GPQ Volume 10

WINTER 1990 VOL. 10/NO. 1

Spanish Exploration and the Great Plains in the Age of Discovery: Myth and Reality Ralph H. Vigil 3

Oglala Sioux Use of Medicinal Herbs George Robert Morgan, completed by Ronald R. Weedon 18

The Long Winter: An Introduction to Western Womanhood Ann Romines 36

The Contest for the "Nile of America": Kansas V. Colorado James E. Sherow 48

SPRING 1990 VOL. 10/NO. 2

The Hispanic Presence on the Great Plains: An Introduction Miguel A. Carranza 67

The Mexican Immigrant Press Beyond the Borderlands: The Case of El Cosmopolita, 1914-19 Michael M. Smith 71

Plains Indians in New Mexico: The Genízaro Experience Russell M. Magnaghi 86

The Segesser Hide Paintings: History, Discovery, Art Thomas E. Chávez 96

Settlers, Sojourners, and Proletarians: Social Formation in the Great Plains Sugar Beet Industry, 1890-1940 Dennis Nodín Valdés 110


We Fed Them Cactus by Fabiola Cabeza de Baca, reviewed by Felix D. Almaraz, Jr. 124

Views From the Apache Frontier: Report on the Northern Provinces of New Spain by José Cortés, reviewed by Ralph H. Vigil 125

Remote Beyond Compare: Letters of don Diego de Vargas to His Family from New Spain and New Mexico, 1675-1706 edited by John L. Kessell, reviewed by David J. Weber 126

Tejanos and the Numbers Game: A Socio-Historical Interpretation from the Federal Censuses, 1850-1990 by Arnoldo De León and Kenneth L. Stewart, reviewed by Camilo A. Martínez 127


SUMMER 1990 VOL. 10/NO. 3

Coronado, Quivira, and Kansas: An Archeologist's View Waldo R Wedel 139

Corporate Point Men and the Creation of the Montana Central Railroad, 1882-87 William L. Lang 152


The American West in Film by John Tuska, reviewed by Terry Nygren 167

Ernest Haycox by Richard W. Etulain, reviewed by Jon Nelson 168

Documenting America, 1935-1943 edited by Carl Fleischhauer and Beverly W. Brannan, reviewed by John E Carter 168

Route 66: The Highway and its People photographic essay by Quinta Scott, text by Susan Croce Kelly, reviewed by Richard P. Horowitz 169

Opera Houses of the Midwest edited by Judith Zivanovic, reviewed by Ronald L. Davis 170

New Directions in American Indian History edited by Colin G. Calloway, reviewed by Michael Eastin 171

Renewing the World by Harold L. Harrod, reviewed by J. Baird Callicott 171

Lakota Storytelling by Julian Rice, reviewed by Thomas F. Schilz 172

The Plains Cree: Trade, Diplomacy and War, 1790-1870 by John S. Milloy, reviewed by James Dempsey 173

Hasinai: A Traditional History of the Caddo Confederacy by Vynola Beaver Newkumet and Howard L. Meredith, reviewed by Dee Ann Story 174

Kenekuk: The Kickapoo Prophet by Joseph B. Herring, reviewed by George A. Schultz 175

D'Arcy McNickle by James Ruppert, reviewed by Frederick E. Hoxie 176

A Stranger in Her Native Land: Alice Fletcher and the American Indians by Joan Mark, reviewed by John R. Wunder 176

The Good Red Road: Passages into Native America by Kenneth Lincoln with Al Logan Slagle, reviewed by Raymond J. Demallie 178

Cavalier in Buckskin: George Armstrong Custer and the Western Military Frontier by Robert M. Utley, reviewed by Michael L. Tate 178

From Pittsburg to the Rocky Mountain: Major Stephen Long's Expedition, 1819-1820 edited by Maxine Benson, reviewed by John L. Allen 179

Raising Less Corn and More Hell: Midwestern Farmers Speak Out by Jim Schwab, reviewed by Deborah Fink 180

Folklife Annual 1987 edited by Alan Jabbour and James Hardin, reviewed by Lynne M. Ireland 181

Blossoms of the Prairie: The History of the Danish Lutheran Churches in Nebraska by Jean M. Matteson and Edith H. Matteson, reviewed by George R. Nielsen 182

A Community Transplanted: The Trans-Atlantic Experience of a Swedish Immigrant Settlement in the Upper Middle West, 1835-1915 by Robert C. Ostergren, reviewed by Niel M. Johnson 182

Mennonite Names/Mennonitische Namen by Victor Peters and Jack Thiessen, reviewed by Rueben Goertz 183

The Windmill Turning: Nursery Rhymes, Maximx, and Other Expressions of Western Canadian Mennonites by Victor Carl Friesen, reviewed by Victor Peters 184

Essays on the Historical Geography of the Canadian West: Regional Perspectives on the Settlement Process edited by L.A. Rosenvall and S. M. Evans, reviewed by Frank Tough 185

Brandon: Geographical Perspectives on the Wheat City edited by John Welsted, John Everitt, and Christoph Stadel, reviewed by Brenton M. Barr 185

Region and Regionalism in the United States: A Source Book for the Humanities and Social Sciences by Michael Steiner and Clarence Mondale, reviewed by Frederick C. Luebke 186

Historical Atlas of Texas by A. Ray Stephens and William M. Holmes, reviewed by Frederick C. Luebke 187

Historical Atlas of Kansas by Homer E. Socolofsky and Huber Self, reviewed by Frederick C. Luebke 188

Kaw Valley Landscapes by James R. Shortridge, reviewed by Huber Self 188

Cowtown Lawyers: Dodge City and Its Attorneys, 1878-1886 by C. Robert Haywood, reviewed by Craig Miner 188

Home Town News: William Allen White & The Emporia Gazette by Sally Foreman Griffith, reviewed by Willaim R. Elkins 190

Oklahoma Botanical Literature by Forrest L. Johnson and T.H. Milby, reviewed by M.R. Bolick 190

John Graves by Dorys Crow Grover, reviewed by Amil Quayle 191

For All Those Pupils Whose Lives Touched Mine by Stella Gipson Polk, reviewed by Courtney Vaughn-Roberson 192

Pulling Leather: Being the Early Recollections of a Cowboy on the Wyoming Range, 1882-1889 by Reuben B. Mullins, reviewed by Lynn M. Cawthra 193

An Atlas of the Sand Hills edited by Ann Bleed and Charles Flowerday, reviewed by Bradley H. Baltensperger 193

Northern Prairie Wetlands edited by Arnold Van Der Valk, reviewed by Jack Deforest 194

Wildflowers of the Tallgrass Prairie: The Upper Midwest by Sylvan T. Runkel and Dean M. Roosa, reviewed by Richard K. Sutton 195

The Shortgrass Prairie by Ruth Carol Cushman and Stephen R. Jones, reviewed by James H. Locklear 195


FALL 1990 VOL. 10/NO. 4

Centennial on the Northern Plains: An Introduction George McGovern 203

More Than Statehood on Their Minds: South Dakota Joins the Union, 1889 John E. Miller 206

Homestead on the Range: The Emergence of Community in Eastern Montana, 1900-1925 Rex C. Myers 218

"Proving Up and Moving Up": Jewish Homesteading Activity in North Dakota, 1900-1920 Janet E. Schulte 228

Owen Wister: Wyoming's Influential Realist and Craftsman Leslie T. Whipp 245


South Dakota Leaders: From Pierre Choteau, Jr., to Oscar Howe edited by Herbet T. Hoover and Larry J. Zimmerman, reviewed by Gilbert C. Fite 260

Over a Century of Leadership: South Dakota Territorial & State Governors by Charles Dalthorp, reviewed by Gilbert C. Fite 260

Women with Vision: The Presentation Sisters of South Dakota, 1880-1985 by Susan Carol Peterson and Courtney Ann Vaughn-Roberson 261

INDEX, 263