GPQ Volume 11

WINTER 1991 VOL. 11/NO. 1

Standing Tradition on Its Head: Role Reversal Among Blood Indian Couples Janet Mancini Billson 3

"Pap" Singleton's Dunlap Colony Relief Agencies and the Failure of a Black Settlement in Eastern Kansas Joseph V. Hickey 23

Continuity and Change on the Twentieth-Century Farm: The Gists of South Dakota, 1921-71 James Marten 37

British Remittance Men as Ranchers: The Case of Coutts Marjoribanks and Edmund Thursby, 1884-95 Larry A. McFarlane 53


Elmer Kelton and West Texas: A Literary Relationship by Judy Alter, reviewed by Lawrence Clayton 70

Ronald Reagan and the Public Lands: America's Conservation Debate, 1979-1984 by C. Brant Short, reviewed by William Rowley 70

The Quartzite Border: Surveying and Marking the North Dakota-South Dakota Boundary, 1891-1892 by Gordon L. Iseminger, reviewed by Ronald E. Grim 71

Oklahoma Mammalogy: An Annotated Bibliography and Checklist by Robert D. Owen and Gary D. Schnell 72


SPRING 1991 VOL. 11/NO. 2

Climate Change on the Great Plains: An Introduction Frances W. Kaye 79

Plate Tectonics, Space, Geologic Time, and the Great Plains: A Primer for Non-Geologists R. F. Diffendal, Jr. 81

Climate and Vegetation in Central North America: Natural Patterns and Human Alterations John A. Harringron, Jr. and Jay R. Harman 103

More Names on Inscription Rock: Travel Writeres on the Great Plains in the 1930s Nancy Cook 113


The Checkered Years: A Bonanza Farm Diary, 1884-88 by Mary Dodge Woodward, edited by Mary Boynton Cowdrey, reviewed by H. Elaine Lindgren 127

Shaping Educational Change: The First Century of the University of Northern Colorado at Greeley by Robert W. Larson, reviewed by Maxine Benson 128

Turn Your Eyes Toward Texas: Pioneers Sam and Mary Maverick by Paula Mitchell Marks, reviewed by David J. Murrah 129

Life with the Union Pacific: The Autobiography of Edd H. Bailey by Edd H. Bailey, reviewed by H. Roger Grant 129

The Plains of North America and Their Inhabitants by Richard Irving Dodge, reviewed by James H. Gunnerson 130

Buffalo Bill and His Wild West: A Pictoral Biography by Joseph G. Rosa and Robin May, reviewed by Richard W. Etulain 130

Historians of the American Frontier: A Bio-Bibliographical Sourcebook edited by John R. Wunder, reviewed by Dan Flores 131

Ancestral Voice: Conversations with N. Scott Momaday by Charles L. Woodard, reviewed by Kenneth M. Roemer 132

Caprock Canyonlands: Journey into the Heart of the Southern Plains by Dan Flores, reviewed by Rudolfo A. Anaya 133

Canyon Visions: Photographs and Pastels of the Texas Plains by Dan Flores and Amy Gormley Winton, reviewed by John R. Wunder 134

Breaking the Iron Bonds: Indian Control of Energy Development by Marjane Ambler, reviewed by Russel Lawrence Barsh 135

The Complete Roadside Guide to Nebraska by Alan Boye, reviewed by Rosemary Thornton 136


SUMMER 1991 VOL. 11/NO. 3

Lowry Charles Wimberly and the Retreat of Regionlism Kathleen A. Boardman 143

Stephen Crane's "Bride" as Countermythe of the West Jules Zanger 157

Shaping the Growth of the Montana Economy: T.C. Power and Bro. and the Canadian Trade, 1869-93 Henry C. Klassen 166

Wyoming Political Surprises in the Late 1980s: Deviating Elections in a Conservative Republican State Cal and Janer Clark 181


The Seminole by Merwin S. Garbarino, reviewed by Susan A. Miller 198

The Comanche by Willard H. Rollings, reviewed by Charles Kenner 199

The Yankton Sioux by Herbert T. Hoover, reviewed by Michael L. Tate 199

The Cheyenne by Stan Hoig, reviewed by Gregory R. Campbell 200

The Kiowa by John R. Wunder, reviewed by Maurice Boyd 201

The Quapaws by W. David Baird, reviewed by Charles G. Ballard 202

The Cherokee by Theda Perdue, reviewed by William L. Anderson 203

The Potawatomi by James A. Clifton, reviewed by Nancy Shoemaker 204

The Choctaw by Jesse O. McKee, reviewed by Clara Sue Kidwell 204

The Arapaho by Loretta Fowler, reviewed by Lisa E. Emmerich 205

The Crow by Frederick E. Hoxie, reviewed by W. Raymond Wood 206

Narrative Chance: Postmodern Discourse of Native American Indian Literatures edited by Gerald Vizenor, reviewed by Kathryn Shanley 206

The Voice in the Margin: Native American Literature and the Canon by Arnold Krupat, reviewed by Charles G. Ballard 208

American Indian Autobiography by H. David Brumble, reviewed by Charles LaChance 209

Art of the Red Earth People: The Mesquakie of Iowa by Gaylord Torrence and Robert Hobbs reviewed by Mary Jane Schneider 209

Mixed-Bloods and Tribal Dissolution: Charles Curtis and the Quest for Indian Identity by William E. Unrau, reviewed by Larry Burt 210

The BFI Companion to the Western edited by Edward Buscombe, reviewed by Richard W. Etulain 211

Vulcan: The Making of a Prairie Community by Paul Voisey, reviewed by David C. Jones 212

Farmers "Making Good": The Development of Abernethy District, Saskatchewan, 1880-1920 by Lyle Dick, reviewed by Thomas D. Isern 213

The Encyclopedia of the Central West by Allan Carpenter, reviewed by David Wishart 214

The Middle West: Its Meaning in American Culture by James R. Shortridge, reviewed by David D. Van Tassel 214

Plains Folk, North Dakota's Ethnic History edited by William C. Sherman and Playford V. Thorson, reviewed by L. Martin Perry 216


FALL 1991 VOL. 11/NO. 4

Education on the Great Plains: An Introduction Erwin H. Goldenstein 223

Schoolmarms on the Upper Missouri Kathleen Underwood 225

Male Teachers, Male Roles: The Progressive Era and Education in Oklahoma Courtney Ann Farr and Jeffrey A. Liles 234

Williard Kimball: Music Educator on the Great Plains Marilyn Hammond and Raymond Haggh 249


One-Room School: Teaching in 1930s Western Oklahoma by Donna M. Stephens, reviewed by Colleen Ryan 262

"Our Purpose is to Serve": The First Century of the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station by David B. Danbom, reviewed by Peter D. Shemitz 262

Five for the Land and Its People by Bill G. Reid, reviewed by Howard W. Ottoson 262

The American West: A Twentieth-Century History by Michael P. Malone and Richard W. Etulain, reviewed by Peter Iverson 263

The Twentieth Century West: Historical Interpretations edited by Gerald D. Nash and Richard W. Etulain, reviewed by Daniel Tyler 264

Writing Saskatchewan: 20 Critical Essays edited by Kenneth G. Probert, reviewed by George E. Wolf 265

The Two Psychiatries: The Transformation of Psychiatric Work in Saskatchewan, 1905-1984 by Harley D. Dickenson, reviewed by Will Spaulding 266

Before Lewis and Clark Volume 1: Documents Illustrating the History of the Missouri,1785-1804 edited and with an Introductory Narrative by A.P. Nasatir, reviewed by W. Raymond Wood 267

Before Lewis and Clark Volume 2: Documents Illustrating the Hlstory of the Missouri, 1785-1804 edited and with an Introductory Narrative by A.P. Nasatir, reviewed by W. Raymond Wood 267

Sagebrush Soldier: Private William Earl Smith's View of the Sioux War of 1876 by Sherry L. Smith, reviewed by Thomas W. Dunlay 268

Cheyennes and Horse Soldiers: The 1857 Expedition and the Battle of Solomon's Fork by William Y. Chalfant, reviewed by Donald J. Berthrong 269

Cowboy and Gunfighter Collectibles: A Photographic Encyclopedia with Price Guide and Makers Index by Bill Mackin, reviewed by Warren W. Caldwell 270

From Pecos to the Powder: A Cowboy's Autobiography by Bob Kennon as told to Ramon F. Adams, reviewed by Bob Ross 270

Rich Grass and Sweet Water: Ranch Life with the Koch Matador Cattle Company by John Lincoln, reviewed by Albert T. Davis III 270

Ojibway Music From Minnesota: Continuity and Change by Thomas Vennum, Jr., reviewed by Kenton Bales 271

The Art of Tom Lea compiled by Kathleen G. Hjerter, reviewed by Brian W. Dippie 272

The Selected Letters of Frederick Manfred, 1932-1954 edited by Arthur R. Huseboe and Nancy Owen Nelson, reviewed by Leslie Whipp 273

An Illustrated History of the Arts in South Dakota by Arthur R. Huseboe, reviewed by Norman A. Geske 274

Colorado: A Summer Trip by Bayard Taylor, reviewed by Kathleen Boardman 275

Son of Old Jules: Memoirs of Jules Sandoz, Jr. by Caroline Sandoz Pifer and Jules Sandoz, Jr., reviewed by Barbara Wright Rippey 276

"The Whorehouse Bells Were Ringing" and Other Songs Cowboys Sing collected and edited by Guy Logsdon, reviewed by Rick Cypert 277

Land of Bright Promise: Advertising the Texas Panhandle and South Plains, 1870- 1917 by Jan Blodgett, reviewed by Douglas Francis 278

Santa Fe: History of an Ancient City edited by David Grant Noble, reviewed by Marvin Kanne 278

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo: A Legacy of Conflict by Richard Griswold del Castillo, reviewed by F. Arturo Rosales 279

Colorado Flora: Eastern Slope by William A. Weber, reviewed by Kelly Kindscher 280

Great Plains Patchwork: A Memoir by Marilyn Coffey, reviewed by Kathleene K. West 280

Calico Chronicle: Texas Women and Their Fashions, 1830-1910 by Betty J. Mills, reviewed by Elizabeth A. Turner 281

Day In, Day Out: Women's Lives in North Dakota edited by Bjorn Benson, Elizabeth Hampsten, and Kathryn Sweney, reviewed by Margrethe Ahlschwede 281

Lizzie: The Letters of Elizabeth Chester Fisk, 1864-1893 edited by Rex C. Myers, reviewed by Paula Petrik 282

Ella Elgar Bird Dumont: An Autobiography of a West Texas Pioneer edited by Tommy J. Boley, reviewed by Rebecca J. Davis 283

Political Bossism in Mid-America: Tom Dennison's Omaha 1900-1933 by Orville D. Menard, reviewed by Frederick M. Spletstoser 283

Siringo by Ben E. Pingenot, reviewed by Clare V. McKanna, Jr. 284

Images of the West: Changing Perceptions of the Prairies, 1690-1960 by R. Douglas Francis, reviewed by Robert Thacker 285

The View from Officers' Row: Army Perceptions of Western Indians by Sherry L. Smith, reviewed by Peter Maslowski 286

Billy the Kid: A Short and Violent Life by Robert M. Utley, reviewed by Bill Christophersen 287

Heaven is Near the Rocky Mountains edited by Hugh A. Dempsey, reviewed by Robin Ridington 288

Beyond the Frontier: Writers, Western Regionalism and a Sense of Place by Harold P. Simonson, reviewed by Barbara L. Imig 289

Colorado Catholicism and the Archdiocese of Denver, 1857-1989 by Thomas J. Noel, reviewed by Denis R. Fournier 290

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