GPQ Volume 7

WINTER 1987 VOL. 7/NO. 1

Time and Vision in Wright Morris's Photographs of Nebraska Joanne Jacobson 3

Climate of the Great Plains Region of the United States Norman J. Rosenberg 22

On the Nature of the Horse of the American West in Nineteenth Century Art Martin E. Petersen 34


Solomon D Butcher: Photographing the American Dream by John E. Carter, reviewed by Joanne Jacobson 44

Harvest of Grief: The Grasshopper Plagues and Public Assistance in Minnesota, 1873-78 by Annette Atkins, reviewed by Gary D. Olson 45

Tom Benton and His Drawings: A Biographical Essay and a Collection of His Sketches, Studies, and Mural Cartoons by Karal Ann Marling, reviewed by Riachard W. Etulain 46

State and Local Regulations for Reducing Agricultural Erosion by Robert E. Coughlin, reviewed by Charles Deknatel 47

Ecological Planning for Farmland Preservation by Frederick Steiner, reviewed by Charles Deknatel 47

Coxey's Army: An American Odyssey by Carlos A. Schwantes, reviewed by Robert W. Cherny 47

Baronets and Buffalo: The British Sportsman in the American West, 1833-1881 by John I. Merritt, reviewed by Robert Thacker 48

The Expeditions of John Charles Fremont: Vol. III, Travels from 1848 to 1854 edited by Mary Lee Spence, reviewed by John L Allen 49

Early Fur Trade on the Northern Plains: Canadian Traders among the Mandan and Hidatsa Indians, 1738-1818 edited and with an introduction by W. Raymond Wood and Thomas D. Theissen, reviewed by James A. Hanson 50

Political Prairie Fire: The Nonpartisan League, 1915-1922 by Robert L. Morlan, reviewed by Kathleen Moum 51

The Nonpartisan League, 1915-1922: An Annotated Bibliography compiled by Patrick K. Coleman and Charles R. Lamb, reviewed by Kathleen Moum 51

The Assault on Assimilation: John Collier and the Origins of Indian Policy Reform by Lawrence C. Kelly, reviewed by Henry E. Fritz 52

Tribal Dispossession and the Ottawa Indian University Fraud by William E. Unrah and H. Craig Miner, reviewed by Thomas Burnell Colbert 53

West of Wichita: Settling the High Plains of Kansas, 1865-1890 by Craig Miner, reviewed by David M. Emmons 54

N. Scott Momaday: The Cultural and Literary Background by Matthias Schubnell, reviewed by Kenneth C. Mason 55

Trails South: The Wagon-Road Economy in the Dodge City-Panhandle Region by C. Robert Haywood, reviewed by Richard L. Lane 56

Adobe Walls: The History and Archeology of the 1874 Trading Post by T. Lindsay Baker and Billy R. Harrison, reviewed by Anne M. Wolley 57

At Home on the Range: Essays on the History of Western Social and Domestic Life edited by John R. Wunder, reviewed by Glenda Riley 57

Thunderstorm Morphology and Dynamics edited by Edwin Kessler, reviewed by Alec H. Paul 58

Cities of the Prairie Revisited: The Closing of the Metropolitan Frontier by Daniel J. Elazar et al., reviewed by John C. Scheider 59

Foreign Investment in the American and Canadian West, 1870-1914: An Annotated Bibliography by Anne T. Ostrye, reviewed by Larry A. McFarlane 60


SPRING 1987 VOL. 7/NO. 2

Plains Indian Cultures: An Introduction Frances W. Kaye 67

In the Land of Inyan Woslata: Plains Indian Influences on Reservation Whites Timothy J. Kloberdanz 69

Plains Indian Agrarianism and Class Conflict Russel Lawrence Barsh 83

Acculturation by Design: Architectural Determinism and the Montana Indian Reservations, 1870-1930 Carroll Van West 91

Leadership Selection in Canadian Indian Communities: Reforming the Present and Incorporating the Past J. Anthony Long and Menno Boldt 103

Song Texts and Their Performers: The Centerpiece of Contemporary Lakota Identity Formuation R. D. Theisz 116

Indian Reorganization Act adn the Loss of Tribal Sovereignty: Tribal Constitutions on the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Reservations Richmond L. Clow 125


Indians of Texas: An Annotated Bibliography by Michael L. Tate, reviewed by Joseph B. Herring 135

After the Buffalo Were Gone: The Lewis Warren Hill, Sr., Collection of Indian Art by Ann T. Walton, John C. Ewers, and Royal B. Hassrick, reviewed by Richard W. Etulain 135

Indian Sculpture: A Traditional Art from America's Heartland by John C. Ewers, reviewed by George P. Horse Capture 136

The Life and Times of James Willard Schultz (Apikuni) by Warren L. Hanna, reviewed by Starr Jenkins 137

The Plains Indians of the Twentieth Century edited with and introduction by Peter Iverson, reviewed by Thomas F. Schilz 138


SUMMER 1987 VOL. 7/NO. 3

Comparative Frontier Social Life: Western Saloons and Argentine Pulperias Richard W. Slatta 155

Nature in Don Segundo Sombra and The Virginian John Donahue 166

From Wasteland to Utopia: Changing Images of the Canadian West in the Nineteenth Century R. Douglas Francis 178

Nowehere Left To Go: Montana's Crees, Metis, and Chippewas and the Creation of Roky Boy's Reservation Larry Burt 195


The Voyage Perilous: Willa Cather's Romanticism by Susan J. Rosowski, reviewed by Paul Comeau 210

Prairie Women: 1mages in American and Canadian Fiction by Carol Fairbanks, reviewed by Susan J. Rosowski 211

Willa Cather: The Emerging Voice by Sharon O'Brien, reviewed by Patricia L. Yongue 212

The Prairie West: Historical Readings edited by R. Douglas Francis and Howard Palmer, reviewed by John C. Scott, O.S.B. 213

Indian Education in Canada: Volume 1: The Legacy edited by Jean Barman, reviewed by Dana Lawrence 213


FALL 1987 VOL. 7/NO. 4

Contents: Kansas Issue

Prohibition and the Kansas Progressive Example Patrick G. O'Brien 219

Nativism or Not? Perceptions of British Investment in Kansas, 1882-1901 Larry A. McFarlane 232

The Transition from Farming to Ranching in the Kansas Flint Hills: Two Case Studies Joseph V. Hickey and Charles E. Webb 244

Farm Consolidation in the Northern and Central States of the Great Plains Bradley H. Baltensperger 256


Prohibition in Kansas: A History by Robert Smith Bader, reviewed by Patrick O'Brien 266

Union Busting in the Tri-State: The Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri Metal Workers' Strike of 1935 by George G. Suggs, Jr., reviewed by Arrell Morgan Gibson, 267

More True Tales of Old-Time Kansas by David Dary, reviewed by Amil Qualyle 268

INDEX, 270