GPR Volume 11

SPRING 2001 VOL. 11/NO. 1


Bison on the Plains; Papers from the April 6-8, 2000, Bison Symposium


Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopes in Archeological Bison Remains as Indicators of Paleoenvironmental Change in Southern Alberta Jeremy J. Leyden and Gerald A. Oetelaar 3

    Key Words: archeology, bison, carbon isotopes, collagen, nitrogen isotopes, Northern Plains, southern Alberta

Carbon Stable Isotopic Analysis of Bison Dentition R. Mark Larson, Lawrence C. Todd, Eugene F. Kelly, and Jeffrey M. Welker 25 [2001 Charles Bessey Award]

    Key Words: archeology, bison, dentition, grasslands, paleoecology

Nutrient Composition of Grass- and Grain-Finished Bison Martin J. Marchello and Judy A. Driskell 65

    Key Words: bison, grasslands, nutrition

Where the Buffalo Roamed - Or Did They? Richard H. Hart 83

    Key Words: bison, Canada, Larocque, Lewis and Clark, plains


Essay: Bison Restoration in the Great Plains and the Challenge of their Management Judith L. McDonald 103

    Key Words: bison, grasslands, species diversity, tribal lands, values conflicts

Managing Bison to Restore Biodiversity Joe C. Truett, Michael Phillips, Kyran Kunkel, and Russell Miller 123 [2001 Leslie Hewes Award]

    Key Words: biodiversity, bison, endangered species, grasslands, prairie

What the Past Can Provide: Contribution of Prehistoric Bison Studies to Modern Bison Management Kenneth P. Cannon 145

    Key Words: bison, ecology, ecosystem, grasses, nutrition, restoration

A Commentary on Bison and Cultural Restoration: Partnership between the National Wildlife Federation and the InterTribal Bison Cooperative Stephen C. Torbit and Louis LaRose 175


The Ecological Indian: Myth and History by Shepard Krech, III, reviewed by John C. Mohawk 183

Theorizing the Americanist Tradition edited by Lisa Philips Valentine, and Regna Darnell, reviewed by Thomas C. Patterson 184

Bringing Back the Past: Historical Perspectives on Canadian Archaeology edited by Pamela Jane Smith, and Donald Mitchell, reviewed by Raymond Le Blanc 185

Passage of Discovery: The American Rivers Guide to the Missouri River of Lewis and Clark by Daniel B. Botkin, reviewed by Bruce A. Barton 189

The Encyclopedia of Native American Economic History edited by Bruce E. Johansen, reviewed by John H. Moore 190

The Federal Landscape: An Economic History of the Twentieth-Century West by Gerald D. Nash, reviewed by R. Douglas Hurt 192

Tribal Government Today: Politics on Montana Indian Reservations (Revised Edition) by James J. Lopach, Margery Hunter Brown, and Richard L. Clow, reviewed by Walter C. Fleming 193

Indian Reservations in the United States: Territory, Sovereignty, and Socioeconomic Change by Klaus Frantz, reviewed by James Riding In 194

Agrarian Socialism in America: Marx, Jefferson, and Jesus in Oklahoma Countryside by Jim Bissett, reviewed by Garin Burbank 196

Black Eyes All the Time: Intimate Violence, Aboriginal Women, and the Justice System by Anne McGillivray, and Brenda Comaskey, reviewed by Ross Gordon Green 197

Parks for Texas: Enduring Landscapes of the New Deal by James Wright Steely, reviewed by Kenneth E. Hendrickson Jr.198

The Smithsonian Book of North American Mammals edited by Don. E. Wilson and Sue Ruff, reviewed by Jerry R. Choate, 199

Gatherings of Angels: Migrating Birds and Their Ecology edited by Kenneth P. Able, reviewed by Gary L. Lingle 200

The American Robin by Roland H. Wauer, reviewed by Laura Erickson 202

Great Texas Birds edited by John P. O'Neill, and Suzanne Winckler, reviewed by Paul A. Johnsgard 203

Texas Bug Book: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by C. Malcolm Beck, and John Howard Garrett, drawings by Gwen E. Gage, reviewed by W. Eugene Hall 204


FALL 2001 VOL. 11/NO. 2


Habitat Fragmentation Effects on Birds in Grasslands and Wetlands: A Critique of Our Knowledge Douglas H. Johnson 211

    Key Words: birds, fragmentation, grasslands, habitat, wetlands, wildlife

Abundance and Habitat Associations of Birds Wintering in the Platte River Valley, Nebraska Craig A. Davis 233

      Key Words: grassland birds, habitat association, Nebraska, Platte River Valley, shrubland birds, wintering birds, woodland birds

Influence of Habitat on Distribution and Abundance of the Eastern Woodrat in Kansas Jon P. Beckmann, Glennis A. Kaufman, and Donald W. Kaufman 249

    Key Words: grasslands, croplands, shelterbelts, eastern woodrat, woodlands

Growth, Condition, and Mortality of Black Crappie, Bluegill, and Yellow Perch in Nebraska Sand Hills Lakes Craig P. Paukert, David W. Willis, and Andrew L. Glidden 261

    Key Words: fish populations, growth, condition, mortality, Nebraska, Sand Hills Lakes


Characteristics of In-Migrants to the Northern Great Plains: Survey Results from Nebraska and North Dakota F. Larry Leistritz, Sam Cordes, Randall S. Sell, John C. Allen, and Rebecca Vogt 275

    Key Words: in-migrants, migration, Nebraska, North Dakota, population

The Contemporary Role of the Federal Government in the Great Plains Economy: A Comprehensive Examination of Federal Spending and Related Fiscal Activities Sam Cordes and Evert Van der Sluis 301

    Key Words: economy, federal spending, Nebraska, policy, South Dakota, transfer payments

Relationships Between Community Attributes and Residential Preference in Nonmetropolitan Nebraska John C. Allen, Rebecca Vogt, and Soonchul Ko 327

    Key Words: Nebraska, population, rural communities

A Phenomenological Case for the Family Farmer as an Environmental Steward Jim Hanson 347

    Key Words: environment, farming, phenomenology, stewardship

Social Values in the Assessment of Livestock Grazing in the Great Plains R. K. Heitschmidt, J. D. Johnson, and K.D. Klement 361

    Key Words: ecological sustainability, economic viability, grazing, social acceptance


Women in Ancient America by Karen Olseny Bruhns, and Karen E. Stothert, reviewed by Marcel Kornfeld 375

American Indian Grandmothers: Traditions and Transitions edited by Marjorie M. Schweitzer, reviewed by Paula P. Bennett 376

The U.S. Army and the Texas Frontier Economy, 1845-1900 by Thomas T. Smith, reviewed by Andrés Tijerina 378

Sex in the Heartland by Beth Bailey, reviewed by Julia Ehrhardt 379

Contested Classrooms: Education, Globalization, and Democracy in Alberta edited by Trevor W. Harrison, and Jerrold L. Kachur, reviewed by Veronika Bohac Clarke 380

North America: A Geographical Mosaic edited by Frederick W. Boal, and Stephen A. Royle, reviewed by William C. Johnson 381

Communities, Development and Sustainability Across Canada edited by John T. Pierce, and Ann Dale, reviewed by Neil Gilson 382

Pigs, Profits, and Rural Communities by Kendall M. Thu, and E. Paul Durrenberger, reviewed by Mark S. Honeyman 384

Hog Ties: Pigs, Manure, and Mortality in American Culture by Richard P. Horwitz, reviewed by John E. Ikerd 385

Swine Source Book: Alternatives for Pork Producers edited by Julie Tranquilla, reviewed by Daniel A. Schmidt 386

Policy Reform in American Agriculture: Analysis and Prognosis by David Orden, Robert Paarlberg, and Terry Roe, reviewed by Thomas F. Stinson 388

The Economics of Organic Grain and Soybean Production in the Midwestern United States by Rick Welsh, reviewed by Glenn A. Helmers 389

Insecticide Resistance: From Mechanisms to Management edited by I. Denholm, J.A. Pickett, and A.L. Devonshire, reviewed by Charles F. Chilcutt 390

Standard Soil Methods for Long-Term Ecological Research edited by G. Philip Robertson, David E. Coleman, Caroline S. Bledsoe, and Phillip Sollins, reviewed by Mary Ann Vinton 391

Perennial Weeds: Characteristics and Identification of Selected Herbaceous Species by Wood Powell Anderson, reviewed by Stephan L. Hatch 392

Alien Species in North America and Hawaii: Impacts on Natural Ecosystems by George W. Cox, reviewed by Roger Sheley 394