Great Plains Fellows: Other

Megan Adkins-Bollwitt (F)
Associate Professor, Inesiology and Sport Sciences


S.T.E.M., Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Teacher Education Preparation

Bridget Barry (F)
Senior Acquisitions Editor


Cultural, military, health and environmental history

Gabriel Bruguier (F)
Education and Outreach Coordinator, Mid-America Transportation Center


Philosophy, Native American philosophy, Native American student success

David Carter (AF)
Associate Prof., Forensic Science

Chaminade University

Forensic taphonomy, postmortem microbiology, estimating postmortem interval

John Fiala (AF)

Nebraska Czechs

Czechs, Slovaks

Jeannette Gabriel (F)
Director, Schwalb Center for Israel and Jewish Studies


Jewish and African American history in the Great Plains with an emphasis on race and gender

Roger Gibbons (AEF)
President Emeritus

Canada West Foundation

Political science, Canadian politics, regionalism

Twyla Hansen (AF)

Lincoln, Neb.

Poetry, sustainable agriculture, rural land use

Cody Havard (AF)
Associate Professor, Sport Commerce

University of Memphis

Rivalry, in-group bias, fan and consumer behavior

Johnathan Hladik (AF)
Energy Policy Advocate

Center for Rural Affairs

Farm landscape, environmental policy, clean energy

Angela Hollman (F)
Associate Professor, Cyber Systems


Cyber security in education

Ted Kooser (F)
Presidential Professor, English

University of Nebraska

Poetry, essays

Nancy Tystad Koupal (AF)

SD State Historical Society Press

American literature, South Dakota, Dakota women, children's literature

Dennis Kuhnel (AF)

Hudson-Meng Bison Kill Research & Visitor Center

Archaeology, Native American literature, environmental law

Rebecca Lacome (AF)
Mather Training Department

Harper Ferrys Center

Biological diversity, natural history of the prairies, Mammoth Cave National Park, folklore

Vicki Braglio Luther (AF)

Heartland Center for Leadership Development

Educational leadership, community development

Don Macke (AF)

Center for Rural Entrepreneurship

Economics, economic development, environmental studies

Kristin Malek (F)
Assistant Professor, Hospitality and Tourism


ROI of events, economy development and economic impact of events, rural tourism, event operations

Jerome Martin (AF)

Spotted Cow Press

Visual arts, music, communications, western Canadian history

Doris Meredith (AF)

Amarillo, Texas

Mystery literature, historical fiction, American West

Francis Moul (AF)
Reviewer, Author, Publisher

Lincoln, Neb.

International relations, Nebraska History, U.S. Indian Claims Commission

Paula Palmer (AF)

Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples, a program of Friends Peace Teams

Education and advocacy for Indigenous peoples' rights, racial and environmental justice

Alisa Plant (AF)

Louisiana State University Press

History scholarship and literature

Richard Reading (AF)
Vice President of Conservation

Denver Zoo

Grasslands, Mongolia, conservation biology

Todd Richardson (F)
James R. Schumacher Chair of Ethics and Professor in the Goodrich Scholarship Program


Folklore, creative thinking and expression

M. Eugene Rudd (EF)
Professor Emeritus, Physics & Astronomy


Physics, astronomy

Edward Schmidt (EF)
Professor Emeritus, Physics & Astronomy


Variable star observation, ultraviolet images

JL Schmidt (AF)
Board of Directors

Heritage Nebraska

Journalism, community development, historic preservation, advertising

Allen Steuter (AF)

Sandhill and Sun Ranch

Fire ecology, grazing and range science, wildlife, ecosystem structure

Gregory Snow (F)
Professor, Associate Dean for Research, Physics


Research, College of Arts and Sciences

Dale Stover (EF)
Professor Emeritus, Religious Studies


Religion, Islam, Native Americans, Lakota

Vetta Sanders Thompson (AF)
Associate Professor, Social Work

Washington University, St. Louis

Cultural competence, racial identity, disparities in health and mental health services

Milan Wall (AF)

Heartland Center for Leadership Development

Community development

Andy Wilkinson (AF)
Folksinger, writer

Lubbock, Texas

Great Plains people and history, folklore

Kay Young (AF)
Naturalist, Folklorist

Lincoln, Neb.

Folk and intercultural studies, ethnobotany

Ann Ziebarth (AF)
Professor, Housing Studies

University of Minnesota

Housing in rural places, policy, rural sociology

(F) = Fellow, (AF) = Affiliate Fellow, (EF) = Emeritus Fellow, (AEF) = Associate Emeritus Fellow, (GF) = Graduate Fellow