GPR Volume 12

SPRING 2002 VOL. 12/NO. 1


SPECIAL SECTION: Latinos on the Plains

Culture and Ecology of Latinos on the Great Plains: an Introduction Gustavo Carlo, Miguel A. Carranza, and Byron L. Zamboanga 3

    Key Words: acculturation, culture, ecology, Latinos, social policy

Good Friday in Omaha, Nebraska: A Mexican Celebration Maria S. Arbelaez 13

    Key Words: Omaha, Nebraska, Good Friday, Holy Week, Mexican American community, Catholic Church, popular culture

Latinos Along the Platte: The Hispanic Experience in Central Nebraska Roger P. Davis 27

    Key Words: Nebraska, Census, Mexican American, Platte River valley, sugar beets, meatpacking, immigration, urbanization

Mexican-Descent Latinas' Compliance with Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines Evelinn A. Borrayo and Awilda Reyes 51

    Key Words: acculturation, cervical cancer, Latinas, Mexican American, Pap smear

Latino Families in the Perinatal Period: Cultural Issues in Dealing with the Health-care System J. Martín Maldonada-Durán, Maria Muguía-Wellman, Sari Lubin, and Teresa Lartigue 75

    Key Words: culture-bound syndromes, folk remedies, health-care system, Latinos, migration, perinatal period, transcultural


Spatial Description and Analysis of Grasshopper Abundances in Colorado Rangeland Kerri M. Skinner, R. Dennis Child, and Thomas O. Holtzer 101

    Key Words: Colorado, grasshopper, inter-outbreak period, pest management, rangeland

Habitat Conservation for Birds in the Mississippi Headwaters/Tallgrass Prairie Ecosystem Rolf Koford and Heidi Stallman 123

    Key Words: declining species, grassland birds, habitats, restoration, wetlands

White-Tailed Deer Browsing on Six Shrub Species of Tallgrass Prairie Dirk-Jan Van Der Hoek, Alan K. Knapp, John M. Briggs, and Jan Bokdam 141

    Key Words: browsing, Kansas, Konza Prairie, shrubs, tallgrass prairie, white-tailed deer

Distribution of Eastern Woodrats in a Grassland-Woodland Mosaic: Influence of Vegetation and Fire Jon P. Beckmann, Glennis A. Kaufman, and Donald W. Kaufman 157

    Key Words: Konza Prairie, eastern woodrat, prairie fires, tallgrass prairie

Effect of Flea Beetles (Aphthona Nigriscutis) on Prairie Invaded by Leafy Spurge (Euphorbia Esula) in Manitoba Michelle A. Mico and Jennifer M. Shay 167

    Key Words: leafy spurge (Euphobia esula), black dot flea beetle (Aphthona nigriscutis), mixed-grass prairie, native vegetation, recovery


The Essential Aldo Leopold: Quotations and Commentaries edited by Curt D. Mein and Richard L. Knight, reviewed by Thomas R. Dunlap 185

Biodiversity and Democracy: Rethinking Society and Nature by Paul M.Woods, reviewed by Richard K. Baydack 186

Creating Colorado: the Making of a Western American Landscape, 1860-1940 by William Wyckoff, reviewed by Brian Page 187

Changing the Way America Farms: Knowledge and Community in the Sustainable Agriculture Movement by Neva Hassanein, reviewed by Patricia Allen 188

American Agriculture and the Problem of Monopology: the Political Economy of Grain Belt Farming, 1953-1980 by Jon Lauck, reviewed by John Mark Hansen 190


FALL 2002 VOL. 12/NO. 2

How Many Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs Were There?: A Dialogue Demonstrates Both the Process of Science and the Role of Science in Environmental Issues Svata M. Louda 195

Distribution and Abundance of Black-Tailed Priaire Dogs in the Great Plains: A Historical Perspective Dallas R. Virchow and Scott E. Hygnstrom 197 [2002 Charles E. Bessey Award]

    Key Words: prairie dog, historic population, endangered species, grasslands

Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Abundance and Distribution in the Great Plains Based on Historic and Contemporary Information Craig J. Knowles, Jonathan D. Proctor, and Steven C. Forrest 219

    Key Words: black-tailed prairie dog, historic abundance

Estimation of Presettlement Populations of the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog: A Reply Dallas R. Virchow and Scott E. Hygnstrom 255

Western Harvester Ants’ Foraging Success and Nest Densities in Relation to Grazing Intensity Shaharra J. Usnick and Richard H. Hart 261

    Key Words: granivorous ants, foraging efficiency, grazing, nest density, western harvester ants, Pogonomyrmex occidentalis

Community Dynamics of an Ecotonal Forest-Prairie Interface in Northeastern Kansas Elizabeth N. Hane and Steven P. Hamburg 275

    Key Words: ecotonal forest, forest-prairie interface, land-use history

Flooding in Kansas: Respondents’ Satisfaction with Emergency Response Measures and Disaster Aid Bimal Kanti Paul 295

    Key Words: emergency measures, external support, flash flood evacuation, flash flood watch, flash flood warning, floods, Kansas

Early Human-Bison Population Interdependence in the Plains Ecosystem Henry Epp and Ian Dyck 323

Was Old Jules Right?: Soil Stewardship on Leased Land Bruce B. Johnson and John D. Cole, 339 [2002 Leslie Hewes Award]

    Key Words: agricultural land, conservation, farming, federal farm policy, leased land, soil

Watering the Plains: Political Dynamics of River Preservation in Canada and the United States Joan M. Blauwkamp and Peter J. Longo, 353

    Key Words: Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, Canadian Heritage Rivers System, environmental policy, river management, federalism

Reasons for the Marginal Incorporation of the Comanches by the Spanish Martha McCollough, 369

    Key Words: Ecueracapa, Kotsoteka, division, band, Toro Blanco, incorporation


Bounty and Benevolence: A History of Saskatchewan Treaties by Arthur J. Ray, Jim Miller, and Frank Tough, reviewed by Jennifer S. H. Brown 385

Urban Indian Reserves: Forging New Relationships in Saskatchewan by F. Laurie Barron, and Joseph Garcea, eds., reviewed by J. R. Miller 386

Addictions and Native Americans by Laurence Armand French, reviewed by Benson Tong 387

Ice Age Peoples of North America: Environments, Origins, and Adaptations of the First Americans by Robson Bonnichsen and Karen L. Turnmire, eds., reviewed by Leland C. Bement 389

The Last Best West: Essays on the Historical Geography of the Canadian Prairies by Yossi Katz and John C. Lehr, reviewed by Carl J. Traci 391

A Business History of Alberta by Henry C. Klassen, reviewed by Max Foran 392

Voices of a New Chicana/o History by Refugio Rochín and Dennis Valdés, reviewed by James A. Garza 394

Waltzing with the Ghost of Tom Joad: Poverty, Myth, and Low-Wage Labor in Oklahoma by Robert Lee Maril, reviewed by Ginette Aley 395

Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal by Eric Schlosser, reviewed by Toby A. Ten Eyck 397

Changing Prairie Landscapes by Todd A. Radenbaugh and Patrick Douaud, reviewed by Fred Samson 398

Freshwater Ecoregions of North America: A Conservation Assessment by Robin A. Abell, David M. Olson, Eric Dinerstein, Patrick T. Hurley, et al., reviewed by Arnold Van der Valk 400

The Cast Iron Forest: A Natural and Cultural History of the North American Cross Timbers by Richard V. Francaviglia, reviewed by Brock Brown 402

Kansas Breeding Bird Atlas by William H. Busby and John L. Zimmerman, reviewed by Paul A. Johnsgard 403

Birds of the Texas Panhandle: Their Status, Distribution, and History by Kenneth D. Seyffert, reviewed by Mark Lockwood 404

Wildflowers of Alberta: A Guide to Common Wildflowers and Other Herbaceous Plants by Kathleen Wilkinson, reviewed by Melanie Elliott 406