GPR Volume 9

SPRING 1999 VOL. 9/NO. 1


Late Prehistoric High Plains Foragers: Starving Nomads, Affluent Foragers? LuAnn Wandsnider 9

    Key Words: prehistoric, High Plains, foragers


Nonagricultural Benefits of Windbreaks in Kansas Ted T. Cable 41

    Key Words: windbreaks

Response of Breeding Birds in the Great Plains to Low Density Urban Sprawl David M. Engle, Tania L. Criner, Jon C. Boren, Ronald E. Masters, and Mark S. Gregory 55

    Key Words: breeding birds

Effect of Winter Wheat Seeding Date on Soil Erosion in the West-Central Great Plains S.J. Meyer, D.J. Lyon, and D.D. Baltensperger 75

    Key Words: winter wheat seeding, soil erosion

Greater Prairie-Chicken Harvest in Kansas: Early vs. Regular Seasons Francis E. Durbian III, Elmer J. Finck, and Roger Applegate 87

    Key Words: prairie-chicken


The Platte River Cooperative Agreement: A Basinwide Approach to Endangered Species Issues" Allan Jenkins 95

    Key Words: Platte River Cooperative Agreement

Factors in Rural Community Survival: Review of Insights from Thriving Small Towns Milan Wall 115

    Key Words: rural community survival

Critique: Geological Errors in Walter Prescott Webb's The Great Plains Stephen S. Hart 137

    Key Words: geologic errors, Walter Prescott Webb

Is the Family Disappearing? Northern Great Plains vs. National Trends in Family Structure Larry R. Peterson 145 [1999 Leslie Hewes Award]

    Key Words: family structure, Northern Great Plains


Western Visions: Perspectives on the West in Canada by Roger Gibbons and Sonia Arrison, reviewed by Michael D. Behiels 165

The Diefenbaker Legacy: Canadian Politics, Law and Society Since 1957 edited by D.C. Story, and R. Bruce Shepard, reviewed by William Neville 167

Rural Gays and Lesbians: Building on the Strengths of Communities by James Donald Smith and Ronald J. Mancoske, reviewed by Stephen T. Russell 169

Two Spirit People: American Indian Lesbian Women and Gay Men by Lester B. Brown, reviewed by Carolyn Epple 170

The Encyclopedia of Native American Legal Tradition by Bruce E. Johansen, reviewed by Mark R. Scherer 172

Ghost Dancing the Law: The Wounded Knee Trials by John William Sayer, reviewed by Tahunska Tanka (Leonard R. Bruguier) 173

Inventing the Savage: The Social Construction of Native American Criminality by Luana Ross, reviewed by Elizabeth S. Grobsmith 175

American Indian Languages: Cultural and Social Contexts by Shirley Silver and Wick R. Miller, reviewed by Catherine Rudin 178

Environmental Policy and NEPA: Past, Present, and Future edited by Ray Clark and Larry Canter, reviewed by Dean B. Suagee179

Reconciling Ecosystem and Political Borders: A Legal Map by Arlene J. Kwasniak, reviewed by Elaine L. Hughes 181

Evaluating Natural Resource Use in Agriculture by Thyrele Robertson, et al. reviewed by Glenn Helmers, 182

Natural Resource and Environmental Economics by Tony Prato, reviewed by Raymond J. Supalla 184

Managing Growth in America's Communities by Douglas R. Porter, reviewed by Gordon Scholz 185

Holding Our Ground: Protecting America's Farms and Farmlands by Tom Daniels and Deborah Bowers, reviewed by Julia Freedgood 187

Public Enterprise in an Era of Change edited by John R.Allan, reviewed by Ken Dennis 189

Archaeology on the Great Plains edited by W. Raymond Wood, reviewed by Philip Duke 190

In Search of Ancient Alberta by Barbara Huck and Doug Whiteway, reviewed by Raymond LeBlanc 191

The Origins of Native Americans: Evidence from Anthropological Genetics by Michael H. Crawford, reviewed by Theodore G. Schurr 193

An Atlas of the Sand Hills (3rd ed. expanded) by Ann S. Bleed and Charles A. Flowerday, reviewed by y Walter H. Schacht 194

The Texas Red River Country: The Official Survey of the Headwaters, 1876 by T. Lindsay Baker, reviewed by John L. Allen 196

Ecology and Conservation of Great Plains Vertebrates edited by Fritz L. Knopf and Fred B. Samson, reviewed by Rolf R. Koford 197

Cowbirds and Other Brood Parasites by Catherine P. Ortega, reviewed by Paul Porneluzi 199

Swallow Summer by Charles R. Brown, reviewed by Paul A. Johnsgard 201


FALL 1999 VOL. 9/NO. 2


Great Plains Grasslands at the Millennium


Background and Synopsis: Symposium on the Great Plains Grasslands at the Millennium John E. Mitchell, Svata M. Louda, and Bertha Gillam 211

    Key Words: Great Plains, grasslands


Grassland Ecosystems in Central North America William K. Lauenroth, I. C. Burke, and M. P. Gutmann 223

    Key Words: ecosystems


Response of buffalograss (Buchloe dactyloides) and blue grama (Bouteloua gracilis) to Fire Paulette L. Ford 261

    Key Words: buffalograss, blue grama, fire

Recent Biodiversity in Great Plains Grasslands: Implications for Restoration and Management Carolyn Hull Sieg, Curtis H. Flather, and Stephen McCanny 277 [1999 Charles E. Bessey Award]

    Key Words: biodiversity, restoration

Japanese Brome Impacts on Western Wheatgrass in Northern Great Plains Rangelands: An Update Marshall R. Haferkamp and R. K. Heitschmidt 315

    Key Words: Japanese brome, Western wheatgrass

Comparative Ecology of Bison and Cattle on Mixed Grass Prairie Allen A. Steuter 329

    Key Words: mixed grass prairie, bison, cattle


Essay: A Wilderness Condition? Great Plains Ecology as Euro-Americans Found it Dan Flores 343

    Key Words: wilderness ecology

Response of Riparian Vegetation to Streamflow Regulation and Land Use in the Great Plains W. Carter Johnson 357

    Key Words: riparian vegetation, streamflow

Prairie Grasslands: An Undervalued Resource Jill Vaisey and Peggy Strankman 371

    Key Words: prairie grasslands

Sustainability of Human Communities in Prairie Grasslands Cornelia Butler Flora 397

    Key Words: human communities

ERRATUM: Greater Prairie-Chicken Harvest in Kansas: Early vs. Regular Seasons Abstract and table Francis E. Durbian III, Elmer J. Finck, and Roger D. Applegate 421


A Classification of North American Biotic Communities by David E. Brown, Frank Reichenbacher, Susan E. Franson, reviewed by Robert B. Kaul 423

Population Biology of Grasses edited by G. P. Cheplick, reviewed by Thomas B. Bragg 424

Agronomy of Grassland Systems, 2nd ed. by C. J. Pearson and R. L. Ison, reviewed by David Bade 427

Valley of Grass: Tallgrass Prairie and Parkland of the Red River Valley Region by Kim Alan Chapman, Adelheid Fischer, and Mary Kinsella Ziegenhagen, reviewed by Tom Domek 428

Grassland Dynamics: Long-Term Ecological Research in Tallgrass Prairie edited by Alan K. Knapp, John M. Briggs, David C. Hartnett, and Scott L. Collins, reviewed by Mary Ann Vinton 430

The Evolving Science of Grassland Improvement by L. R. Humphreys, reviewed by William K. Lauenroth 432

Practical Approaches to the Conservation of Biological Diversity edited by Richard K. Baydack, Henry Campa III, and Jonathan B. Haufler, reviewed by Jon Paul Rodríguez 434

Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision Making, 2nd ed. by Allan Savory with Jody Butterfield, reviewed by Cliff Montagne 435

Ecosystem Management: Applications for Sustainable Forest and Wildlife Resources edited by Mark S. Boyce and Alan Haney, reviewed by Roger Suffling 437

Biology and Management of Noxious Rangeland Weeds edited by Roger L. Sheley and Janet K. Petroff, reviewed by Steven Radosevich 438

Under the Blade: The Conversion of Agricultural Landscapes edited by Richard K. Olson and Thomas A. Lyson, reviewed by Gordon Scholz 439

Nature Wars: People vs. Pests by Mark L. Winston, reviewed by Dennis Keeney 441

Bugs in the System: Redesigning the Pesticide Industry for Sustainable Agriculture edited by William Vorley and Dennis Keeney, reviewed by Robert J. Wright 443

Reducing Soil Water Evaporation with Tillage and Straw Mulching by S. K. Jalota and S. S. Prihar, reviewed by Gail A. Wicks 444

The Groundwater Atlas of Nebraska, Rev. ed. edited by C.A. Flowerday, reviewed by P. Allen Macfarlane 445

A Color Handbook of Diseases of Small Grain Cereal Crops by T.D. Murray, D.W. Parry, and N. D. Cattlin, reviewed by William W. Bockus 446

Encyclopedia of Rural America: The Land and People. 2 vols. edited by Gary A. Goreham, reviewed by Maurice Baker 447

Herbarium of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Vol. 12, The Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition edited by Gary E. Moulton, reviewed by Stanley L. Welsh 448


Reshaping the Countryside: Perceptions and Processes of Rural Change edited by N. Walford, J. C. Everitt, and D. E. Napton 451

The Western Range Revisited: Removing Livestock from Public Lands to Conserve Native Biodiversity by Debra L. Donahue 451

The Ecoregions of Saskatchewan by Donald F. Action, G. Padbury, and C. Stushnoff 451

Rattlesnake: Portrait of a Predator by Manny Rubio 452

Justice in Paradise by Bruce Clark 452