GPQ Volume 3

WINTER 1983 VOL. 3/NO. 1

Intersections: Studies in the Canadian and American Great Plains Frances W. Kaye 3

Diplomatic Racism. Canadian Government and Black Migration from Oklahoma, 1905-1912 R. Bruce Shepard 5

Social Scientists and Farm Poverty on the North American Plains, 1933-1940 Harry C. McDean 17

American Literary Images of the Canadian Prairies, 1860-1910 James Doyle 30

Competition for Settlers: The Canadian Viewpoint James M. Richtik 39


Town and City: Aspects of Western Canadian Urban Development edited by Alan F. J. Artibise, reviewed by John C. Hudson 50

The Prairies and Plains: Prospects for the 80s edited by John R. Rogge, reviewed by R. Leslie Heathcote 51

The Frontier in History: North America and Southern Africa Compared edited by Howard Lamar and Leonard Thompson, reviewed by Leslie C. Duly 52

Ceremonies of the Pawnee, Part I, The Skiri. Part II The South Bands by James R. Murie, reviewed by Paul A. Olson 53

Saving the Prairies: The Life Cycle of the Founding School of American Plant Ecology, 1895-1955 by Ronald C. Tobey, reviewed by Royce E. Ballinger 54

The Forgotten Frontier: Urban Planning in the American West before 1890 by John W. Reps, reviewed by Charles S. Sargent 55

Hooded Empire: The Ku Klux Klan in Colorado by Robert Alan Goldberg, reviewed by Robert W. Larson 56

Professors, Presidents, and Politicians by George Lynn Cross, reviewed by James C. Olson 57

The Life and Death of Jerome Tiger: War to Peace, Death to Life by Peggy Tiger and Molly Babcock, reviewed by Joseph Stuart 58

Oklahoma Memories edited by Anne Hodges Morgan and Rennard Strickland, reviewed by Brad Agnew 59

Heck Thomas: Frontier Marshal by Glenn Shirley, reviewed by David J. Bodenhamer 60


SPRING 1983 VOL. 3/NO. 2

Russian Wolves in Folktales and Literature of the Plains: A Question of Origins Paul Schach 67

The Origin of Ranching in Western Canada: American Diffusion or Victorian Transplant? Simon M. Evans 79

Far Corner of the Strange Empire: Central Alberta on the Eve of Homestead Settlement William C. Wonders 92

Prairie Poetry and Metaphors of Plain/s Space Laurie Ricou 109


Grasses and Grasslands: Systematics and Ecology edited by James R. Estes, Ronald J. Tyrl, and Jere N. Brunken, reviewed by Robert B. Kaul 120

Clio's Cowboys: Studies in the Historiography of the Cattle Trade by Don D. Walker, reviewed by Jimmy M. Skaggs 121

The Ambidextrous Historian: Historical Writers and Writing in the American West by C. L. Sonnichsen, reviewed by Ralph Mann 122

Laird of the West by John W. Chalmers, reviewed by John H. Archer, O.C. 122

Mexican Emigration to the United States, 1897-1931: Socio-economic Patterns by Lawrence A. Cardoso, reviewed by Felix D. Almaraz, Jr. 123

The Tejano Community, 1836-1900 by Arnoldo De León, reviewed by Richard L. Nostrand 124

The Collapse Of Small Towns on the Great Plains: A Bibliography by Nancy Burns, reviewed by Brian W. Blouet 125


SUMMER 1983 VOL. 3/NO. 3

Pioneer Landscape Paintings in Australia and the United States R. Leslie Heathcote 131

Western Myth and Northern History: The Plains Indians of Berger and Wiebe Sherrill E. Grace 146

Nineteenth-Century Patterns of Railroad Development on the Great Plains Russell S. Kirby 157

Transportation and Transformation: The Hudson's Bay Company, 1857-1885 A. A. den Otter 171


Indian Policy in the United States: Historical Essays by Francis Paul Prucha, reviewed by Ronald N. Satz 186

Chief Left Hand: Southern Arapaho by Margaret Coel, reviewed by Robert C. Carriker 187

The Gift of the Sacred Pipe by Black Elk, reviewed by Paul A. Olson 187

Over the Chihuahua and Santa Fe Trails, 1847-1848: George Rutledge Gibson's Journal edited and annotated by Robert W. Frazer, reviewed by Raymond Wilson 188

The West and Reconstruction by Eugene H. Berwanger, reviewed by James A. Rawley 188


FALL 1983 VOL. 3/NO. 4

Across the 49th: Thunderstorms in the Northern Great Plains Alec H. Paul 195

Willa Cather and the Populists Robert W. Cherny 206

Escape from the Great Plains: The Icelanders in North Dakota and Alberta Howard Palmer 219


The Code of the West by Bruce A. Rosenberg, reviewed by Henry Nash Smith 234

The West as Romantic Horizon by William H. Goetzmann, Joseph C. Porter, and David C. Hunt, reviewed by Robert Spence 235

Alfred Jacob Miller: Artist On the Oregon Trail edited by Ron Tyler with a Catalogue Raisonné by Karen Dewees Reynolds and William R. Johnston, reviewed by Joseph C. Porter 236

Magic Images: Contemporary Native American Art by Edwin L. Wade and Rennard Strickland, reviewed by Mary Jane Schneider 237

Indian-White Relations in the United States: A Bibliography of Works Published 1975-1980 by Francis Paul Prucha, reviewed by Roy W. Meyer 238

Yuwipi: Vision and Experience in Oglala Ritual by William K. Powers, reviewed by Raymond J. DeMallie 239

Arapahoe Politics, 1851-1978: Symbols in Crisis of Authority by Loretta Fowler, reviewed by William K. Powers 240

Slim Buttes, 1876: An Episode of the Great Sioux War by Jerome A. Greene, reviewed by Thomas William Dunlay 240

Read This Only to Yourself: The Private Writings of Midwestern Women, 1880-1910 by Elizabeth Hampsen, reviewed by Julie Roy Jeffrey 241

Elliott Coues: Naturalist and Frontier Historian by Paul Russell Cutright and Michael J. Broadhead, reviewed by Gary E. Moulton 242

The Dust Bowl: An Agricultural and Social History by R. Douglas Hurt, reviewed by Gilbert C. Fite 243

Custom Combining on the Great Plains: A History by Thomas D. Isern, reviewed by Thomas R. Wessel 244

Soils of the Great Plains: Land Use, Crops, and Grasses by Andrew R. Aandahl, reviewed by James V. Drew 245

The Red River in Southwestern History by Carl Newton Tyson, reviewed by Forrest D. Monahan 246

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