Note from the outgoing curator

Amber Mohr

Museum Administrator and Curator of the Great Plains Art Museum, Amber Mohr, has announced she will be leaving her position as of Jan. 27, 2014. Mohr has held this position since 2004, and, prior to her employment at the Great Plains Art Museum, had worked with the collection as an intern.

"I love this collection, and I always will," said Mohr. "I had always told myself that if a position ever opened up in this museum, no matter how happy I happened to be wherever I was working, I had to apply. It's been a rewarding experience."

Mohr said she hopes others might view her tenure at the Museum as forming some kind of legacy, but more than anything it is the relationships she has valued. "I am extremely proud of several accomplishments, and when I think of each one I think of the people involved in bringing them about for the Museum. It was a thrill to work with Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie to build her exhibition "Double Vision," based specifically on the Museum's vintage photograph collection. And then to bring Hulleah back to jury our first competition focused on artworks that highlight Indigenous themes on the Plains solidified so many more relationships between artists and the Museum. Her selection of Gina Adams as 'Best in Show' endorsed an already exciting career for Adams and I have felt so fortunate Gina has kept me informed of her developments." Likewise, the annual education program sponsored by the Elizabeth Rubendall Foundation, the Elizabeth Rubendall Artist-in-Residence, has been an opportunity for Mohr to acquire significant artworks for the Museum’s collection and to form significant friendships. "I exchange holiday cards and emails with each of the artists we've hosted. I consider them friends, they met my children, and we’ve celebrated each other’s successes outside of their experience in the Museum."

Mohr fondly recalls hosting exhibitions that connected her viewers to their own past. One of the first exhibitions she brought was "Last Year on the Farm," V. . . . Vaughan's plein air series on the shifting landscapes of the Plains as an agrarian state. "So many Museum patrons came to me during that exhibition just to share their personal farm stories, and came back to view the exhibitions multiple times. That was a great introduction of both me to the Museum audience, and for the audience to introduce themselves to me."

Looking back on exhibitions, events, and interactions with people, Mohr said, "I feel like I have presented things that made an impact . . . that touched people."

Mohr is not leaving to take on a professional position at another collecting institution. She and her family are moving to Avoca, Iowa to live on the farmland her Grandparents lived and farmed beginning in 1955. "I feel like my curatorial interests have so often intersected with topics of agricultural preservation, nonetheless I'm sure this comes as a surprise to many. Despite our melancholy feelings at leaving, we are very excited to give farming a try; it's about the only thing worth leaving our home, friends, and lives here in Lincoln for. My whole family is very happy to see family living in the home, and to see the acres around the home put to productive use once again."

Mohr said she is confident that the Great Plains Art Museum will continue on successfully with the programs she played a part in forming, and ones she can’t imagine yet. "I'm excited to see what my successor will bring. I plan to keep up with the Museum and the community. If you happen to stop by a Farmer’s Market in Lincoln and see the booth for Fork Tail Farm, please stop by and say hello."

More on the open Curator/Museum Administrator position

Plan, prepare, implement, publicize, and promote educational exhibits and programs pertaining to Great Plains/Western art. Care for and develop a growing $40 million art collection and 8,000 volume library of Western Americana. Develop and implement a fund-raising plan to build financial support for the museum. Build and maintain relationships with patrons, collectors, donors, and artists and work with other university units and public organizations to promote collaborative projects. Work with the Director of the Center for Great Plains Studies to plan and implement fund-raising events and marketing strategies to maintain and increase the collection. Excellent benefits including staff/dependent scholarship program. Criminal history background check, pre-placement physical, and driving record review will be conducted.

Applicant review begins Jan. 13. View requisition S_130734 at to apply. UNL is committed to a pluralistic campus community through affirmative action, equal opportunity, work-life balance, and dual careers.