GPQ Volume 16

WINTER 1996 VOL. 16/NO. 1

Mari Sandoz, Nebraska Sandhills Author: A Centennial Recognition

An Introduction Barbara Rippey and John R. Wunder 3

"She Does Not Write Like a Historian": Mari Sandoz and the Old and New Western History Betsy Downey 9

Mari Sandoz's Slogum House: Greed as Woman Glenda Riley 29

Recasting Epic Tradition: The Dispossessed as Hero in Sandoz's Crazy Horse and Cheyenne Autumn Lisa R. Lindell 43

Mari Sandoz's Portrait of an Artists's Youth: Robert Henri's Nebraska Years Helen Winter Stauffer 54


Prairie University: A History of the University of Nebraska by Robert E. Knoll, reviewed by Paul F. Sharp 67

Rooted in the Dust: Surviving Drought and Depression in Southwestern Kansas by Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, reviewed by Thomas R. Wessel 68

Dry Farming in the Northern Great Plains: Years of Readjustment, 1920-1990 by Mary W. M. Hargreaves, reviewed by David C. Jones 68

Lakol Wokiksuye: La Mémorie Visuel des Lakota by Helga Lomosits and Paul Harbaugh, reviewed by Olive Patricia Dickason 69

A Dose of Frontier Soldiering: The Memoirs of Corporal E. A. Bode, Frontier Regular Infantry, 1877-1882 edited by Thomas T. Smith, reviewed by Markku Henriksson 70

Elizabeth Bacon Custer and the Making of a Myth by Shirley A. Leckie, reviewed by Kimberly Jensen 71

Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock: Treaty Rights and Indian Law at the End of the Nineteenth Century by Blue Clark, reviewed by Ramona Skinner 71

We Are a People in This World: The Lakota Sioux and the Massacre at Wounded Knee by Conger Beasley, Jr., reviewed by Joe Starita 72

Cowgirls of the Rodeo: Professional Athletes by Mary Lou LeCompte, reviewed by Joan Wells 73

Cowboys and Kansas: Stories from the Tallgrass Prairie by Jim Hoy, reviewed by Timo Heiskanen 74

"That Man Partridge": E. A. Partridge, His Thoughts and Times by Murray Knuttila, reviewed by Mary Higginbotham 74

The Metropolitan Frontier: Cities in the Modern West by Carl Abbott, reviewed by Robert B. Fairbanks 75

Dangerous Passage: The Santa Fe Trail and the Mexican War by William Y. Chalfant, reviewed by Duane A. Smith 76

Looking for History on Highway 14 by John E. Miller, reviewed by Mark Ellis 76

Roadside History of South Dakota by Linda Hasselstrom, reviewed by Chuck Vollan 77


SPRING 1996 VOL. 16/NO. 2

African Americans and the Great Plains: An Introduction Keith D. Parker 83

The Great Plains Sit-In Movement, 1958-60 Ronald Walters 85

Prelude to Brownsville: The Twenty-Fifth Infantry at Fort Niobrara, Nebraska, 1902-06 Thomas R. Buecker 95

Frompin' in the Great Plains: Listening and Dancing to the Jazz Orchestras of Alphonso Trent, 1925-44 Marc Rice 107

"With One Mighty Pull": Interracial Town Boosting in Nicodemus, Kansas Claire O'Brien 117


Talking Up a Storm: Voices of the New West by Gregory L. Morris, reviewed by Gerald Shapiro 131

Girl on a Pony by La Verne Hanners, reviewed by Sharon Butala 132

Tough Daisies: Kansas Humor from "The Lane County Bachelor" to Bob Dole by C. Robert Haywood, reviewed by William Kloefkorn 132

Faded Dreams: More Ghost Towns of Kansas by Daniel C. Fitzgerald, reviewed by James R. Shortridge 133

Indians and the American West in the Twentieth Century by Donald L. Parman, reviewed by Leonard R. Bruguier 134

Rachel Calof's Story: Jewish Homesteader on the Northern Plains by Rachel Calof, edited by J. Sanford Rikoon, reviewed by H. Elaine Lindgren 135

Catch Rope: The Long Arm of the Cowboy: The History and Evolution of Ranch Roping by John R. Erickson, reviewed by Michael C. Coleman 136


SUMMER 1996 VOL. 16/NO. 3

Sacramental Language: Ritual in the Poetry of Louise Erdrich P. Jane Hafen 147

The Frontier Medical Community of Leavenworth, Kansas Charles R. King 157

William McKinley Holt and the Indian Claims Commission Francis Moul 169

The Missouri River Basin on the 1795 Soulard Map: A Cartographic Landmark W. Raymond Wood 183


Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West by Stephan E. Ambrose. Reviewed by John L. Allen, Clara Sue Kidwell, and Donald Worster 199


The Way to the West: Essays on the Central Plains by Elliot West, reviewed by A. Yvette Huginnie 207

The Amazing Death of Calf Shirt and Other Blackfoot Stories by Hugh A. Dempsey, reviewed by Gregory R. Campbell 208

Stephen Long and American Frontier Exploration by Roger L. Nichols and Patrick L. Halley, reviewed by Seppo Tamminen 209

Father Peter John DeSmet: Jesuit in the West by Robert C. Carriker, reviewed by Robert H. Keller 210

Go West Young Man! Horace Greeley's Vision for America by Coy Cross II, reviewed by Michael Allen 211

Education for Extinction: American Indians and the Boarding School Experience, 1875-1928 by David Wallace Adams, reviewed by Rebecca Dobkins 212

The Limits of Agrarian Radicalism: Western Populism and American Politics by Peter H. Argersinger, reviewed by David F. Prindle 213

Linoleum, Better Babies, and the Modern Farm Woman, 1890-1930 by Marilyn Irvin Holt, reviewed by Pamela Riney-Kehrberg 213

Black Elk's Religion: The Sun Dance and Lakota Catholicism by Clyde Holler, reviewed by John R. Schneider 214

Willa Cather's Transforming Vision: New France and the American Northeast by Gary Brienzo, reviewed by Richard Nielsen 215

O Little Town: Remembering Life in a Prairie Village by Harlo L. Jones, reviewed by Sharon Butala 216

Critical Spaces: Margaret Laurence and Janet Frame by Lorna M. Irvine, reviewed by Robert L. Ross 217

An Indian in White America by Mark Monroe, edited by Carolyn Reyer, reviewed by David Murray 217

Vision Quest: Men, Women and Sacred Sites of the Sioux Nation photographs by Don Doll, S.J., introduction by Vine Deloria, Jr., reviewed by John E. Carter 218

Soul in the Stone: Cemetery Art from America's Heartland by John Gary Brown, reviewed by Robert Duncan 219


FALL 1996 VOL. 16/NO. 4

The Left and Labor on the Plains: An Introduction Frances W. Kaye 227

Workers, Unions, and Historians on the Northern Plains William C. Pratt 229

"Who's Going to Dance with Somebody Who Calls You a Mainstreeter": Communism, Culture and Community in Sheridan County, Montana, 1918-1934 Gerald Zahavi 251


The Way West: Episode I, Westward, the Course of Empire Takes Its Way, 1845-1864; Episode II, The Approach of Civilization, 1865-1869; Episode III, The War for the Black Hills, 1870-1876; Episode IV, Ghost Dance, 1877-1893 by Ric Burns. Reviewed by Martin Blythe, Mia Graeffe, Sanna Heinsalo, Ossi Heinanen, Ari Helo, Kari Hirvinen, Piia Kivinimemi, Vello Ruus, John Wright, and John R. Wunder 287


Along Ancient Trails: The Mallet Expedition of 1739 by Donald J. Blakeslee, reviewed by James P. Ronda. 291

Nebraska: An Illustrated History by Frederick C. Luebke, reviewed by Michael W. Schyler. 292

INDEX, 294