GPR Volume 3

FEBRUARY 1993 VOL. 3/NO. 1


Establishment and Survival of the Endangered Blowout Penstemon James Stubbendieck, Theresa R. Flessner, Charles H. Butterfield, and Allen A. Steuter 3

    Key Words: Blowout Penstemon

Economic Impact of Leafy Spurge on Grazingland and Wildland in North Dakota F. Larry Leistritz, Dean A. Bangsund, Nancy M. Wallace, and Jay A. Leitch 21

    Key Words: Leafy Spruge

The Iconography of Plants Collected on the Lewis and Clark Expedition Linda Rossi and Alfred E. Schuyler 39

    Key Words: plants, Lewis and Clark

The Oglala Sioux Tribal Court: From Termination to Self-Determination George D. Watson, Jr. 61

    Key Words: Oglala Sioux Tribal Court

Soil Moisture and Clay Measurement of Volcaniclastic Soils of Western Nebraska N. B. Stolpe, D. T. Lewis, G. A. Uzochukwu, and S. L. Hartun 94

    Key Words: soil moisture, volcaniclastic soils


Aboriginal Resource Use in Canada: Historical and Legal Aspects edited by Kerry Abel and Jean Friesen, reviewed by Ken Leyton-Brown 108

American Wildflower Florilegium by Jean Andrews, reviewed by David M. Sutherland 109

Organizing the Lakota: The Political Economy of the New Deal on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations by Thomas Biolsi, reviewed by David E. Wilkins (Lumbee)110

Western Canada in the International Economy by Edward J. Chambers and Michael B. Percy, reviewed by M. L. Lerohl 113

Aboriginal Land Claims in Canada. A Regional Perspective edited by Ken Coates, reviewed by Olive Patricia Dickason 114

Distributional Archaeology by James I. Ebert, reviewed by Lawrence C. Todd 115

Agrarian Women: Wives and Mothers in Rural Nebraska, 1880-1940 by Deborah Fink, reviewed by Betsy Downey 117

Preserving the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains by Elaine Freed, reviewed by Lawrence Sommer 119

The Birds of Canada by W. Earl Godfrey, edited by Paul A. Kay 121

Medicinal Wild Plants of the Prairie: An Ethnobotanical Guide by Kelly Kindscher, reviewed by David J. Harter 123

Thomas Moran and the Surveying of the American West by Joni Louise Kinsey, reviewed by Martha Kennedy 125

Black Hills/White Justice: The Sioux Nation Versus the United States, 1775 to the Present by Edward Lazarus, reviewed by Philip Deloria 127

The Constitutional Future of the Prairie and Atlantic Regions of Canada edited by James N. McCrorie and Martha L. MacDonald, reviewed by Howard Cody 128

Prevailing Over Time: Ethnic Adjustment on the Kansas Prairies, 1875- 1925 by D. Aidan McQuillan, reviewed by David Peterson 130

For an Amerindian Autohistory: An Essay on the Foundations of a Social Ethic by Georges E. Sioui, reviewed by Lisa Emmerich 131

Rivers of Change: Essays on Early Agriculture in Eastern North America by Bruce D. Smith, reviewed by Karl J. Reinhard 132

Integrated Characterization of Permian Basin Reservoirs, University Lands, West Texas: Targeting the Remaining Resource for Advanced Oil Recovery by Noel Tyler, et al, reviewed by Jack A. Babcock 134

A Social Geography of Canada: Essays in Honour of J. Wreford Watson edited by Guy M. Robinson, reviewed by Randy Widdis 135

Homes in Alberta; Buildings, Trends, and Design 1870- 1967 by Donald G. Wetherell and Irene Kmet, reviewed by Peter Caron 137

Rural Information Systems: New Direction in Data Collection and Retrieval edited by Rueben C. Buse and James L. Driscoll, reviewed by Paul H.Gessaman 138

Kansas: A Pictorial History edited by Robert W. Richmond, reviewed by James W. Hewitt 140

Useful Pleasures: The Shaping of Leisure in Alberta, 1896-1945 by Donald G. Wetherell with Irene Kmet, reviewed by David Weaver 141

The End of American Exceptionalism: Frontier Anxiety from the Old West to the New Deal by David M. Wrobel, edited by Frederick C. Luebke 142


AUGUST 1993 VOL. 3/NO. 2

EDITOR'S NOTE Clare V. McKanna, Jr., 163

The Value on an Interdisciplinary Environmental Awareness: An Introduction J. Allen Williams, Jr. 164


Atrazine in the Platte River and Lincoln Municipal Water James D. Carr 167

    Key Words: Atrazine, Lincoln

Estimated Effect of Alternative Production Practices on Profit and Ground Water Quality: Texas Seymour Aquifer Ronald D. Lacewell, Manzoor E. Chowdhury, Kelly J. Bryant, Jimmy R. Williams, and Verel W. Benson 189

    Key Words: Texas Seymour Aquifer

Biological Control of Weeds in Great Plains Rangelands Svata M. Louda and Robert A. Masters 215

    Key Words: biological control, weeds, rangelands

A Grain Agriculture Fashioned in Nature's Image: The Work of The Land Institute Jon K. Piper 249

    Key Words: Land Institute

The Conservation Reserve Program: Habitat for Grassland Birds Douglas H. Johnson and Michael D. Schwartz 273

    Key Words: grassland birds, Conservation Reserve Program

Is the Distribution of Sandhill Cranes on the Platte River Changing? Craig A. Faanes and Michael J. LeValley 297

    Key Words: Sandhill cranes, distribution

Southern Alberta's Cadillac Desert Mary C. Thompson 305

    Key Words: Southern Alberta, Cadillac Desert

Free Trade and the Environment: A Case Study of the Texas Colonias F. Andrew Schoolmaster 321

    Key Words: Texas Colonias

Environmental Impact Assessment in Practice: Exploring the Contradictions Joel Novek 337

    Key Words: Environmental Impact Assessment


Ecology and Human Organization on the Great Plains by Douglas B. Bamforth, reviewed by David Wishart 358

Under an Open Sky: Rethinking America's Western Past edited by William Cronon, George Miles, and Jay Gitlin, reviewed by John R. Wunder 359

Ecology and Conservation of Neotropical Migrant Landbirds edited by John M. Hagan III and David W. Johnston, reviewed by William C. Scharf 362

Birds in Kansas, Volume II by Max C. Thompson and Charles Ely, reviewed by Thomas E. Labedz 364

The Land That Feeds Us by John Fraser Hart, reviewed by Brad Bays 365

Economic Models of Agricultural Land Conservation and Environmental Improvement edited by Earl O. Heady and Gary F. Vocke, reviewed by Kent W. Olson 367

Groundwater Exploitation in the High Plains edited by David E. Kromm and Stephen E. White, reviewed by Vincent H. Dreeszen 368

Wild Animals and American Environmental Ethics by Lisa Mighetto, reviewed by Ronald M. Case 370

Battle Against Extinction: Native Fish Management in the American West edited by W. L. Minckley and James E. Deason, reviewed by John D. Lynch 371

Archaeology and Ethnohistory of the Omaha Indians: The Big Village Site by John M. O'Shea and John Ludwickson, edited by Robin Ridington 373

To Reclaim a Divided West: Water, Law, and Public Policy by Donald J. Pisani, reviewed by Mark A. Eifler 374

Our Limits Transgressed: Environmental Political Thought in America by Bob Peperman Taylor, reviewed by John Martin Gillroy 376

Wilderness Issues in the Arid Lands of the Western United States edited by Samuel I. Zeveloff and Cyrus M. McKell, reviewed by Thomas R. Dunlap 378

Law for the Elephant, Law for the Beaver: Essays in the Legal History of the North American West Gordon edited by John McLaren, Hamar Foster, and Chet Orloff, reviewed by Morris Bakken 379

Gunfighter Nation: The Myth of the Frontier in Twentieth-Century America by Richard Slotkin, reviewed by Eric H. Monkkonen 380

The Beginnings of Canadian Meteorology by Morley Thomas, edited by Paul A. Kay 382