GPR Volume 7

SPRING 1997 VOL. 7/NO. 1


The Prairie Indian Vote in Canadian Politics 1965-1993: A Critical Case Study from Alberta Russel Lawrence Barsh, Michelle Fraser, Faye Morning Bull, Toby Provost and Kirby Smith 3 [1997 Leslie Hewes Award]

    Key Words: Prairie Indian Vote, Canadian politics

Restoring the Pre-Settlement Landscape in Stanley County, South Dakota Susan E. Boettcher and W. Carter Johnson 27

    Key Words: pre-settlement, landscape

Gubernatorial Electoral Coalitions in the Great Plains Thomas M. Carsey 41

    Key Words: gubernatorial electoral coalitions

Farmsteads as Mirrors of Cultural Adjustment and Change: The Ukranian Canadian Experience James W. Darlington 71

    Key Words: farmsteads

Borderland and Interaction in the International Region of the Great Plains: An Historic- Geographical Perspective Randy William Widdis 103

    Key Words: Ukranian Canadian, borderland


Reinventing Nature? Responses to Postmodern Deconstruction edited by Michael E. Soulé and Gary Lease, reviewed by Thomas J. Lyon 139

The Sjovold Site: A River Crossing Campsite in the Northern Plains by Ian Dyck and Richard E. Morlan, with contributions by E. A. Christiansen, Hugh E. Hendry, D. W. Anderson, and J. G. Ellis, reviewed by Henry T. Epp 140

The Jumanos: Hunters and Traders of the South Plains by Nancy Parrott Hickerson, reviewed by Yasuhide Kawashima 143

Comanche Political History: An Ethnohistorical Perspective 1706-1875 by Thomas W. Kavanagh, reviewed by Daniel J. Gelo 145

Retracing Major Stephen H. Long's Expedition: The Itinerary and Botany by George J. Goodman and Cheryl A. Lawson, reviewed by Robert B. Kaul 146

Sovereign Nations or Reservations? An Economic History of American Indians by Terry L. Anderson, reviewed by Nicholas J. Aieta 148

Native Americans and Wage Labor: Ethnohistorical Perspectives edited by Alice Littlefield and Martha C. Knack, reviewed by Ronald L. Trosper 149

American Indian Life Skills Development Curriculum by Teresa D. LaFromboise, reviewed by Lee Little Soldier 150

The Institutionalized Cabinet: Governing the Western Provinces by Christopher Dunn, reviewed by Paul Barker 152

State Trust Lands: History, Management and Sustainable Use by John A. Souder and Sally K. Fairfax, reviewed by Clive S. Thomas 153

Main Street Revisited: Time, Space, and Image Building in Small-Town America by Richard V. Francaviglia, reviewed by Elizabeth Skidmore Sasser 155

Wyoming: A Source Book by Roy A. Jordan and S. Brett DeBoer, reviewed by Jay H. Buckley 157

Prairie Night: Black-footed Ferrets and the Recovery of Endangered Species by Brian Miller, Richard P. Reading, Steve Forrest, with foreword by Mark R. Stanley Price, reviewed by Jerry L. Godbey 158

The Nebraska Sand Hills: The Human Landscape by Charles Barron McIntosh, reviewed by Philip J. Gersmehl 159

The Community in Canada: Rural and Urban edited by Satadal Dasgupta Lanham, reviewed by Paul Gingrich 161

Amphibians and Reptiles of New Mexico by William G. Degenhardt, Charles W. Painter, and Andrew H. Price, reviewed by Jeffrey R. Parmelee 162

Aboriginal Law: Cases, Materials and Commentary by Thomas Isaac, with forewords by Graydon Nicholas and Strater J. Crowfoot, reviewed by John R. Wunder 164

The Minds of the West: Ethnocultural Evolution in the Rural Middle West, 1830-1917 by Jon Gjerde, reviewed by John D. Buenker 165

Saving the Best of Texas: A Partnership Approach to Conservation by Richard C. Bartlett, reviewed by Pete A. Y. Gunter 167

Grain Elevators by Lisa Mahar-Keplinger with foreword by Aldo Rossi, reviewed by Robert Duncan 169

Economic Thresholds for Integrated Pest Management edited by Leon G. Higley and Larry P. Pedigo, reviewed by Richard E. Plant 170


FALL 1997 VOL.7/NO. 2


A Great Plains Presidential Primary James L. McDowell 179

    Key Words: presidential primary

Where One Size Does Not Fit All: Small Community Diversity Kathleen Prochaska-Cue, Ann Ziebarth, and Bonnie Shrewsbury 209

    Key Words: community diversity

Depopulation of the Rural Great Plains Counties of Texas Charlene R. Nickels and Frederick A. Day 225

    Key Words: depopulation

The Politics of Elementary Schools in a German-American Roman Catholic Settlement in Canada's Province of Saskatchewan, 1903-1925 Clinton O. White 251

    Key Words: politics, elementary schools

Microclimate of an Aboriginal Winter Campsite at Wanuskewin Heritage Park, Saskatoon E. A. Ripley, O. W. Archibold, C. Jackson, and E. G. Walker 273

    Key Words: microclimate,aboriginal winter campsite

Regional Socioeconomic and Sociocultural Differences among U.S. Latinos: The Effects of Historical and Contemporary Latino Immigration/Migration Systems Ed A. Muñoz and Suzanne Ortega 289

    Key Words: socioeconomic, migration

Growth of a Natural History Museum on the Plains: The University of Nebraska State Museum Thomas P. Myers 315

    Key Words: University of Nebraska State Museum


Dividing New Mexico's Waters, 1700-1912 by John O. Baxter, reviewed by Kenneth Orona 347

The Texas Challenge: Population Change and the Future of Texas edited by Steve H. Murdock, Nazrul Hoque, Martha Michael, Steve White, and Beverly Pecotte, reviewed by Robert K. Holz 348

Prairie Voices: Process Anthropology in Family Medicine by Howard F. Stein, reviewed by Charles B. Hennon 350

Beyond Subsistence: Plains Archaeology and the Postprocessual Critique edited by Philip Duke and Michael C. Wilson, reviewed by Alan J. Osborn 352

Peyote: The Divine Cactus by Edward F. Anderson, reviewed by Daniel J. Gelo 353

From Fort Laramie to Wounded Knee: In the West that Was edited by Richard E. Jensen, reviewed by Charles W. Allen John Husmann 355

Grazing on Public Lands by Council for Agricultural Science and Technology, reviewed by Kathleen H. Keeler 356

NEBRASKAland Magazine: Wildlife Viewing Guide by Joseph Knue, reviewed by Paul M. McKenzie 357

Of Bison and Man by Harold P. Danz, reviewed by James R. Shortridge 359

Ordinary Life, Festival Days: Aesthetics in the Midwestern County Fair by Leslie Prosterman, reviewed by Georgia L. Stevens 360

A Language of Our Own: The Genesis of Michif; the Mixed Cree-French Language of the Canadian Métis by Peter Bakker, reviewed by Paul Dube 362

Ecology & Economics of the Great Plains by Daniel S. Licht, reviewed by David M. Armstrong 363

Changing Rural Institutions: A Canadian Perspective edited by Richard C. Rounds, reviewed by Paul H. Gessaman 365

Social Policy and Social Justice: The NDP Government in Saskatchewan during the Blakeney Years edited by Jim Harding, reviewed by Allen Seager 367

"Toil and Peaceful Life": Doukhobor Village Settlement in Saskatchewan, 1899-1918 by Carl J. Tracie, reviewed by Hans P. Werner 369