GPR Volume 19

SPRING 2009 VOL. 19/NO. 1

Socioeconomic Impacts of Developing Wind Energy in the Great Plains F. Larry Leistritz and Randal C. Coon 3

    Keywords: wind energy, renewable energy, rural development, economic impact

Archeological Interpretation of the Frontier Battle at Mud Springs, Nebraska Peter Bleed and Douglas D. Scott 13

    Keywords: battlefield archeology, Civil War in the West, firearms identification, Indian Wars, viewshed analysis, weapons fan analysis

Causes and Impacts of Salinization in the Lower Pecos River Christopher W. Hoagstrom 27

    Keywords: brine aquife, cumulative impacts, euryhaline fishes, irrigation, native fishes, natural flow regime, salt balance

Near-Surface Soil-Water Monitoring for Water Resources Management on a Wide-Area Basis in the Great Plains K.G Hubbard, J. You, V. Sridhar, E. Hunt, S. Korner, and G. Roebke 45

    Keywords: calibration, Great Plains, QA, sensor/probe, soil water, soil-water availability, soil-water network, Theta, Vitel

Precipitation Event Size Controls on Long-Term Abundance of Opuntia Polyacantha (Plains Prickly-Pear) in Great Plains Grasslands William K. Lauenroth, R.L. Dougherty, and J.S. Singh 55

    Keywords: cactus, northern mixed prairie, prickly-pear, shortgrass steppe, small precipitation events

Ecology of Small Mammals, Vegetation, and Avian Nest Survival on Private Rangelands in Nebraska Kent A. Fricke, Silka L. F. Kempema, and Larkin A. Powell 65

    Keywords: daily nest survival, grassland, grazing, Nebraska Sandhills, small mammals

Marginal Value of Irrigation Water Use in the South Saskatchewan River Basin Canada Antony Samarawickrema and Suren Kulshreshtha 73

    Keywords: Canada, crops, irrigation wate, marginal value, South Saskatchewan River Basin

Historical Changes in the Occurrence and Distribution of Freshwater Mussels in Kansas Robert T. Angelo, M. Steve Cringan, Eva Hays, Clint A. Goodrich, Edwin J. Miller, Mark A. VanScoyoc, and Bryan R. Simmons 89

    Keywords: aquatic habitat restoration, freshwater mussels, prairie streams, zoogeographical surveys



Not a Drop to Drink: America s Water Crisis (and What You Can Do) by Ken Midkiff, foreword by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., reviewed by Ann Bleed 127

Embracing Watershed Politics by Edella Schlager and William Blomquist, reviewed by Sandra K. Davis 127

The Great Sand Hills: A Prairie Oasis by Rebecca L. Grambo, photographs by Branimir Gjetvaj, reviewed by Bram Noble 128

The Allen Site: A Paleoindian Camp in Southwestern Nebraska by Douglas B. Bamforth, ed., reviewed by Daniel S. Amick 128

Hard Road West: History and Geology along the Gold Rush by Keith Heyer Meldahl, reviewed by Harmon D. Maher, Jr. 129

Saskatchewan: Geographic Perspectives by Bernard D. Thraves, M.L. Lewry, Janis E. Dale, and Hansgeorg Schlichtmann, eds., reviewed by Tom Carter 130

Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations by David R. Montgomery, reviewed by Mark S. Kuzila 130

Crisis & Opportunity: Sustainability in American Agriculture by John E. Ikerd, reviewed by Paul B. Thompson 130

Breeding Major Food Staples by Manjit S. Kang and P.M Priyadarshan, reviewed by Paul Scott 131

The Ordinary Genius: A Life of Arnold Platt by Ken Hoeppner, reviewed by Sterling Evans 131

A Biomass Future for the North American Great Plains: Toward Sustainable Land Use and Mitigation of Greenhouse Warming by Norman J. Rosenberg, reviewed by Steven L. Fales 132

Grasses of Colorado by Robert B. Shaw, reviewed by Stephan L. Hatch 133

Rare Plants of Texas by Jackie M. Poole, William R. Carr, Dana M. Price, and Jason R. Singhurst, reviewed by Amy K. Buthold 133

Owls of the United States and Canada: A Complete Guide to Their Biology and Behavior by Wayne Lynch, reviewed by Paul A. Johnsgard 134

Ecology and Behavior of Chickadees and Titmice: An Integrated Approach by Ken A. Otter, ed., reviewed by Charles R. Brown 134

It's a Long Way from Llano: The Journey of a Wildlife Biologist by James G. Teer, reviewed by Fred S. Guthery 135

Rebuilding Native Nations: Strategies for Governance and Development by Miriam Jorgensen, ed., foreword by Oren Lyons; afterword by Satsan (Herb George), reviewed by Matthew L.M. Fletcher  135

Forced Federalism: Contemporary Challenges to Indigenous Nationhood by Jeff Corntassel and Richard C. Witmer ll, reviewed by Ezra Rosser 136

The State of the Native Nations: Conditions under U.S Policies of Self-Determination by The Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development, reviewed by Gavin Clarkson  136

Buffalo Inc: American Indians and Economic Development by Sebastian Felix Braun, reviewed by Ken Zontek  137

The Alberta Supreme Court at 100: History & Authority by Jonathan Swainger, ed., reviewed by  James Muir  138

Books on Trial: Red Scare in the Heartland by Shirley A. Wiegand and Wayne A. Wiegand, reviewed by Ahmed A. White  138

Rights in the Balance: Free Press, Fair Trial, and Nebraska Press Association v. Stuartby Mark R. Scherer, foreword by James W. Hewitt, reviewed by G. Michael Fenner  139

Queer Inclusions, Continental Divisions: Public Recognition of Sexual Diversity in Canada and the United States by David Rayside, reviewed by Karen Busby  140

A Grammar of Crow: Apsáalooke Aliláau by Randolph Graczyk, reviewed by Rose Chesarek  141

The Arapaho Language by Andrew Cowell, with Alonzo Moss, Sr, reviewed by S. Neyooxet Greymorning  142

FALL 2009 VOL. 19/NO. 2

  • Abundance and Distribution of Lesser Snow and Ross’s Geese in the Rainwater Basin and Central Platte River Valley of Nebraska Mark P. Vriska and Susan Sullivan 147

        Key Words: Chen caerulescens, Chen rossii, lesser snow geese, Ross’s geese, Rainwater Basin, Platte River, migration

    Predicting Lesser Scaup Wetland Use during Spring Migration in Eastern South Dakota Sharon N. Kahara and Steven R. Chipps 157

        Key Words: amphipods, Prairie Pothole Region, submerged aquatic vegetation, water quality

    A Taxonomic Study of Populations of Tiger Beetles in the Cicindela longilabris Complex from the Black Hills of South Dakota S.M. Spomer 169

        Key Words: Cicindelidae, hybridization, taxonomy

    The Grasshoppers Arphia xanthoptera and Dichromorpha viridis Prefer Introduced Smooth Brome over other Grasses Sean D. Whipple, Matthew L. Brust, W. Wyatt Hoback, and Kerri M. Farnsworth-Hoback 179

        Key Words: feeding preference, grasshopper, non-native grass, smooth brome, tallgrass prairie

    Analysis of Aquifer Depletion Criteria with Implications for Groundwater Management Jesse T. Korus and Mark E. Burbach 187

        Key Words: groundwater, water, pumping, sustainability, model, management

    Redefining the Dust Bowl Region Via Population Perception and Geotechnology Jess C. Porter and G. Allen Finchum 201

        Key Words:drought, Dust Bowl, environmental perception, GIS, vernacular region

    Tourist Attitudes toward Elk Management in the Pine Ridge Region of Northwestern Nebraska R. Daniel Crank, Scott E. Hygnstrom, and Scott R. Groepper 215

        Key Words: Cervus elaphus, elk, human dimensions, Nebraska, public knowledge, tourist attitudes

    Long-Term Agricultural Land-Use Trends in Nebraska, 1866-2007 Tim L. Hiller, Larkin A. Powell, Tim D. McCoy, and Jeffrey J. Lusk 225

         Key Words: agriculture, biofuels, Conservation Reserve Program, farm policy, farm programs, land use, Nebraska, wildlife



    Imagining Head-Smashed-In: Aboriginal Buffalo Hunting on the Northern Plains by Jack W. Brink, reviewed by David Hurst Thomas 239

    Archaeological Landscapes on the High Plains by Laura L. Scheiber and Bonnie J. Clark, eds., reviewed by Marcel Kornfeld 239

    Collaborating at the Trowel’s Edge: Teaching and Learning in Indigenous Archaeology by Stephen W. Silliman, ed., reviewed by Joe Watkins 240

    Comanche Ethnography: Field Notes of E. Adamson Hoebel, Waldo R. Wedel, Gustav G. Carlson, and Robert H. Lowie by Thomas W. Kavanagh, comp. and ed., reviewed by William C. Meadows 241

    Battles of the Red River War: Archeological Perspectives on the Indian Campaign of 1874 by J. Brett Cruse, with contributions by Martha Doty Freeman and Douglas D. Scott, foreword by Robert M. Utley, reviewed by Thomas W. Kavanagh 242

    Aboriginal Oral Traditions: Theory, Practice, Ethics by Renée Hulan and Renate Eigenbrod, eds., reviewed by Maureen Simpkins 242

    Loren Eiseley: Commentary, Biography, and Remembrance by Hilda Raz, ed., introduction by Scott Slovic, reviewed by Rasoul Sorkhabi 243

    Sharing Our Stories of Survival: Native Women Surviving Violence by Sarah Deer, Bonnie Clairmont, Carrie A. Martell, and Maureen L. White Eagle, eds., reviewed by Roe Bubar 244

    New Faces in New Places: The Changing Geography of American Immigration by Douglas S. Massey, ed., reviewed by John DeFrain 244

    Survival or Gradual Extinction: The Small Town in the Great Plains of Eastern Montana by Marvin Gloege, reviewed by Lyn G. Macgregor 245

    Grappling with Demon Rum: The Cultural Struggle over Liquor in Early Oklahoma by James E. Klein, reviewed by Davis D. Joyce 246

    Power Struggles: Hydro Development and First Nations in Manitoba and Quebec by Thibault Martin and Steven M. Hoffman, eds., reviewed by Merrell-Ann S. Phare 247

    Daschle vs. Thune: Anatomy of a High-Plains Senate Race by Jon K. Lauck, reviewed by Thomas D. Isern 248

    Pagans in the Promised Land: Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery by Steven T. Newcomb, reviewed by Blake A. Watson 248

    American Indians and the Law by Bruce N. Duthu, reviewed by David E. Wilkins 249

    American Indians and State Law: Sovereignty, Race, and Citizenship, 1790-1880 by Deborah A. Rosen, reviewed by Kathryn E. Fort 250

    Moving Toward Justice: Legal Traditions and Aboriginal Justice by John D. Whyte, ed., reviewed by Kelly LaRocca 251

    Establishing Justice in Middle America: A History of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit by Jeffrey Brandon Morris, foreword by William H. Webster, reviewed by Mark R. Scherer 251

    The History of Nebraska Law by Alan G. Gless, ed., foreword by John V. Hendry, reviewed by Ann C. Kitchel 252

    Plains Apache Ethnobotany by Julia A. Jordan, foreword by Paul E. Minnis and Wayne J. Elisens, reviewed by Aaron M. Lampman 253

    Ecology of the Shortgrass Steppe: A Long-Term Perspective by William Lauenroth and Ingrid C. Burke, eds., reviewed by Richard K Sutton 253

    High Plains Horticulture: A History by John F. Freeman, reviewed by Dale E. Herman 254

    The Land Where the Sky Begins: North America’s Endangered Tall Grass Prairie and Aspen Parkland by Dennis Fast and Barbara Huck, reviewed by Nicola Koper 254

    Food and the Mid-Level Farm: Renewing an Agriculture of the Middle by Thomas A. Lyson, G.W. Stevenson, and Rick Welsh, eds., reviewed by Richard A. Levins 255

    Remaking the North American Food System: Strategies for Sustainability by C. Clare Hinrichs and Thomas A. Lyson, eds., reviewed by Patricia Allen 255

    Genetic Glass Ceilings: Transgenics for Crop Diversity by Jonathan Gressel, foreword by Klaus Ammann, reviewed by George Acquaah 256

    Water in Texas: An Introduction by Andrew Sansom, reviewed by C. Allan Jones 257

    The Guide to Kansas Birds and Birding Hot Spots by Bob Gress and Pete Janzen, foreword by Kenn Kaufman, reviewed by William E. Jensen 257

    Wildlife Science: Linking Ecological Theory and Management Applications by Timothy E. Fulbright and David G. Hewitt, eds., reviewed by C.R. Allen 258

    Texas Rattlesnake Roundups by Clark E. Adams and John K. Thomas, reviewed by Carl J. Franklin 259