GPR Volume 6

SPRING 1996 VOL. 6/NO. 1


The Canoe as Failure on the Canadian Plains Norman Henderson 3

    Key Words: canoe

Empirical Valuation of Prairie Potholes: Five Case Studies Jay A. Leitch and Brett Hovde 25

    Key Words: prairie potholes

Fate of Wetlands Associated with the Central Nebraska Irrigation Canal System Jason D. Ekstein and Scott E. Hygnstrom 41

    Key Words: Central Nebraska, irrigation canal system

Niches of Homelessness in Rural Nebraska: Bolstering Existing Understandings Sharon Lord Gaber 61

    Key Words: homelessness

Leisure and Aging in Southern Saskatchewan Ralph Nilson, David Weaver, and Carlton Yoshieka 85

    Key Words: leisure, aging, Southern Saskatchewan


Geologic Field Trips in Nebraska and Adjacent Parts of Kansas and South Dakota edited by Robert F. Diffendal, Jr. and Charles A. Flowerday, reviewed by James E. Martin 105

Wild Animals and Settlers on the Great Plains by Eugene D. Fleharty, reviewed by Charles A. Flowerday 106

Peopling the Plains: Who Settled Where in Frontier Kansas by James Shortridge, reviewed by D. Aidan McQuillan 109

Politics in the Postwar American West edited by Richard Lowitt, reviewed by Clive S. Thomas 112

A Time to Lose: Representing Kansas in Brown v. Board of Education by Paul E. Wilson, reviewed by Anna Williams Shavers 113

Anthropology, Public Policy, and Native Peoples in Canada edited by Noel Dyck and James B. Waldram, reviewed by Adrian Tanner 115

Rural Development in the United States: Connecting Theory, Practice, and Possibilities by William A. Galston and Karen J. Baehler, reviewed by Don Macke 117

Atlas of Oklahoma Climate by Howard L. Johnson and Claude E. Duchon, reviewed by John A. Harrington, Jr. 118

Future Harvest: Pesticide-Free Farming by Jim Bender, reviewed by George E. Ham 120

Wetland and Environmental Applications of GIS by John G. Lyon and Jack McCarthy, reviewed by Scott E. Richert 121


FALL 1996 VOL. 6/NO. 2


Underinsurance: The Hidden Dimension to the Health Care Crisis John Comer, Keith Mueller, and Joseph Blankenau 163

    Key Words: underinsurance, health care

South Dakota Gaming: A Regional Analysis Erin Hogan Fouberg 179

    Key Words: gaming

Occupational Segmentation in Kansas and Nebraska, 1890-1900 Lisa M. Frehill 213

    Key Words: occupational segmentation

The Challenge of Waste Stewardship and Sustainable Development: A Study of Municipal Waste Management in Rural Manitoba C. Emdad Haque and Karen T. Hamberg 245

    Key Words: municipal waste management, Manitoba

Populist Entrepreneur: Douglas Bruce and the Tax and Government Limitation Moment in Colorado, 1986-1992 Daniel A. Smith 269

    Key Words: Douglas Bruce, tax limitation movement


Conservation of Great Plains Ecosystems: Current Science, Future Options edited by S. R. Johnson and Aziz Bouzaher, reviewed by .David Wishart 295

Planting the Future: Developing an Agriculture that Sustains Land and Community edited by Elizabeth A. R. Bird, Gordon L. Bultena, and John C. Gardner, reviewed by Charles Francis 296

Guide to Rural Data by Priscilla Salant and Anita J. Waller, reviewed by Cornelia Butler Flora 297

An Illustrated Guide to Endangered or Threatened Species in Kansas by Joseph T. Collins, Suzanne L. Collins, Jerry Horak, Dan Mulhern, William Busby, Craig C. Freeman, and Gary Wallace, reviewed by Michael A. Mares 299

The Carrion Beetles (Coleoptera: Silphidae) of Nebraska by Brett C. Ratcliffe, reviewed by Stephen Trumbo 300

NEBRASKAland Magazine's Weather and Climate of Nebraska by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, reviewed by Pamela Naber Knox 301

Editing Early and Historical Atlases edited by Joan Winearls, reviewed by Theodore Binnema 303

The Limits of Agrarian Radicalism: Western Populism and American Politics by Peter H. Argersinger, reviewed by Scott G. McNall 304

Decision at Midnight: Inside the Canada-US Free-Trade Negotiations by Michael Hart with Bill Dymond and Colin Robertson, reviewed by Christopher D. Merrett 306

Rethinking Restructuring: Gender and Change in Canada edited by Isabella Bakker, reviewed by Barbara L. Marshall 307

Amerindian Rebirth: Reincarnation Belief Among North American Indians and Inuit edited by Antonia Mills and Richard Slobodin, reviewed by Jennifer S. H. Brown 309