PSR Volumes XI - XIV

Volume XIV, 2012

  • Edited by Neal Gebhard

    An Interview with Colonel Mustard Amateur Theater Company by Neal Gebhard and Alicia Meyer
    Cloudy Day at the Barn by Alexis Swendener [photo] 9
    Dusting Off the Bedsprings by Marilyn Dorf 10
    Everyday Art by Hannah Putz [Pappas Award] 11
    Post Card by Peter Imsdahl 12
    Penning Dereams by Deborah T. McGinn 12
    Birdhouse in a Storm, or the Moment I Doubt the Decision to Dump Her by Fred MacVaugh 13
    The Heat by Barbara Salvatore 14
    Hair Commercial by Alexis Swendener [photo] 15
    Padding Along in Hartington by Cody Fischer 16
    Goatshed by Frances Patterson [photo] 19
    Clif, Diving by Peter Imsdahl 20
    July Rain by Rich Marlatt 21
    The Barber Has a Handsome Face by Peter Imsdahl 22
    Alan with Lung Cancer by Eleanor Leonne Bennett [photo] 23
    Knocked Flat for His First Kiss by Fred MacVaugh 24
    Let's Become Poetry Felons by Deborah T. McGinn 25
    Lincoln Capitol Hallway by James Wehrwein 26
    Cicada Children by Claudia Reinhardt 27
    Pitfire Pot by Bryson Kerns [pottery] 28
    Ring of Fire by Jordan Kuszak 29
    Woman in the Butler's Room by Brian Clifton 30
    Buffalo by Barbara Salvatore [photo] 31
    Pheasant Hutning Sketch by Kevin Rabas 32
    Learning to Bide My Time by Fred MacVaugh 33
    Road Trip by Janet Kamnikar 34
    Mornings by Rick Marlatt 34


Volume XIII, 2011

  • Edited by Kaitlin Ek
    Buttons by Joel Stuthman [photo] 4

    An Interview with Michael Forsberg by Kaitlin Ek and Neal Gebhard 5

    O, Autumnal by Brian Clifton 10
    Our Windmills by Don Welch 11
    Buying the First Family Heirloom by Fred MacVaugh 12
    Moonrise by Faith Colburn [photo] 13
    The Day’s Last Sunbeam (for T.M.B.) by Luke Bonkiewicz 14
    Bob’s Tavern by Natalie Schwarz
    Swamp by Lucy Adkins 17
    Small Town in the Rain by Faith Colburn [photo] 18
    Granma Ellen Talks About her Body by Lucy Adkins 19
    The Grey Friar by Emily Chloupek 20
    Country Church Sunset by Joel Stuthman [photo] 24
    In the Birdless Field by Ciara Shuttleworth 25
    What he said that night by Charlene Neely 26
    After Quartets and Before Shampoo by James Englehardt 27
    Places 09 by Mallory Kerns [photo] 28
    1886 Farm House by Marilyn Dorf 29
    The Dream Not Dreamt by Fred MacVaugh 30
    Places 50 by Mallory Kerns [photo] 31
    Home by Cynthia Ostrom 32
    Places 17 by Mallory Kerns [photo] 37
    The Family We Made by Fred MacVaugh 38
    Uncle Buford’s Appendectomy by Marilyn Dorf 39
    Taking Notes by Frances Patterson 40
    High Heels by Ciara Shuttlworth 41
    Pipe Dreams by Kaylee Colton [photo] 42
    Full Hours by Pam Vap 43
    Moo! By Tom May 44
    Farm Truck by Joel Stuthman 48
    Little Dare Devils by Dee Ritter 49
    Drifted In by Carole Barnes-Montgomery 50
    Yucca Blossoms by Faith Colburn [photo] 51
    Partial Portrait of My Mother by Marge Barrett 52
    Mattress Burning by Kylie Kinley 53
    Madness of a Young City by James Engelhardt 57
    Seasons of Fire by Faye Tanner Cool 58


Volume XII, 2010

  • Edited by Kaitlin Ek
    Snow Geese on Lake by G. Thompson Higgins [photo] 4

    A Conversation with Timothy Schaffert by Kaitlin Ek 5

    The Flax Story by Marge Barrett 9
    Prairie Grace by Molly O’Dell 10
    In Old Town, A Triplet by Don Welch 11
    Thedford, NE, 2006 by Tom Hansen [photo] 13
    Monday Matins by J. J. McKenna 14
    Playing Daddy’s 78’s by Marilyn Dorf 15
    A Midwestern Periodical by Suzanne E. Dawson [Pappas Award] 16
    DeSoto Trees by G. Thompson Higgins [photo] 18
    The Lookout by Deb Walz 20
    Reading Between the Lines by Dee Ritter 21
    Miss Cox, 1934 by Janet Kamnikar 22
    A Gift of Apples by Faye Tanner Cool 23
    Ornamentals by Twyla Hansen 24
    Finding Our Way by Frances Patterson 25
    Taking Flight by Mallory Kerns [photo] 27
    Sumac by Judy Lorenzen 28
    Fog on Railtracks by G. Thompson Higgins [photo] 29
    Curious by Marge Barrett 30
    The Oak Leaves by J. J. McKenna 31
    Mother Robin by Natalie Schwarz 32
    From its top you can see the Eiffel Tower in Paris! by Alicia Bones 33
    Calf by Madeline Moore [photo] 36
    Grandpa’s Two-Fingered Wave by Claudia Reinhardt 37
    Gate by Mary Dorsey Wanless [photo] 38
    Acts of Faith by Twyla Hansen 39
    Prairie Grass by G. Thompson Higgins [photo] 40
    Medicine Woman by Don Thackrey 41
    Don’t Break the Ice by Mallory Kerns 46
    Savage Theory, Coyote, Savage Love Gone by Red Shuttleworth 47
    Laura Ingalls Wilder Doesn’t Live Here Anymore by Leah H. Hebner 48
    Legacy by Jessica Vetter 49
    Before Bed by Amy Plettner 50
    One more phone by Rex Walton 51
    Barn in Field by Christina Petroski [photo] 52
    Father Land by Andrew R. Oerman 53
    The Felled Oaks by Mary Logan 57
    Fallen Tree on Prairie by G. Thompson Higgins [photo] 58
    The Scent of Memory by Leah H. Hebner 59
    Dad by Marge Barrett 60
    Finding Solace by Mallory Kerns [photo] 61
    Shall I Be by Mary Logan 62


Volume XI, 2009

  • Edited by Katie Sisneros
    Poem for Matilda Matt Mason 4

    A Conversation with Matt Mason by Katie Sisneros and Janey Strobel 5

    John Keats Matt Mason 12
    Shelley Matt Mason 12
    Away from Home in the City of Poets Matt Mason 13
    December Walk in the City of Poets Matt Mason 14
    On Being Taken by Surprise Faye Tanner Cool 15
    Corn Twyla Hansen 16
    The Journey Jason Jilg 17
    Concluding Winter Red Shuttlewort 18
    No Parachute Ciara Shuttleworth 19
    Candlelight Vigil on Domestic Violence, held at Nebraska Wesleyan University
    Travis J. Beck 20
    Working Stiff Theresa Swanson 21
    [Untitled 1] Jessica Fischer 24
    Tailspin Maureen Kingston 25
    Bird and Screen Becky Aiken 26
    Toasting the Trickster to Thirty-five Years Ciara Shuttleworth 27
    Lady of the Manor Jeanne Rogers 28
    The Mystery Fred MacVaugh 29
    Road along the wires K. J. Hascall 30
    Wandering West on I-90 Scott Morrison 31
    June 22, Franklin County Amy Koch 32
    [Untitled 2] Jessica Fischer 33
    Emptied Term John Estes 34
    a gift horse's trip to the dog food factory Mike Van Haitsma 35
    Mamma Is Waiting Natasha Kessler 36
    Onion Mine Frances Patterson 37
    County Fair Ride Entrance Kevin Rabas 38
    For Fun, You Kids Go Stand in a Dust Devil Red Shuttleworth 39
    Ada Dee Ritter 40
    Kilgore, NE Gas Station Tom Hansen 41
    Dad's Team Janet Kamnikar 42
    Balance Rick Marlatt 43
    Clear Conscience Jason Jilg 44
    A Little Grey Bar Deborah T. McGinn 45
    Red River of the North Maureen Kingston 46
    Scar Lucy Adkins 47
    Randy's Laugh Kevin Rabas 48
    Echo of Shaking Hands Claudia Reinhardt 49
    Where are you? Fred MacVaugh 50
    Shadows on Debris Becky Aiken 51
    Warthog — With a nod to Mary Oliver Wendy Henry 52
    Approaching Storm Jason Jilg 53
    illinois, my apologies Justin Hamm 54
    Grass, Bales, and Sky II K. J. Hascall 55
    Boot Hill Rick Marlatt 56
    Where have all the cowboys gone? Jonathan Miller 57
    Before the Spelling Contest Lucy Adkins 58
    Bank the Eight Luke Bonkiewicz 59
    [Untitled 3] Jessica Fischer 63
    View from I-80 Dee Ritter 64
    Lyle's Christmas, 1961 Lucy Adkins 65
    Aftermath Faye Tanner Cool 66