GPQ Volume 18

WINTER 1998 VOL. 18/NO. 1

The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, the New Deal, and the Ropesville Resettlement Project William Clayson 3

The Great Depression: Two Kansas Diaries C. Robert Haywood 23

Humanitarians on the Frontier: Examples From Northeastern Logan County, Oklahoma Territory Leslie Hewes 39


Writings in Indian History, 1985-1990 compiled by Jay Miller, Colin G. Calloway, and Richard A. Sattler, reviewed by Joseph B. Herring 47

Our Hearts Fell to the Ground: Plains Indian Views of How the West Was Lost edited with an introduction by Colin G. Calloway 48

The Oglala People, 1841-1879: A Political History by Catherine Price, reviewed by Matthew G. Hannah 48

Now the Wolf Has Come: The Creek Nation in the Civil War by Christine Schultz White and Benton R. White, reviewed by Rebecca Bales 49

Custer and the Cheyennes: George Armstrong Custer's Winter Campaign on the Southern Plains by Louis Kraft, reviewed by Jay H. Buckley 50

To Change Them Forever: Indian Education at the Rainy Mountain Boarding School, 1893-1920 by Clyde Ellis, reviewed by David W. Adams 51

No End of Grief: Indian Residential Schools in Canada by Agnes Grant, reviewed by Celia Haig-Brown 52

Indian Territory and the United States, 1866-1906: Courts, Government, and the Movement for Oklahoma Statehood by Jeffrey Burton, reviewed by Raymond Wilson 53

Wild West Shows and the Images of Native American Indians, 1883-1933 by L. G. Moses, reviewed by Timothy Troy 54

Lost Bird of Wounded Knee: Spirit of the Lakota by Renée Sansom Flood, reviewed by Joe Starita 54

Native Americans in the News: Images of Indians in the Twentieth Century Press by Mary Ann Weston, reviewed by Gary Garrison 55

Chief Red Fox is Dead: A History of Native Americans Since 1945 by James J. Rawls, reviewed by James H. Cox 56

Dancing on Common Ground: Tribal Cultures and Alliances on the Southern Plains by Howard Meredith, reviewed by Victoria Lindsay Levine 57

Reuben Snake, Your Humble Serpent: Indian Visionary and Activist by Jay Fikes, as told to by Reuben Snake, reviewed by Paul A. Olson 58

Wounded Knee II by Rolland Dewing, reviewed by Todd Kerstetter 59

The Myth of the West: America as the Last Empire by Jan Willen Schulte Norholdt and Herbert H. Rowen, trans., reviewed by Sheila Ruzycki O'Brien 60

The Buffalo Hunters by Charles M. Robinson III, reviewed by Ken Zontek 60

American Politics in the Gilded Age, 1868-1900 by Robert W. Cherny, reviewed by Jeffrey Ostler 61

Settling the Candian-American West, 1890-1915: Pioneer Adaptation and Community Building by John W. Bennett and Seena B. Kohl, reviewed by Catherine Cavanaugh 62

Views from Fort Battleford: Constructed Visions of an Anglo-Canadian West by Walter Hildebrandt, reviewed by J. R. Miller 63

Town Life: Main Street and the Evolution of Small Town Alberta, 1880-1947 by Donald G. Wetherell and Irene R.A. Kmet, reviewed by David H. Breen 64

Wild Bill Hickok: The Man and His Myth by Joseph G. Rosa, reviewed by Thomas Dunlay 65

U.S.-Mexico Borderlands: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives edited by Oscar J. Martinez, reviewed by Robert R. Alvarez 66

Cherokee Outlet Cowboy: Recollections of Laban S. Records by Laban S. Records, edited by Ellen Jayne Maris Wheeler, reviewed by John R. Wunder 66

The Hog Ranches of Wyoming: Liquor, Lust, and Lies Under Sagebrush Skies by Larry K. Brown, reviewed by Rebecca Howard 67

Roadside History of Wyoming by Candy Moulton, reviewed by Duane A. Smith 68

Ghost Settlement on the Prairie: A Biography of Thurman, Kansas by Joseph V. Hickey, reviewed by James R. Shortridge 69

Home on the Range: A Century on the High Plains by James R. Dickenson, reviewed by Dennis C. Williams 69

Sod and Stubble: The Unabridged and Annotated Edition by John Ise, reviewed by Craig Miner 70

Hired Hands: Labour and the Development of Prairie Agriculture, 1880-1930 by Cecilia Danysk, reviewed by Joe Cherwinsk. 71

The Prairie Winnows Out Its Own: The West River Country of South Dakota in the Years of Depression and Dust by Paula M. Nelson, reviewed by Jean Choate 72

A Hundred Years of Heroes: A History of the Southwestern Exposition and Lifestock Show by Clay Reynolds with Marie-Madeleine Schein, reviewed Mark Busby 73

The Ranch: A Modern History of the North American Cattle Industry by Sherm Ewing, reviewed by James Hoy 74

New Westers: The West in Contemporary American Culture by Michael L. Johnson, reviewed by Charles E. Rankin 75

The Frederick Remington Studio by Peter H. Hassrick, reviewed by Alexander Nemerov 75

Prayer to the Great Mystery: The Uncollected Writings and Photography of Edward S. Curtis text by Gerald Hausman, photographs edited by Bob Kapoun, reviewed by Margaret A. MacKichan 77

Living Landscapes of Kansas text by O. J. Reichman, photographs by Steve Mulligan, reviewed by Robert Duncan 77

The Prairie Schoolhouse by John Martin Campbell, reviewed by Sally Stoddard 78

Fort Worth's Legendary Landmarks by Carol Roark, photographs by Byrd Williams, reviewed by James Wright Steely 79

A Guide to Kansas Architecture by David H. Sachs and George Ehrlich, reviewed by Robert I. Duncan 80

Native American Perspectives on Literature and History edited by Alan R. Velie, reviewed by P. Jane Hafen 81

Our Landlady by L. Frank Baum edited and annotated by Nancy Tystad Koupal, reviewed by John E. Miller 81

Willa Cather and the Myth of American Migration by Joseph Urgo, reviewed by Becky Faber 82

Ella Deloria's Iron Hawk by Julian Rice, reviewed by Kelly Morgan 83

Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit: Essays on Native American Life Today by Leslie Marmon Silko, reviewed by Alanna Kathleen Brown 84

Larry McMurtry and the West: An Ambivalent Relationship by Mark Busby, reviewed by Clay Reynolds 85


SPRING 1998 VOL. 18/NO. 2

Literature of the Great Plains: An Introduction Frances W. Kaye 100

A Cultural Duet: Zikala Ša and The Sun Dance Opera P. Jane Hafen 102

Women Writing About Farm Women Becky Faber 113

Gendered Landscapes: Synergism of Place and Person in Canadian Prairie Drama Anne F. Nothof 127

The Corporate Farming Debate in the Post-World War II Midwest Jon Lauck 139


Harvest Songs and Elegiac Notes by Linda Ray Pratt. A review of Better Red: The Writing and Resistance of Tillie Olsen and Meridel Le Sueur by Constance Coiner and Three Radical Women Writers: Class and Gender in Meridel Le Sueur, Tillie Olsen, and Josephine Herbst by Nora Ruth Roberts 155


The Frontiers of Women's Writing: Women's Narratives and the Rhetoric of Westward Expansion by Brigitte Georgi-Findlay, reviewed by Karen Morin 160

Why I Can't Read Wallace Stegner and Other Essays: A Tribal Voice by Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, reviewed by Sharon Butala 161

A Cowboy Writer in New Mexico: The Memoirs of John L. Sinclair by John Sinclair, reviewed by Ben E. Pingenot 162

Field of Vision by Lisa Knopp, reviewed by Donald B. Cunningham 163

Hawk Flies Above: Journey to the Heart of the Sandhills by Lisa Dale Norton, reviewed by Brenda Doxtator 163

Plain Pictures: Images of the American Prairie by Joni L. Kinsey, reviewed by Joan Carpenter Troccoli 164

Charles M. Russell: The Life and Legend of America's Cowboy Artist by John Taliaferro, reviewed by Elizabeth A. Dear 165

Frederic Remington and Turn-of-the-Century America by Alexander Nemerov, reviewed by H. W. Brands 166

Visions and Voices: Native American Painting from the Philbrook Museum of Art by Lydia L. Wyckoff, reviewed by Janet Catherine Berlo 167

Portraits of Community: African American Photography in Texas by Alan Govenar, reviewed by Melissa Rachleff 167

Women and Warriors of the Plains: The Pioneer Photographs of Julia E. Tuell by Dan Aadland, reviewed by Richard Pearce-Moses 169

Bust to Boom: Documentary Photographs of Kansas, 1936-1949 by Constance B. Schulz, reviewed by Drake Hokanson 170

High Plains Farm by Paula Chamlee, reviewed by Bill Ganzel 170

People of the Great Plains by Peter Miller, reviewed by Gregory L. Morris 171

The Real West by Patricia Nelson Limerick, reviewed by Robert Hower. 172

Goff on Goff: Conversations and Lectures by Phillip B. Welch, reviewed by Carl Matthews 173

Garth Brooks: The Road out of Santa Fe by Matt O'Meilia, reviewed by Kent Blaser 173

Son of Two Bloods by Vincent L. Mendoza, reviewed by Domino Renee Perez 174

Farm Boys: Lives of Gay Men from the Rural Midwest by Will Fellows, reviewed by John Gilgun. 175

Out Our Way: Gay and Lesbian Life in the Country by Michael Riordon, reviewed by Ian C. Nelson 176

The Fatal Confrontation: Historical Studies of American Indians, Environment, and Historians by Wilbur Jacobs, reviewed by Patrick Goines 177

American Frontiers: Cultural Encounters and Continental Conquest by Gregory H. Nobles, reviewed by Kirk Bane 178

Indian Depredation Claims, 1796-1920 by Larry C. Skogen, reviewed by Roger L. Hichols 178

White Man's Wicked Water: The Alcohol Trade and Prohibition in Indian Country,1802-1892 by William E. Unrau, reviewed by Maril Hazlett 179

Ritual Ground: Bent's Old Fort, World Formation, and the Annexation of the Southeast by Douglas C. Comer, reviewed by Leo E. Oliva. 180

The Making of Sacajawea: A Euro-American Legend by Donna J. Kessler, reviewed by Gary E. Moulton 181

The Texas Military Experience: From the Texas Revolution through World War II by Joseph Dawson III, reviewed by Charles Kenner 182

Texas Wanderlust: The Adventures of Dutch Wurzbach by Douglas V. Meed, reviewed by Cary D. Wintz 182

The Fort That Became a City: An Illustrated Reconstruction of Fort Worth by Richard F. Selcer, reviewed by Robert Duncan 183

Till Freedom Cried Out: Memories of Texas Slave Life by T. Lindsay Baker and Julie P. Baker, reviewed by Barry A. Crouch 184

Winter Quarters: The 1846-1848 Life Writings of Mary Haskin Parker Richards by Maurine Carr Ward, reviewed by Martha Peterson Taysom 184

The Mormon Trail: Yesterday and Today by William E. Hill, reviewed by James B. Allen 185

Same-Sex Dynamics among Nineteenth-Century Americans: A Mormon Example by D. Michael Quinn, reviewed by H. Wayne Schow 186

Water, Land, and Law in the West: The Limits of Public Policy, 1850-1920 by Donald J. Pisani, reviewed by Robert Irvine 187

Uncommon Common Women: Ordinary Lives of the West by Anne M. Butler and Ona Siporin, reviewed by Gaynell Gavin 188

Contented among Strangers: Rural German-Speaking Women and Their Families in the Nineteenth-Century Midwest by Linda Schelbitzki Pickle, reviewed by Royden Loewen 189

Homeland to Hinterland: The Changing Worlds of the Red River Metis in the Nineteenth Century by Gerhard J. Ens, reviewed by D. N. Sprague 190

Kit Carson: Indian Fighter or Indian Killer? by R. C. Gordon-McCutchan, reviewed by Robert S. McPherson 191

The Black Hills Journals of Colonel Richard Irving Dodge by Wayne R. Kime, reviewed by Paul L. Hedren 192

The Dust Rose Like Smoke: The Subjugation of the Zulu and the Sioux by James O. Gump, reviewed by Learthern Dorsey 193

After Wounded Knee: Correspondence of Major and Surgeon John Vance Lauderdale while Serving with the Army Occupying the Pine Ridge Reservation, 1890-1891 by Jerry Green, reviewed by Michael D. Berndt 193

Mexicans in the Midwest, 1900-1932 by Juan R. Garcia, reviewed by Ralph Grajeda 194

Shingwauk's Vision: A History of Native Residential Schools by J. R. Miller, reviewed by Jennifer Pettit 195

Desegregating Texas Schools: Eisenhower, Shivers, and the Crisis at Mansfield High by Robyn Duff Ladino, reviewed by William H. Wilson 196

Myths and Traditions of the Arikara Indians by Douglas R. Parks, reviewed by Tressa Berman 196

One Nation Under God: The Triumph of the Native American Church by Huston Smith and Rueben Snake, reviewed by Christopher Vecsey 197

Killing the White Man's Indian: Reinventing Native Americans at the End of the Twentieth Century by Fergus M. Bordewich, reviewed by Tom Holm 198

All Over the Map: Rethinking American Regions by Edward L. Ayers, Patricia Nelson Limerick, Stephen Nissenbaum, and Peter S. Onuf, reviewed by Thomas D. Isern 199

Bring Back the Buffalo!: A Sustainable Future for America's Great Plains by Ernest Callenbach, reviewed by Ken Zontek 200


SUMMER 1998 VOL. 18/NO. 3

Framing the Tourist Gaze: Railway Journeys Across Nebraska, 1866-1906 Jean P. Retzinger 213

Feature Folio: Images of Great Plains Train Travel 227

Trains Through the Plains: The Great Plains Landscape of Victorian Women Travelers Karen Morin 235

Financing the Paliser Triangle, 1908-1913 John Feldberg and Warren M. Elofson 257


Wallace Stegner: His Life and Works by Jackson J. Benson, reviewed by Robert Thacker 269

Cather Studies, Vol. 3 edited by Susan J. Rosowski, reviewed by Patrick W. Shaw 270

Native American Verbal Art by William M. Clements, reviewed by Linda Lizut Herstern 270

Beyond Bounds: Cross-Cultural Essays on Anglo, American Indian, and Chicano Literature by Robert Franklin Gish, reviewed by Ricardo L. Garcia 271

Leaning into the Wind: Women Write from the Heart of the West by Linda Hasselstrom, et al., eds., reviewed by Tisha Gilreath Mullen 272

Writing the Range: Race, Class, and Culture in the Women's West by Elizabeth Jameson and Susan Armitage, reviewed by Angel Kwolek-Folland 273

"And Prairie Dogs Weren't Kosher": Jewish Women in the Upper Midwest Since 1855 by Linda Mack Schloff, reviewed by H. Elaine Lindgren 273

The Culture of Wilderness: Agriculture as Colonization in the American West by Frieda Knobloch, reviewed by Emily Greenwald 274

Native American Law and Colonialism, Before 1776 to 1903. Volume 1 of Native Americans and the Law edited by John R. Wunder, reviewed by William T. Hagan 275

Constitutionalism and Native Americans, 1903-1968. Volume 2 of Native Americans and the Law edited by John R. Wunder, reviewed by Jill Norgren 276

The Indian Bill of Rights, 1968. Volume 3 of Native Americans and the Law edited by John R. Wunder, reviewed by David E. Wilkins (Lumbee) 277

Plains Indian History and Culture by John C. Ewers, reviewed by Herbert T. Hoover 278

A New Significance:Re-envisioning the History of the American West edited by Clyde A. Milner II, reviewed by John R. Wunder 278

The Caddos, the Wichitas, and the United States by F. Todd Smith, reviewed by Elizabeth A. H. John 279

Legacy: New Perspectives on the Battle of the Little Bighorn edited by Charles E. Rankin, reviewed by Gregory J. W. Urwin 280

The True Spirit and Original Intent of Treaty 7 by Treaty 7 Elders et al., reviewed by David Reed Miller 281

Standing in the Light: A Lakota Way of Seeing by Severt Young Bear and R. D. Theisz, reviewed by Kelly J. Morgan 282

From Our Eyes: Learning from Indigenous Peoples edited by Sylvia O'Meara and Douglas A. West, reviewed by Pete Hudson 283

Empire Builder in the Texas Panhandle: William Henry Bush by Paul H. Carlson, reviewed by Ben E. Pingenot 283


FALL 1998 VOL. 18/NO. 4

Carnival and Ceremony at Wright Morris's Lone Tree Hotel Reginald Dyck 293

Giants on the Plains: Grain Elevators and the Making of Enid, Oklahoma Blake Gumprecht 305

Sexuality, Gender, and Identity in Great Plains History and Myth Peter Boag 327


Sixty Miles to Contentment: Traveling the Nineteenth-Century American Interior by M. H. Dunlop, reviewed by Jon Lauck 341

Journal of an Expedition to the Grand Prairies of the Missouri 1840 by William Fairholme; Jack B. Tykal, ed., reviewed by Jay H. Buckley 342

For God and Mammon: Evangelicals and Entrepeneurs, Masters and Slaves in Territorial Kansas, 1884-1860 by Gunja SenGupta, reviewed by Peter Knupfer 342

The Devil Knows How to Ride: The True Story of Willliam Clarke Quantrill and His Confederate Raiders by Edward E. Leslie, reviewed by James E. Sherow 343

The WPA Oklahoma Slave Narratives edited by T. Lindsay Baker and Julie P. Baker, reviewed by Angelo Costanzo 344

My Remembers: A Black Sharecropper's Recollections of the Depression by Eddie Stimpson Jr., reviewed by Alwyn Bar. 345

Black Valor: Buffalo Soldiers and the Medal of Honor by Frank N. Schubert, reviewed by Cornel Pewewardy 346

Cheyennes at Dark Water Creek by William Y. Chalfant, reviewed by James Briscoe 347

Cheyenne Dog Soldiers by Jean Afton, David Fridtjof Halaas, Andrew E. Masich, with Richard N. Ellis, reviewed by James Briscoe 348

Homicide, Race, and Justice in the American West, 1880-1920 by Clare V. McKanna Jr., reviewed by Lawrence H. Larsen 348

Dutch Farmer in the Missouri Valley by Brian W. Beltman, reviewed by Royden Loewen 349

Alias Frank Canton by Robert K. DeArment, reviewed by Phil Roberts 350

Texas Oil, American Dreams:A Study of the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association by Lawrence Goodwyn, reviewed by George N. Green 351

Unionizing the Jungles: Labor and Community in the Twentieth-Century Meatpacking Industry edited by Sheldon Stromquist and Marvin Bergman, reviewed by Laura Lacasa 352

Building South Dakota by David Erpestad and David Wood, reviewed by Elaine Freed 353

Re-Imagining the Modern American West by Richard W. Etulain, reviewed by Stacey Short 354

Rooted in the Land: Essays on Community and Place edited by William Vitek and Wes Jackson, reviewed by Tisha Gilreath Mullen 355

Women of the First Nations edited by Christine Miller and Patricia Chuchryk, et al., reviewed by Jo-Ann Archibald 355

Like a Hurricane: The Indian Movement from Alcatraz to Wounded Knee by Paul Chaat Smith and Robert Allen Warrior, reviewed by Akim D. Reinhardt 356

A Force upon the Plain: The American Militia Movement and the Politics of Hate by Kenneth S. Stern, reviewed by Catherine McNicol Stock 357

INDEX, 361