GPQ Volume 26

WINTER 2006 VOL. 26/NO. 1

German Heritage and Culture in Louise Erdrich’s The Master Butchers Singing Club Thomas Austenfeld 3

    Key Words: Louise Erdrich, German immigrants, North Dakota, poetry

“These is My Words” . . . Or Are They? Constructing Western Women’s Lives in Two Contemporary Novels Jennifer Dawes Adkison 13

    Key Words: authenticity, contemporary literature, Gloss, Turner, western, women

Migration Out of 1930s Rural Eastern Oklahoma: Insights for Climate Change Research Robert McLeman 27

    Key Words: climate change, drought, Dust Bowl, Great Depression, migration


Charles M. Russell: The Storyteller’s Art by Raphael James Cristy, reviewed by Jim Hoy 41

Writing Out of Place: Regionalism, Women, and American Literary Culture by Judith Fetterley and Marjorie Pryse, reviewed by Kathleen Boardman 42

Alien Heart: The Life and Work of Margaret Laurence by Lyall Powers, reviewed by Frances W. Kaye 43

Myself and Strangers: A Memoir of Apprenticeship by John Graves, reviewed by Mark Busby 44

Conversations with Texas Writers by Frances Leonard and Ramona Cearley, eds., reviewed by Don B. Graham 45

The Poetry Home Repair Manual: Practical Advice for Beginning Poets by Ted Kooser, reviewed by Judith Sornberger 46

Treasures of Gilcrease: Selections from the Permanent Collection by Anne Morand, Kevin Smith, Daniel C. Swan, and Sarah Erwin, reviewed by Janet Catherine Berlo 47

The Garden of Art: Vic Cicansky, Sculptor by Don Kerr, reviewed by Ruth Chambers 48

Horizons West: Directing the Western from John Ford to Clint Eastwood by Jim Kitses, reviewed by Joanna Hearne 49

Arts of Diplomacy: Lewis and Clark’s Indian Collection by Castle McLaughlin, et al., photographs by Hillel S. Burger, reviewed by Mary Jane Schneider 50

Encyclopedia of the Lewis and Clark Expedition by Elin Woodger and Brandon Toropov, reviewed by Stephen S. Witte 51

The Oregon Trail: An American Saga by David Dary, reviewed by Howard Jablon 51

The Making of a Lynching Culture: Violence and Vigilantism in Central Texas, 1836-1916 by William D. Carrigan, reviewed by Alwyn Barr 52

The Railroad and the State: War, Politics, and Technology in Nineteenth-Century America by Robert G. Angevine, reviewed by James A. Ward 53

Finding Sand Creek: History, Archeology, and the 1864 Massacre Site by Jerome A. Greene and Douglas D. Scott, reviewed by Lincoln Faller 53

Halfbreed: The Remarkable True Story of George Bent–Caught Between the Worlds of the Indian and the White Man by David Fridtjog Halaas and Andrew E. Masich, reviewed by Lincoln Faller 55

Standing Bear Is a Person; The True Story of a Native American’s Quest for Justice by Stephen Dando-Collins, reviewed by Kyle C. Wyatt 56

The Bar U and Canadian Ranching History by Simon M. Evans, reviewed by A.A. Den Otter 57

Indians in Unexpected Places by Philip J. Deloria, reviewed by William Bauer 58

Viet Cong at Wounded Knee: The Trail of a Blackfeet Activist by Woody Kipp, reviewed by Tom Holm 59

SPRING 2006 VOL. 26 / NO. 2

Alexandre Hogue’s Passion: Ecology and Agribusiness in “The Crucified Land” Mark Andrew White 67

    Key Words: agribusiness, Frederic Clements, ecology, Alexandre Hogue, Pare Lorentz, John Steinbeck

In the Footsteps of the Third Spanish Expedition: James Mackay and John T. Evans’s Impact on the Lewis and Clark Expedition Kevin C. Witte 85

    Key Words: James Mackay, John T. Evans, Lewis and Clark, Third Spanish Expedition

Fields of Opportunity: Wind Machines Return to the Plains Jacob Sowers 99

    Key Words: farming, Great Plains, Iowa, NIMBY, PIMBY, wind energy

Writing Red: A Tribute to Vine Deloria Jr. (1933-2005) Holly Boomer 113


Encyclopedia of the Great Plains edited by David J. Wishart. Rreviewed by William Ferris, Linda J. Hasselstrom, and Andrew C. Isenberg 117


Washita: The U.S. Army and the Southern Cheyennes, 1867-1869 by Jerome A. Greene, reviewed by Bill Corbett 129

The Captured: A True Story of Abduction by Indians on the Texas Frontier by Scott Zesch, reviewed by Gary L. Ebersole 130

Locust: The Devastating Rise and Mysterious Disappearance of the Insect that Shaped the American Farmer by Jeffrey A. Lockwood, reviewed by Ken Baake 130

Women of the Northern Plains: Gender and Settlement on the Homestead Frontier, 1870-1930 by Barbara Handy-Marchello, reviewed by Angel Kwolek-Folland 132

The Red Man’s on the Warpath: The Image of the “Indian” and the Second World War by R. Scott Sheffield, reviewed by Robert Alexander Innes 132

Tell Me, Grandmother: Traditions, Stories, and Cultures of Arapaho People by Virginia Sutter, reviewed by Loretta Fowler 133

Blackfoot Ways of Knowing: The Worldview of the Siksikaitsitapi by Betty Bastien, reviewed by Patricia A. McCormack 135

6666: Portrait of a Texas Ranch by Wyman Meinzer and Henry Chappell, reviewed by Luther Smith 135

SUMMER 2006 VOL. 26 / NO. 3

Natural Areas, Regions, and Two Centuries of Environmental Change on the Great Plains David J. Wishart 147

    Key Words: drought, human impact, Natural Areas, vegetation change, water

Which Place, What Story?: Cultural Discourses at the Border of the Blackfeet Reservation and Glacier National Park Donal Carbaugh and Lisa Rudnick 167

    Key Words: Blackfeet, ethnography of communication, intercultural communication, narrative, placenames

“Just Following the Buffalo”: Origins of a Montana Métis Community Martha Harroun Foster 185

    Key Words: buffalo trade, fur trade, Lewistown, Métis, Montana, Red River, Spring Creek, upper Missouri River


The Cherokee Nation: A History by Robert J. Conley, reviewed by James W. Parins 203

The People Who Own Themselves: Aboriginal Ethnogenesis in a Canadian Family, 1660-1900 by Heather Devine, reviewed by Frits Pannekoek 203

History’s Shadow: Native Americans and Historical Consciousness in the Nineteenth Century by Steven Conn, reviewed by Jeffrey Ostler 204

True Women and Westward Expansion by Adrienne Caughfield, reviewed by Jimmy L. Bryan Jr. 205

Challenging Frontiers: The Canadian West by Lorry Felske and Beverly Rasporich, eds., reviewed by Molly P. Rozum 206

The First Sioux War: The Grattan Fight and Blue Water Creek, 1854-1856 by Paul N. Beck, reviewed by Mark R. Ellis 207

Blue Water Creek and the First Sioux War, 1854-1856 by R. Eli Paul, reviewed by Mark R. Ellis 207

A Common Humanity: Kansas Populism and the Battle for Justice and Equality, 1854-1903 by O. Gene Clanton, reviewed by Jeffrey A. Johnson 208

Promise: Bozeman’s Trail to Destiny by Serle L. Chapman, reviewed by Michael Cassity 209

Barbed Wire: An Ecology of Modernity by Reviel Netz, reviewed by Alan Krell 210

Childhood on the Farm: Work, Play, and Coming of Age in the Midwest by Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, reviewed by Elizabeth Hampsten 211

The Children’s Blizzard by David Laskin, reviewed by Gwen K. Bedient 212

Goodbye, Judge Lynch: The End of a Lawless Era in Wyoming’s Big Horn Basin by John W. Davis, reviewed by Stephen J. Leonard 212

Alberta Premiers of the Twentieth Century by Bradford J. Rennie, ed., reviewed by Rod Macleod 213

Citizen Indians: Native American Intellectuals, Race, and Reform by Lucy Maddox, reviewed by David Rich Lewis 214

One Soldier’s Story: A Memoir by Bob Dole, reviewed by Burdett A. Loomis 215

Teaching in Eden: Lessons from Cedar Point by John Janovy Jr., reviewed by Gregg Siewert 215

Imagining the African American West by Blake Allmendinger, reviewed by Jere W. Roberson 217

True West: Authenticity and the American West by William R. Handley and Nathaniel Lewis, eds., reviewed by Ellen Baker 218

Manifest and Other Destinies: Territorial Fictions of the Nineteenth-Century United States by Stephanie LeMenager, reviewed by Bethany Schneider 219

The Life of Elaine Goodale Eastman by Theodore D. Sargent, reviewed by Ruth Ann Alexander 220

Western Subjects: Autobiographical Writing in the North American West by Kathleen A. Boardman and Gioia Woods, eds., reviewed by Larry Ellis 220

Poets Talk: Conversations with Robert Kroetsch, Daphne Marlatt, Erin Mouré, Dionne Brand, Marie Annharte Baker, Jeff Derksen, and Fred Wah by Pauline Butling and Susan Rudy, reviewed by Alison Calder 221

Approaches to Teaching Louise Erdrich by Greg Sarris, Connie A. Jacobs, and James R. Giles, eds., reviewed by Julie Barak 222

In-between Places by Diane Glancy, reviewed by Brewster E. Fitz 223

Westerns in a Changing America, 1955-2000 by R. Philip Loy, reviewed by Edward Buscombe 223

The Western Pursuit of the American Dream: Selections from the Collection of Kenneth W. Rendell by Kenneth W. Rendell, reviewed by Ron Tyler 224

The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art at the University of Oklahoma: Selected Works by Eric McCauley Lee and Rima Canaan, reviewed by Gary Hood 225

Western Traditions: Contemporary Artists of the American West by Michael Duty and Suzanne Deats, reviewed by Reece Summers 226

Dugout by Terry Allen, reviewed by Frances Colpitt 227

FALL 2006 VOL. 26/ NO. 4

Postcolonial Tragedy in the Crowsnest Pass: Two Rearview Reflections by Sharon Pollock and John Murrell Anne Nothof 235

    Key Words: Canada, Drama, John Murrell, opera, postcolonialism, Sharon Pollock

Relief for Wanderers: The Transient Service in Kansas, 1933-35 Peter Fearon 245

    Key Words: Kansas, migration, New Deal, relief, welfare

Black Goose’s Map of the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache Reservation in Oklahoma Territory William C. Meadows 265

    Key Words: Native American cartography, Plains Indian pictography, Kiowa Indians, Chaddle-Kaungy-ky (Black Goose), Dawes Act


The Making of Margaret Laurence’s Epic Voice by David Stouck. A review of Margaret Laurence’s Epic Imagination by Paul Comeau, Intimate Strangers: The Letters of Margaret Laurence and Gabrielle Roy by Paul G. Socken, and Margaret Laurence: The Making of a Writer by Donez Xiques 283


Learning to Write “Indian”: The Boarding-School Experience and American Indian Literature by Amelia V. Katanski, reviewed by Bruce E. Johansen 287

Shadows on the Rock by Willa Cather; John J. Murphy, David Stouck, and Frederick M. Link, eds., reviewed by Steven Trout 288

The Cambridge Companion to Willa Cather by Marilee Lindemann, ed., reviewed by Mary R. Ryder 288

America’s Agatha Christie: Mignon Good Eberhart, Her Life and Works by Rick Cypert, reviewed by LeRoy L. Panek 290

As for Sinclair Ross by David Stouck, reviewed by Peter Dickinson 290

Prairie Gothic: The Story of a West Texas Family by John R. Erickson, reviewed by Paul H. Carlson 291

Travelling Knowledges: Positioning the Im/Migrant Reader of Aboriginal Literatures in Canada by Renate Eigenbrod, reviewed by Rob Appleford 292

Keeping Heart on Pine Ridge: Family Ties, Warrior Culture, Commodity Foods, Rez Dogs and the Sacred by Vic Glover, reviewed by Harvey Markowitz 293

Stepping Twice into the River: Following Dakota Waters by Robert King, reviewed by Gary Totten 293

Black Earth and Ivory Tower: New American Essays from Farm and Classroom by Zachary Michael Jack, ed., reviewed by Doug Werden 294

At Home on This Moveable Earth by William Kloefkorn, reviewed by David R. Pichaske 295

When Skins Were Money: a History of the Fur Trade by James A. Hanson, reviewed by Peter Bleed 296

Living With Strangers: the Nineteenth-Century Sioux and the Canadian-American Borderlands by David G. McCrady, reviewed by James T. Carroll 297

Where Custer Fell:  Photographs of the Little Bighorn Battlefield Then and Now by James S. Brust, Brian C. Pohanka, and Sandy Barnard, reviewed by Herman J. Viola 297

Calamity Jane: The Woman and the Legend by James D. McLaird, reviewed by Herbert T. Hoover 298

God’s Country, Uncle Sam’s Land: Faith and Conflict in the American West by Todd M. Kerstetter, reviewed by Charles H. Lippy 299

The Great Confusion in Indian Affairs: Native Americans and Whites in the Progressive Era by Tom Holm, reviewed by Mark R. Scherer 300

Darkest Before Dawn: Sedition and Free Speech in the American West by Clemens P. Work, reviewed by Timothy Lehman 301

Mirror to America: The Autobiography of John Hope Franklin by John Hope Franklin, reviewed by Ben Keppel 302

The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the American Dust Bowl by Timothy Egan, reviewed by Pamela Riney-Kehrberg 302

No One Ever Asked Me: The World War II Memoirs of an Omaha Indian Soldier by Hollis D. Stabler; Victoria Smith, ed., reviewed by Kenneth W. Townsend 303

Coyote Warrior: One Man, Three Tribes, and the Trial that Forged a Nation by Paul VanDevelder, reviewed by Matthew L. M. Fletcher 304

Flood Stage and Rising by Jane Varley, reviewed by Sheila Coghill 305

Indian Country: Essays on Contemporary Native Culture by Gail Guthrie Valaskakis, reviewed by William Asikinack (Anishinabe) 305

Powwow by Clyde Ellis, Luke Eric Lassiter, and Gary H. Dunham, eds., reviewed by Clifford E. Trafzer 306

Edward S. Curtis: The Women by Christopher Cardozo, reviewed by Clara Sue Kidwell 307

Beyond the Reach of Time and Change: Native American Reflections on the Frank A. Rinehart Photograph Collection by Simon J. Ortiz, ed., reviewed by Clara Sue Kidwell 307