GPQ Volume 32

WINTER 2012 VOL. 32/ No. 1

Converting the Rosebud: Sicangu Lakota Catholicism in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries Harvey Markowitz 3

    Key Words: assimilation, Franciscans, Jesuits, missions, syncretism

"A Little Place Getting Smaller": Perceptions of Place and the Depopulation of Gove County, Kansas Aaron Gilbreath   25

    Key Words: ethnographic interviews, rural development, rural population, sense of place, spatialization

Leading the “Father”: The Pawnee Homeland, Coureurs de Bois, and the Villasur Expedition of 1720 Christopher Steinke   43

    Key Words: Bourgmont, Cuartelejo Apaches, Illinois Country, Segesser, slavery


Custer, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and the Little Bighorn. A review of Bloodshed at Little Bighorn: Sitting Bull, Custer, and the Destinies of Nations; The Last Stand: Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle of the Little Bighorn; Custer: Lessons in Leadership; and The Killing of Crazy Horse, reviewed by Ron McCoy 63

Great Sioux War Orders of Battle: How the United States Army Waged War on the Northern Plains, 1876–1877by Paul L. Hedren, reviewed by Charles M. Robinson III, 69

Valentine T. McGillycuddy: Army Surgeon, Agent to the Sioux by Candy Moulton, reviewed by Jason Pierce, 69

Myth, Memory, and Massacre: The Pease River Capture of Cynthia Ann Parker by Paul H. Carlson and Tom Crum, reviewed by Joaquín Rivaya-Martínez, 70

Discovering Indigenous Lands: The Doctrin of Discovery in English Colonies by Robert J. Miller, Jacinta Ruru, Larissa Behrendt, and Tracey Lindberg, reviewed by Blake A. Watson, 71

William Clark’s World: Describing America in an Age of Unknowns by Peter J. Kastor, reviewed by Thomas P. Slaughter, 72

Assault on the Deadwood Stage: Road Agents and Shotgun Messengers by Robert K. DeArment; Foreword by Joseph G. Rosa, reviewed by David A. Walker, 73

America’s School for War: Fort Leavenworth, Officer Education, and Victory in World War II by Peter J. Schifferle, reviewed by Donald J. Mrozek, 73

Rich Indians: Native People and the Problem of Wealth in American History by Alexandra Harmon, reviewed by Kathleen Pickering Sherman, 74

Montana Moments: History on the Go by Ellen Baumler, reviewed by Amy L. McKinney, 75

Llano Estacado: An Island in the Sky by Stephen Bognener and William Tydeman, reviewed by George Lubick, 76

The Philosophy of the Western by Jennifer L. McMahon and B. Steve Csaki, eds., reviewed by Robert B. Pippin, 77

Shot in Oklahoma: A Century of Sooner State Cinema by John Wooley, reviewed by Joseph A. Kestner, 77

Queer Indigenous Studies: Critical Interventions in Theory, Politics, and Literature by Qwo-Li Driskill, Chris Finley, Brian Joseph Gilley, and Scott Lauria Morgensen, eds., reviewed by Margaret Noori, 78

Bird Cloud: A Memoir by Annie Proulx, reviewed by Alex Hunt, 79

Rightful Place by Amy Hale Auker; Foreword by Linda M. Hasselstrom, reviewed by Nick Bascom, 80

Honyocker Dreams: Montana Memories by David Mogen, reviewed by Nick Bascom, 80

My Ruby Slippers: The Road Back to Kansas by Tracy Seeley, reviewed by Sarah Smarsh, 81

Hill Country Deco: Modernistic Architecture of Central Texas by David Bush and Jim Parsons; Foreword by Mark Wolfes, reviewed by Richard Cleary, 82

SPRING 2012 VOL. 32/ No. 2

Beyond the Violence: Indian Agriculture, White Removal, and the Unlikely Construction of the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, 1876–1900 James R. Allison III 91

    Key Words: American Indian sovereignty, federal government, Indian-White Relations, Little Wolf, Powder River Basin, Montana

Farm Women, Solidarity, and The Suffrage Messenger: Nebraska Suffrage Activism on the Plains, 1915–1917 Carmen Heider 113

    Key Words: Carrie Chapman Catt, National American Woman Suffrage Association, newspapers, politics, rhetoric

Not Your Family Farm: Apiculture in South-Central Montana Miles Lewis 131

    Key Words: agriculture, Apis Mellifera, apiary, beekeeping, honeybee, Upper Musselshell Valley


Empires, Nations, and Families: A History of the North American West, 1800–1860 by Anne F. Hyde, reviewed by Walter Nugent, 141

Violent Encounters: Interviews on Western Massacres by Deborah and Jon Lawrence, eds., reviewed by Paul H. Carlson, 142

The Northern Cheyenne Exodus in History and Memory by James N. Leiker and Ramon Powers, reviewed by Alan Boye, 142

Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History by S. C. Gwynne, reviewed by Joseph A. Stout Jr., 143

The Notorious Dr. Flippin: Abortion and Consequence in the Early Twentieth Century by Jamie Q. Tallman; Foreword by Harriet A. Washington, reviewed by Sarah B. Rodriquez, 144

Principle over Party: The Farmers’ Alliance and Populism in South Dakota, 1880–1900 by R. Alton Lee, reviewed by Francis Moul, 145

The Big Empty: The Great Plains in the Twentieth Century by R. Douglas Hurt, reviewed by Thomas G. Andrews, 146

Writing in Dust: Reading the Prairie Environmentally by Jenny Kerber, reviewed by Aubrey Streit Krug, 146
Texas Through Women’s Eyes: The Twentieth-Century Experience by Judith N. McArthur and Harold L. Smith, reviewed by Jean A. Stuntz, 147

As a Farm Woman Thinks: Life and Land on the Texas High Plains, 1890–1960 by Nellie Witt Spikes; Geoff Cunfer, ed., reviewed by Jean A. Stuntz, 147

A New Heartland: Women, Modernity, and the Agrarian Ideal in America by Janet Galligani Casey, reviewed by Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, 148

Working the Land: The Stories of Ranch and Farm Women in the Modern American West by Sandra K. Schackel, reviewed by Mary Zeiss Stange, 149

Indigenous Women and Feminism: Politics, Activism, Culture by Cheryl Suzack, Shari M. Huhndorf, Jeanne Perreault, and Jean Barman, eds., reviewed by Elizabeth Archuleta, 150

All Indians Do Not Live in Teepees (or Casinos) by Catherine C. Robbins, reviewed by Bruce E. Johansen, 151

Women Writers of the American West, 1833–1927 by Nina Baym, reviewed by Jim Hoy, 152

State of Minds: Texas Culture and Its Discontents by Don Graham, reviewed by Ken Baake, 152

The Brokeback Book: From Story to Cultural Phenomenon by William R. Handley, eds., reviewed by Neil Campbell, 153

West of 98: Living and Writing the New American West by Lynn Stegner and Russell Rowland, eds., reviewed by Mathew J.C. Cella, 154

The Art of John Snow by Elizabeth Herbert, reviewed by Robert Steven, 155

Engaged Resistance: American Indian Art, Literature, and Film from Alcatraz to NMAI by Dean Rader, reveiwed by Beverly R. Singer, 155

SUMMER 2012 VOL. 32/ No. 3

The 2012 Great Plains Distinguished Book Prize Andrew Jewell 163

“I Fear the Consequences to Our Animals”: Emigrants and Their Livestock on the Overland Trails Diana L. Ahmad 165

    Key Words: animal health, guidebooks, Humboldt Sink, Oregon, overlanders

Christopher Lasch and Prairie Populism Jon K. Lauck 183

    Key Words: agrarianism, Cold War, Iowa, liberalism, Nebraska, Omaha

Indians and Empires: Cultural Change among the Omaha and Pawnee, from Contact to 1808 Kurt E. Kinbacher  207

    Key Words: Caddoan, Chief Blackbird, Dhegíha, diplomacy, Ponca, trade


Always an Adventure: An Autobiography by Hugh A. Dempsey, reviewed by Michael Payne, 223

This Is Not the Ivy League: A Memoir by Mary Clearman Blew, reviewed by Julene Bair, 223

The Dream of a Broken Field by Diane Glancy, reviewed by Alexandra Ganser, 224

Indian Voices: Listening to Native Americans by Alison Owings, reviewed by Sally Thompson, 225

Life Stages and Native Women: Memory, Teachings, and Story Medicine by Kim Anderson; Foreword by Maria Campbell, reviewed by Rebeka Tabobondung, 226

Masculine Style: The American West and Literary Modernism by Daniel Worden, reviewed by Blake Allmendinger, 227

West-words: Celebrating Western Canadian Theatre and Playwriting edited by Moira J. Day, reviewed by Scott Sharplin, 228

Goodlands: A Meditation and History on the Great Plains by Frances W. Kaye, reviewed by Curtis McManus, 228

Scenery, Curiosities, and Stupendous Rocks: William Quesenbury’s Overland Sketches, 1850–51 by David Royce Murphy; with contributions by Michael L. Tate and Michael Farrell, reviewed by James Peck, 229

Imprisoned Art, Complex Patronage: Plains Drawings by Howling Wolf and Zotom at the Autry National Center by Joyce J. Szabo, reviewed by Phillip Earenfight, 230

Portraits of the Prairie: The Land that Inspired Willa Cather by Richard Schilling; Foreword by Ted Kooser, reviewed by Richard Jussel, 231

Lone Stars III: A Legacy of Texas Quilts, 1986–2011 by Karoline Patterson Bresenhan and Nancy O’Bryant Puentes, reviewed by Marcia Kaylakie, 232

Prairie Fire: A Great Plains History by Julie Courtwright, reviewed by Ted Binnema, 232

Texas, New Mexico, and the Compromise of 1850: Boundary Dispute and Sectional Crisis by Mark J. Stegmaier, reviewed by Bryan Turo, 233

After Custer: Loss and Transformation in Sioux Country by Paul L. Hedren, reviewed by Rani-Henrik Andersson, 234

Westward Bound: Sex, Violence, the Law, and the Making of a Settler Society by Lesley Erickson, reviewed by William Katerberg, 235

Eyewitness at Wounded Knee by Richard E. Jensen, R. Eli Paul, and John E. Carter; Introduction by Heather Cox Richardson; Foreword by James A. Hanson, reviewed by Dawn G. Marsh, 235

Women on the North American Plains edited by Renee M. Laegreid and Sandra K. Mathews; Foreword by Joan M. Jensen, reviewed by Rebecca A. Buller, 236

Will Rogers: A Political Life by Richard D. White Jr., reviewed by Paul F. Lambert, 237

American Indian Nations from Termination to Restoration, 1953–2006 by Roberta Ulrich, reviewed by James Allison, 238

A New Heartland: Women, Modernity, and the Agrarian Ideal in America by Janet Galligani Casey, reviewed by Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, 239

FALL 2012 VOL. 32/ No. 4

Ligia Grischa: A Successful Swiss Colony on the Dakota Territory Frontier Todd Quinn, Karl Benedict, and Jeff Dickey  247

    Key Words: Catholicism, immigration, Irish, migration, preadaptation, settlement, South Dakota

From Mothers’ Pensions to Aid to Dependent Children in the Great Plains: The Course from Charity to Entitlement R. Alton Lee  261

    Key Words: depression, fatherless, OASI, pensions, T. R. Conference, welfare

New Deal Leftists, Henry Wallace and “Gideon’s Army,” and the Progressive Party in Montana, 1937–1952 Hugh T. Lovin  273

    Key Words: Communism, Democratic Party, Harry Truman, Korean War


Museum Pieces: Toward the Indigenization of Canadian Museums by Ruth B. Phillips, reviewed by Lee-Ann Martin, 287

Plains Indian Art: The Pioneering Work of John C. Ewers edited by Jane Ewers Robinson; Preface by Candace C. Greene; Introduction by Evan M. Maurer, reviewed by Bill Anthes, 288

Grand Procession: Contemporary Artistic Visions of American Indians: The Diker Collection at the Denver Art Museum by Lois Sherr Dubin, reviewed by Jessica R. Metcalfe, 288

Alexandre Hogue: An American Visionary—Paintings and Works on Paper by Susie Kalil, reviewed by Mark White, 289

Indigenous Dance and Dancing Indian: Contested Representation in the Global Era by Matthew Krystal, reviewed by Jacqueline Shea Murphy, 290

The Catherine Cathedral: Gothic Cathedral Iconography in Willa Cather’s Fiction by Christine E. Kephart, reviewed by Nicholas Birns, 291

Louise Erdrich: Tracks, The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse, The Plague of Doves edited by Deborah L. Madsen, reviewed by Thomas Austenfeld, 292

A Separate Country: Postcoloniality and American Indian Nations by Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, reviewed by Akim D. Reinhardt, 292

Seeing Red: A History of Natives in Canadian Newspapers by Mark Cronlund Anderson and Carmen L. Robertson, reviewed by Timothy P. Foran, 293

American Indians and the Mass Media by Meta G. Carstarphen and John P. Sanchez, reviewed by Dean Rader, 294

Murder, the Media, and the Politics of Public Feelings: Remembering Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. by Jennifer Petersen, reviewed by Thomas R. Dunn, 295

Where the Tall Grass Grows: Becoming Indigenous and the Mythological Legacy of the American West by Bobby Bridger, reviewed by John H. Monnett, 296

Ned Wynkoop and the Lonely Road from Sand Creek by Louis Kraft, reviewed by James T. Carroll, 297

Sustaining the Cherokee Family: Kinship and the Allotment of an Indigenous Nation by Rose Stremlau, reviewed by C. Joseph Genetin-Pilawa, 297

Toward a More Perfect Union: The Settlement of Union Township, Clay County, Kansas by James R. Beck, reviewed by Bruce R. Kahler, 298

The First We Can Remember: Colorado Pioneer Women Tell Their Stories edited and with an Introduction by Lee Schweninger, reviewed by Dee Garceau, 299

Norwegians and Swedes in the United States: Friends and Neighbors edited by Philip J. Anderson and Dag Blanck, reviewed by Betty A. Bergland, 300

Re-Imagining Ukrainian Canadians: History, Politics, and Identity edited by Rhonda L. Hinther and Jim Mochoruk, reviewed by Myroslaw Tataryn, 301

For King and Kanata: Canadian Indians and the First World War by Timothy C. Winegard, reviewed by Robert J. Talbot, 302

The Grads Are Playing Tonight! The Story of the Edmonton Commercial Graduates Basketball Club by M. Ann Hall, reviewed by Carly Adams, 303