GPR Volume 15

SPRING 2005 VOL. 15/NO. 1

Potential Ecological Impact of Diet Selectivity and Bison Herd Composition Claudia A. Rosas, David M. Engle, and James H. Shaw 3

    Key Words: bison, carbon isotope, grasslands, prairie conservation, sex ratio, tallgrass prairie

Distribution of Carnivore Burrows in a Prairie Landscape Glennis A. Kaufman, Scott D. Kocher, and Donald W. Kaufman 15

    Key Words: bison, carbon isotope, grasslands, prairie conservation, sex ratio, tallgrass prairie

Availability of Suitable Habitat for Northern River Otters in South Dakota Alyssa M. Kiesow and Charles D. Dieter 31

    Key Words: Lontra canadensis, northern river otter, prey availability, reintroduction, riparian habitat, river/creek, South Dakota, water quality

Evidence of Holocene Climate Change in a Nebraska Sandhills Wetland Barbara J. Nicholson and James B. Swinehart 45

    Key Words: drought, dune reactivation, fire, Holocene climate, lithology, macrofossils, paleoecology

Impacts of Business Development in Rural Communities Cheryl S. DeVuyst, F. Larry Leistritz, and Angela Schepp 69

    Key Words: rural development, community impacts, North Dakota, manufacturing

Predictors of Earnings for Mexican Americans in the Midwest Rosalie Torres Stone and Bandana Purkayastha 101

    Key Words: earnings, economic sector, human capital, immigrant, labor market, Mexican, Mexican American, Midwest

Depopulation and Rural Churches in Kansas, 1950-1980 Robert Wuthnow 117

    Key Words: churches, depopulation, Methodists, religion, rural, evangelicalism

The Impact of Higher Energy Prices on Great Plains Crop Farm Expenditures Jeffery R. Williams, Richard G. Nelson, and Michael L. Langemeier 135

    Key Words: energy prices, farm production costs


The Hell Creek Formation and the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary in the Northern Great Plains: An Integrated Continental Record of the End of the Cretaceous by Joseph H. Hartman, Kirk R. Johnson, and Douglas J. Nichols, eds, reviewed by Russell J. Jacobson 153

Geology of the Lewis & Clark Trail in North Dakota by John W. Hoganson and Edward C. Murphy, reviewed by Richard L. Josephs 154

Eighteenth-Century Naturalists of Hudson Bay by Stuart Houston, Tim Ball, Mary Houston, reviewed by Greg Michalenko 155

Lewis and Clark on the Great Plains: A Natural History by Paul A. Johnsgard, reviewed by Andrea S. Laliberte 156

Great Wildlife of the Great Plains by Paul A. Johnsgard, reviewed by Gregory A. Smith 157

Faces of the Great Plains: Prairie Wildlife by Bob Gress and Paul A. Johnsgard, reviewed by James H. Shaw 158

The TOS Handbook of Texas Birds by Mark W. Lockwood and Brush Freeman, reviewed by Kent Rylander 159

Enduring Legacies: Native American Treaties and Contemporary Controversies by Bruce E. Johansen, ed., reviewed by Taiawagi Helton 160

Aboriginal Conditions: Research as a Foundation for Public Policy by Jerry P. White, Paul S. Maxim, and Dan Beavon, eds., reviewed by Nathalie Piquemal 161

Circle of Goods: Women, Work and Welfare in a Reservation Community by Tressa Berman, reviewed by Alice Littlefield 162

Caddo Verb Morphology by Lynette R. Melnar, reviewed by David S. Rood 164

Giving Voters a Voice: The Origins of the Initiative and Referendum in America by Steven L. Piott, reviewed by Allan J. Cigler 165

Farm Communities at the Crossroads: Challenge and Resistance by Harry P. Diaz, Joann Jaffe, and Robert Stirling, eds., reviewed by Kenneth C. Bessant 166

The Farm as Natural Habitat: Reconnecting Food Systems with Ecosystems by Dana L. Jackson and Laura L. Jackson, eds., reviewed by Richard A. Levins 168

Farming with the Wild: Enhancing Biodiversity on Farms and Ranches by Daniel Imhoff and Roberto Carra, reviewed by David L. Van Tassell 170

Conserving Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes: Model-Based Planning Tools by Robert K. Swihart and Jeffrey E. Moore, eds., reviewed by Robert D. Sopuck 171

Engineering the Farm: Ethical and Social Aspects of Agricultural Biotechnology by Britt Bailey and Marc Lappé, eds., reviewed by Clark Wolf 172

Empty Pastures: Confined Animals and the Transformation of the Rural Landscape by Terence J. Centner, reviewed by Laura L. Jackson 173

FALL 2005 VOL. 15/NO. 2

  • Optimum Windbreak Spacing in Great Plains Agriculture Glen Helmers and James R. Brandle 179

        Key Words: agriculture field layout, integer programming, microclimate, windbreak

    Breeding Bird Communities in Riparian Forest Along the Central Platte River, Nebraska Craig A. Davis 199

        Key Words: Great Plains, Nebraska, Platte River, riparian forest, woodland birds

    Nebraska’s Tiger Beetle, Cincindela nebraskana Casey Mathew L. Brust and W. W. Hoback 213

        Key Words: Great Plains, Nebraska, rare, shortgrass prairie, tiger beetle

    Preliminary Assessment of Sand Dune Stability Along a Bioclimatic Gradient, North-Central and Northwestern Oklahoma Carlos E. Cordova, Jess C. Porter, Kenneth Lepper, Regina Kalchgruber, and Gregory Scott 227

        Key Words: bioclimatic gradient, Oklahoma, sand dunes, soils, vegetation, wind erosion (eolian erosion)

    Language Skills of Elementary-Aged Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Gregory J. Benner 251

        Key Words: elementary school children, emotional/behavioral disorders, special education, language skills

    Family Predictors of Well-Functioning Midwestern Adolescents Douglas A. Abbott, Scott S. Hall, and William H. Meredith 267

        Key Words: adolescents, family functioning, parent-child relationships, youth development

    Becoming Neighbors or Remaining Strangers? Latinos and Residential Segregation in the Heartland Ana-María Gonzalez Wahl, Steven E. Gunkel, and Bennie Shobe, Jr. 297

        Key Words: immigration, Latinos, segregation


    Deep in the Heart: The Texas Tendency in American Politics by James McEnteer, reviewed by Gary A. Keith 329

    Perilous Voyages: Czech and English Immigrants to Texas in the 1870s by Lawrence H. Konecny and Clinton Machann, reviewed by Eva Eckert 330

    Immigrants and the American Dream: Remaking the Middle Class by William A.V. Clark, reviewed by John DeFrain 331

    Revenge of the Windigo: The Construction of the Mind and Mental Health of North American Aboriginal Peoples by James B. Waldram, reviewed by Vicki Smye 332

    On the Great Plains: Agriculture and Environment by Geoff Cunfer, reviewed by Gary D. Libecap 333

    Every Farm a Factory: The Industrial Ideal in American Agriculture by Deborah Fitzgerald, reviewed Kimberly K. Porter 335

    Brush Management: Past, Present, Future edited by Wayne T. Hamilton, Allan McGinty, Darrell N. Ueckert, C. Wayne Hanselka, and Michelle R. Lee, reviewed by Susan J. Tunnell 336

    Weeds of the Great Plains by James Stubbendieck, Mitchell J. Coffin, and L.M. Landholt, reviewed by Craig C. Freeman 337

    Wildflowers of Wyoming by Diantha States and Jack States, reviewed by Walter Fertig 338

    Growing Penstemons: Species, Cultivars, and Hybrids compiled by Dale Lindgren and Ellen Wilde, reviewed by Ronald R. Weedon 339

    Butterflies of Oklahoma, Kansas, and North Texas by John M. Dole, Walter B. Gerard, and John M. Nelson, reviewed by Ronald Alan Royer 340

    Damselflies of Alberta: Flying Neon Toothpicks in the Grass by John Acorn, reviewed by Dennis M. Lehmkuhl 341

    Amphibians and Reptiles of Montana by J. Kirwin Werner, Bryce A. Maxell, Paul Hendricks, and Dennis L. Flath, reviewed by Anthony P. Russell 342

    Oklahoma Breeding Bird Atlas edited by Dan L. Reinking, reviewed by Keith A. Arnold 344

    The Swift Fox: Ecology and Conservation of Swift Foxes in a Changing World edited by Marsha A. Sovada and Ludwig Carbyn, reviewed by Raymond S. Matlack 345

    Teaching in Eden: Lessons from Cedar Point by John Janovy, Jr., reviewed by Leanne M. Avery 346

    Lewis and Clark and the Geology of the Great Plains by R.F. Diffendal, Jr. and Anne P. Diffendal, reviewed by Harmon D. Maher, Jr. 347

    Lewis and Clark and the Geology of Nebraska and Parts of Adjacent States by R.F. Diffendal, Jr. and Anne P. Diffendal, reviewed by Harmon D. Maher, Jr. 347

    Playas of the Great Plains by Loren M. Smith, reviewed by James H. Locklear 348

    The Prehistory of Texas edited by Timothy K. Perttula, reviewed by James E. Bruseth 349

    Storied Stone: Indian Rock Art of the Black Hills Country by Linea Sundstrom, reviewed by Kevin L. Callahan 350

    Three Nations, One Place: A Comparative Ethnohistory of Social Change Among the Comanches and Hasinais During Spain’s Colonial Era 1689-1821 by Martha McCollough reviewed by Maria F. Wade 351