Studies, Africana Studies

Walter Echo-Hawk (AF)


Native American history and law, indigenous art and culture, environment

Mark Eifler (AF)
Associate Professor

University of Portland

History, North American frontiers, American history, Ethnic Studies, Native American Studies

Lisa Emmerich (AF)
Professor, History

California State University

American history, Office of Indian Affairs, California Indians

Elizabeth Fenn (AF)
Professor, History

University of Colorado Boulder

Early American West, Native American history

Elizabeth Franklin (AF)
Professor, Hispanic Studies

University of Northern Colorado

Hispanic Studies, literacy in bilingual classrooms

Judi gaiashkibos (AF)
Executive Director

Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs

Nebraska Native Americans

James Garza (F)
Associate Professor


Chicano/a, Latin America, modern Mexico

Susana Grajales Geliga (F)
Lakota/Taino, Assistant Professor of History and Native American Studies


Great Plains Studies, Lakota language, Native American women, construction of Native American identities in the early twentieth century

Ralph Grajeda (EF)
Assoc. Professor Emeritus, English/Ethnic Studies


Mexican American literature, ethnic literature

Ramon Guerra (F)
Assistant Professor


Chicano/a literature

P Jane Hafen (AF)
Professor, English

University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Native American Studies, American literature, American West

Dennis Hastings (AF)
Founder, director

Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project, Inc.

Genealogical research, Omaha language, religion, music

Craig Howe (AF)

Center for American Indian Research and Native Studies

Tribal history, museum exhibits

Leanne Howe (AF)
Professor, English, American Indian Studies

University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

American Indian Literature, theater

Margaret Heuttl (F)
Assistant Professor, History and Ethnic Studies


Native American history, history of the American West

Bruce Johansen (F)


Environmental issues, Native American studies

Matthew Jones (AF)
Native historian

Lincoln, Neb.

Native American studies, tales, beast fables, creation stories

Francis W. Kaye (eF)
Professor, English


Great Plains studies, Native American studies, Canadian studies

Leo Killsback (AF)
Associate Professor, Native American Studies, Northern Cheyenne Nation

Montana State University

Indigenous governance, traditional law, sovereignty, treaty rights

Amelia Montes (F)
Associate Professor, Director Institute of Ethnic Studies


Late 19th, contemporary literature

Martha McCollough (F)
Associate Professor


Native North Americans

Wynema Morris (AF)
Independent Scholar

Walthill, Neb.

Omaha Peoples, traditions of song, dance, social and political structures

Laura K. Muñoz (F)
Assistant Professor of History and Ethnic Studies


Mexican American, Chicanx and Latinx communities in the U.S. with an emphasis on race, gender and education in the American West

Akim Reinhardt (AF)
Professor, History

Towson University

Native American history, Plains history, and regional political developments

James Riding In (AF)
Associate Professor, Editor Wicaoao Sa Review

Arizona State University

Culture, human rights, Indigenous justice, Indian law, policy, racism, social movements

Beth Ritter (F)
Associate Professor, Anthropology


Federal Indian policy, contemporary Native American issues

Regina Robbins (F)
Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology and Native Americans Studies


Medical humanities, language and education, and preventative and societal medicine

Dennis J. Smith (F)
Associate Professor


Northern Plains tribes, Native American history

Victoria Smith (F)
Associate Professor


Native American history

Shirley Sneve (AF)
Executive Director

Vision Maker Media

Native American film

Kristine Sudbeck (AF)
Research and development adviser, faculty member

Nebraska Indian Community College

Native American history

Edward Valandra (AF)

Community for the Advancement of Native Studies

Native and cultural studies, Lakota-Euroamerican relations

Ralph Vigil (EF)
Professor Emeritus, History/Ethnic Studies


Latin American Studies

Gwen Westerman (AF)
Artist and faculty member, English

Minnesota State University in Mankato

Native American literature and art

Cynthia Willis-Esqueda (F)
Associate Professor


Race and ethnic bias, Native American populations

(F) = Fellow, (AF) = Affiliate Fellow, (EF) = Emeritus Fellow, (AEF) = Associate Emeritus Fellow, (GF) = Graduate Fellow