Great Plains Fellows: Sociology

Samantha Ammons Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology UNO Work-family-leisure boundaries and well-being; occupations; community and "little free libraries"; mixed methodology
Timi Barone Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology UNO Medical anthropology, ethnomedicine, human adaptation
Gustavo Carlo Millsap Professor of Diversity, Multicultural Studies University of Missouri Prosocial and moral development among children and adolescents, Latino families and youth
Miguel Carranza Prof., Director Emeritus, Latina/Latino Studies & Sociology UNL Latino/Chicano studies, immigrant communities; mentoring at-risk youth; minority/majority relations
Cristián Doña-Reveco Associate Prof., Sociology & Anthropology, Director, Office of Latino/Latin American Studies UNO Latin American migrations, social dimensions of immigration
Karen Hansen Victor and Gwendolyn Beinfield Professor, Sociology Brandeis University Contemporary families, historical sociology, and the sociology of gender
David Johnson Professor, Sociology Penn State University Measurement techniques, structural equation models
Donald Landon Professor Emeritus, Sociology Missouri State University Civic renewal, legal profession in community context
Harvey Markowitz Professor Emeritus, Sociology/Anthropology Washington and Lee University Relationships among American Indian religions, landscapes, cultures, histories, and identities
Helen Moore Professor Emeritus, Sociology UNL Inequality of class, gender, race
Wayne Osgood Associate Professor Emeritus, Sociology Penn State University Sociology, population
Keith Parker Professor, Sociology University of Georgia Educational aspirations, social and applied demography, social movements, social stratification
Steve Potts Instructor, History and Political Science Minnesota North College-Hibbing Humanities, 20th Century U.S., Native America, American frontier, East Asia, anthropology
Thomas Sanchez Associate Professor, Sociology & Latino/Latin American Studies UNO Migration and immigration, race/ethnic/minority relations, theory
Mildred A. Schwartz Professor Emeritus, Sociology, Political Science University of Illinois at Chicago Political parties and movements, regionalism
Suzanne Maughan Spencer Sociology Department Chair UNK Rural youth as they transition to adulthood, and the impact that they will have in their home communities
Lynn White Professor Emeritus, Sociology UNL Social demography, social research, statistics, fertility
Hugh Whitt Professor Emeritus, Sociology UNL Deviant behavior, sociology