GPQ Volume 15

WINTER 1995 VOL. 15/NO. 1

Some Observations on the Labor Force of the Canadian Ranching Frontier During Its Golden Age, 1882-1901 Simon M. Evans 3

The Front-Gabled Log Cabin and the Role of the Great Plains in the Formation of the Mountain West's Built Landscape Jon T. Kilpinen 19

Small Historic Sites in Kansas: Merging Artifactual Landscapes and Community Values Cathy Ambler 33


Isolation and Masquerade: Willa Cather's Women by Frances W. Kaye, reviewed by Lillian Faderman 49

Willa Cather by Sharon O'Brien reviewed by Lillian Faderman 49

Cather, Canon, and the Politics of Reading by Deborah Carlin, reviewed by Christopher Nealon 52

Preserving the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains by Elaine Freed, reviewed by Amil Quayle 53

A Naturalist in Indian Territory: The Journals of S. W. Woodhouse, 1849-50 edited by John S. Tomer and Michael J. Bordhead, reviewed by David J. Harter 53

Earth and Sky: Visions of the Cosmos in Native American Folklore edited by Ray A. Williamson and Claire E. Farrer, reviewed by Lee Irwin 55

The Persistence of Ethnicity: Dutch Calvinist Pioneers in Amsterdam, Montana by Rob Kroes, reviewed by Frederick C. Luebke 55

Life at Four Corners: Region, Gender, and Education in a German-Lutheran Community, 1868-1945 by Carol K. Coburn, reviewed by Lesley Ann Kawaguchi 57

Schoolwomen of the Prairies and Plains: Personal Narratives from Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska, 1860-1920 by Mary Hurlbut Cordier, reviewed by Sylvia Hunt 58

Kansas: A Pictorial History by Robert W. Richmond, reviewed by Virgil W. Dean 58

"A Funnie Place, No Fences": Teenagers' Views of Kansas, 1867-1900 edited by C. Robert Haywood and Sandra Jarvis, reviewed by Carol Miles Petersen 59

A Funny Bone That Was: Humor Between the Wars edited by David C. Jones, illustrated by Vance Rodewalt, reviewed by Jeremy Wild 59

Main Street in Crisis: The Great Depression and the Old Middle Class on the Northern Plains by Catherine McNicol Stock, reviewed by Thomas D. Isern 60

In the Kingdom of Grass by Margaret A. Mackichan and Bob Ross, reviewed by Bryan L. Jones 61

Homes in the Heartland: Balloon Frame Farmhouses of the Upper Midwest, 1850-1920 by Fred W. Peterson, reviewed by Barry Newton 62

Great Lakes Lumber on the Great Plains: The Laird, Norton Lumber Company in South Dakota by John N. Vogel, foreword by Wayne Franklin, reviewed by John E. Miller 62

Ace of Hearts: The Westerns of Zane Grey by Arthur G. Kimball, reviewed by Alan Wilkinson 63

North American Cattle Ranching Frontiers: Origins, Diffusion, and Differentiation by Terry G. Jordan, reviewed by Brad A. Bays 64

Ogallala: Water for a Dry Land: A Historical Study in the Possibilities for American Sustainable Agriculture by John Opie, reviewed by James E. Sherow 66

NEBRASKAland Magazine's The Cellars of Time: Paleontology and Archaeology in Nebraska reviewed by Luann Wandsnider 67

Whiskey Peddler: Johnny Healy, North Frontier Trader by William R. Hunt, reviewed by Paul F. Sharp 68

Then to the Rock Let Me Fly: Luther Bohanon and Judicial Activism by Jace Weaver, reviewed by Gordon Morris Bakken 68

Prairie Populism: The Fate of Agrarian Radicalism in Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa, 1880-1892 by Jeffrey Ostler, reviewed by Christina L. Wolak 69

Wagon Wheel Kitchens: Food on the Oregon Trail by Jacqueline Williams, foreword by Sam'l P. Arnold, reviewed by Roger Welsch 70

Flat Water: A History of Nebraska and Its Water edited by Robert Kuzelka, Charles Flowerday, Robert Manley, Brakley Rundquist, and Sally Herrin, reviewed by James E. Sherow 71

Alberta's Petroleum Industry and the Conservation Board by David H. Breen, reviewed by Mary L. McRoberts 72

A Vast Amount of Trouble: A History of the Spring Creek Raid by John W. Davis, reviewed by David A. Wolfe 72

Revolt of the Provinces: The Regionalist Movement in America, 1920-1945 by Robert L. Dorman, reviewed by C. Elizabeth Raymond 73

Standing on New Ground: Women in Alberta edited by Catheine A. Cavanaugh and Randi R. Warne, reviewed by Anita Clair Fellman 74

The Most Promising Young Officer: A Life of Ranald Slidell Mackenzie by Michael D. Pierce, reviewed by Michael L. Tate 75


SPRING 1995 VOL. 15/NO. 2

"Same Horse, New Wagon": Tradition and Assimilation Among the Jews of Wichita Hal Rothman 83

Breaking the Silence: Hymns and Folk Songs in O.E. Rølvaag's Immigrant Trilogy Philip R. Coleman-Hull 105

Sense of Place in the Prairie Environment: Settlement and Ecology in Rural Geary County, Kansas Nina Veregge 117

Hunt, Capture, Raise, Increase: The People Who Saved the Bison Ken Zontek 133


The Cowboy: Representations of Labor in an American Work Culture by Blake Allmendinger, reviewed by Matt Hokom 150

Soils in Archaeology: Landscape Evolution and Human Occupation edited by Vance T. Holliday, reviewed by William C. Johnson 150

The Loner: Three Sketches of the Personal Life and Ideas of R. B Bennett, 1870-1947 by P.B. Waite, reviewed by Dale Jacobs 152

The Sioux and Other Native American Cultures of the Dakotas: An Annotated Bibliography compiled by Herbert T. Hoover and Karen P. Zimmerman, reviewed by Steve Potts 152

The Orphan Trains: Placing Out in America by Marilyn Irvin Holt, reviewed by Fred Erisman 153

The End of American Exceptionalism: Frontier Anxiety from the Old West to the New Deal by David M. Wrobel, reviewed by Kathleen A. Boardman 154

Owning Western History: A Guide to Collecting Rare Documents, Historical Letters,and Valuable Photographs from the Old West by Warren B. Anderson, reviewed by Warren W. Caldwell 155

Chasing Rainbows: A Recollection of the Great Plains, 1921-1975 by Gladys Leffler Gist, edited by James Marten, reviewed by Deborah Fink 155


SUMMER 1995 VOL. 15/NO. 3

Grasslands: An Introduction Kathleen H. Keeler 163

Bluestem and Tussock: Fire and Pastoralism in the Flint Hills of Kansas and the Tussock Grasslands of New Zealand James F. Hoy and Thomas D. Isern 169

Not So Plain: Art of the American Prairies Joni L. Kinsey 185


The Wealth of Nature: Environmental History and the Ecological Imagination by Donald Worster, reviewed by Andrew C. Isenberg 201

The Prairie in Nineteenth-Century American Poetry by Steven Olson, reviewed by Mark Kamrath 202

A Guide to Kansas Mushrooms by Bruce Horn, Richard Day, and Dean Abel, reviewed by Wendell Gauger 202

Into the Wilderness Dreams: Exploration Narratives of the American West, 1500-1805 edited by Donald A. Barclay, James H. Maquire, and Peter Wild, reviewed by William J. Scheick 203

What This Awl Means: Feminist Archaeology at a Wahpeton Dakota Village by Janet F. Spector, reviewed by Jennifer S.H. Brown 204

Yanktonai Sioux Water Colors: Cultural Remembrances of John Saul by Martin Brokenleg, reviewed by Mary Jane Schneider 205

The Flag in American Indian Art by Toby Herbst and Joel Kopp, reviewed by Russel Lawrence Barsh 206

Buckeye Blake: Art on the Western Front by Sarah E. Boehme, reviewed by Martha H. Kennedy 207

Painting Texas History to 1900 by Sam DeShong Ratcliffe, reviewed by Pamela Walker 208

The Northern Pacific Railroad and the Selling of the West: A Nineteenth-Century Public Relations Venture by Sig Mickelson, reviewed by William L. Lang 208

They Called It Prairie Light: The Story of Chilocco Indian School by K. Tsianina Lomawaima, reviewed by Matthew L. Jones 209

Birger Sanden: An Illustrated Biography by Emory Lindquist, foreword by Willian H. Gerdts, reviewed by Ann Davis 210

Pioneer Woman Educator: The Progressive Spirit of Annie Webb Blanton by Debbie Mauldin, reviewed by Claudine Barnes 211

Archaeology, History, and Custer's Last Battle by Richard Allan Fox, Jr., foreword by W. Raymond Wood, reviewed by Vergil E. Noble 212

A Generation of Boomers: The Pattern of Railroad Labor Conflict in Nineteenth-Century America by Sheldon Stromquist, reviewed by James W. Ely, Jr. 212

A Reader's Companion to the Fiction of Willa Cather by John March, edited by Marilyn Arnold with Debra Lynn Thornton, reviewed by Kari Ronning 213

American Indian Law Deskbook edited by Julie Wrend and Clay Smith, reviewed by John R. Wunder 214

The Political Economy of North American Indians edited by John H. Moore, reviewed by Larry Burt 215

Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little Town: Where History and Literature Meet by John E. Miller, reviewed by William Holtz 216

Indian Water in the New West edited by Thomas R. McGuire, William B. Lord, and Mary G. Wallace, reviewed by Lawrence C. Kelly 217

Singing an Indian Song: A Biography of D'Arcy McNickle by Dorothy R. Parker, reviewed by Robert F. Gish 218


FALL 1995 VOL. 15/NO. 4

The Progressive Context of the Nebraska Capitol: The Collaboration of Goodhue and Tack Frederick C. Luebke 227

The 1992 Secession Movement in Southwest Kansas Peter J. McCormick 247

Bison Ecology Brulè and Yankton Winter Hunting and the Starving Winter of 1832-33 Richmond Clow 259


An Unspeakable Sadness: The Dispossession of the Nebraska Indians by David J. Wishart, reviewed by Francis Paul Prucha 271

The Lance and the Shield: The Life and Times of Sitting Bull by Robert M. Utley, reviewed by Roger L. Nichols 272

Following the Indian Wars: The Story of the Newspaper Correspondents among the Indian Campaigners by Oliver Knight, foreword by Sherry L. Smith, reviewed by Todd Kerstetter 272

On Turner's Trail: 100 Years of Writing Western History by Wilbur R. Jacobs, reviewed by Mary Young 273

The Life and Legacy of Annie Oakley by Glenda Riley, reviewed by Donald Arthur Clark 274

Redefining the American Dream by Sally Peltier Harvey, reviewed by Evelyn I. Funda 275

Where the Sky Began: Land of the Tallgrass Prairie by John Madson, reviewed by Mikko Saikku 276

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