GPQ Volume 5

WINTER 1985 VOL. 5/NO. 1

European Influence on the Visual Arts of the Gret Plains: An Introduction Jon Nelson 3

Packaging the Great Plains: The Role of the Visual Arts Roger B. Stein 5

Originality and Influence in George Caleb Bingham's Art Stephen C. Behrendt 24

Cowboy Knights and Prairie Madonnas: American Illustrations of the Plains and Pre-Raphaelite Art Kirsten H. Powell 39

Birger Sandzén: A Painter and His Two Worlds Emory Lindquist 53

REVIEW ESSAY: Recent Interpretations of Western American Art

The Rocky Mountains: A Vision for Artists in the Nineteenth Century by Patricia Trenton and Peter H. Hassrick, and Karl Bodmer's America with an introduction by William H. Goetzmann, and annotations by David C. Hunt and Marsha V. Gallagher, reviewed by Richard W. Etulain 66


John Steuart Curry and Grant Wood: A Portrait of Rural America by Joseph S. Czestochowski, reviewed by Robert Spence 70

The Indian Arts and Crafts Board: An Aspect of New Deal Indian Policy by Robert Fay Schrader, reviewed by C. Adrian Heidenreich 70


SPRING 1985 VOL. 5/NO. 2

Women on the Plains: An Introduction Frances W. Kaye 79

Women on the Great Plains: Recent Developments in Research Glenda Riley 81

Western Women and True Womanhood: Culture and Symbol in History and Literature June O. Underwood 93

Having a Purpose in Life: Western Women Teachers in the Twentieth Century Courtney Ann Vaughn-Roberson 107

A Widening Horizon: Catholic Sisterhoods on the Northern Plains, 1874-1910 Susan C. Peterson 125


Historians and the American West edited by Michael P. Malone, foreward by Rodman W. Paul, reviewed by Dick Harrison 133

A Borderlands Town in Transition: Laredo, 1755-1870 by Gilberto Miguel Hinojosa, reviewed by Ralph H. Vigil 134

Prairie Wildflowers: An Illustrated Manual of Species Suitable for Cultivation and Grassland Restoration by R. Currah, A Smreciu, and M. Van Dyk, reviewed by Paul W. Barnes 134

The Archaeology of Colorado by E. Steve Cassells, reviewed by Warren W. Caldwell 135


SUMMER 1985 VOL 5/NO. 3

Pawnee Geography: Historical and Sacred Douglas R. Parks and Waldo R. Wedel 143

Mapping Kansas and Nebraska: The Role of the General Land Office Ronald E. Grim 177


Kinsmen of Another Kind: Dakota-White Relations in the Upper Mississippi Valley, 1650-1852 by Gary Clayton Anderson, reviewed by Nancy Oestreich Lurie 198

Ohiyesa: Charles Eastman, Santee Sioux by Raymond Wilson, reviewed by Janet Goldenstein Ahler 199

A Guide to American Indian Resource Materials in Great Plains Repositories by Joseph G. Svoboda, reviewed by Herbert T. Hoover 200


FALL 1985 VOL. 5/NO. 4

The Garden-Desert Continuum: Competing Views of the Great Plains in the Nineteenth Century John L. Allen 207

The Emergence of the American Agriculture Movement, 1977-1979 William P. Browne and John Dinse 221

Mapping the Quality of Land for Agriculture in Western Canada James M. Richtik 236

Benjamin Harrison and the American West Homer E. Socolofsky 249


Prairie Fire: The I885 North-West Rebellion by Bob Beal and Rod Macleod, reviewed by George Woodcock 259

Riel and the Rebellion 1885 Reconsidered by Thomas Flanagan, reviewed John E. Foster 259

The Roots of Dependency: Subsistence, Environment, and Social Change Among the Choctaws, Pawnees, and Navajos by Richard White, reviewed by David Reed Miller 260

INDEX, 263