PSR Volumes I - V

Volume V, 2003

  • Edited by Joy Arbor


    Interview with Ted Kooser by Mary K. Stillwell 5

    Susan Murnan Cover, 26, 43
    Faith Mills 4, 37
    Katie Niedbalski 10
    Michelle Bishop 13
    J. Lynn Batten 16, 24, 54
    Erin Blobaum 28
    Amy Plettner-Lind 32, 34
    Holly Brobst 29, 56

    Wind at Sunrise Renee Lanik 11
    Red Lights in the Morning Deborah T. McGinn 14
    My Thunderbird Fran Higgins 15
    Driving Highway 6 Shelly Clark 22
    Sweet Corn Shelly Clark 27
    Wayne County Mitchell Ahlschwede 23
    Ingrained Lucy Adkins 33
    Migration Lucy Adkins 53
    Jeff's Widow Kathleen Timperley 35
    Canned Tomatoes Kathleen Timperley 36
    A Farm Sale at Dusk Kathleen Timperley 56
    Geometry Problem Becky Faber 41
    AIDS in Nebraska J. Eileen Durgin-Clinchard 42
    Sweat Marilyn Dorf 44
    Catechumen Kelly Madigan Erlandson 46
    Origins Kelly Madigan Erlandson 58
    When I Ride Carole Barnes-Montgomery 55
    Moon Dreams, Shaman Vissions Roy Reichle 57
    Nemaha County Nocturne Amy Fleury 59

    Married to Blonde in Omaha Steven Wingate 12
    A Park in Perspective: The Story of Henry E. Pressey Curt McDermott 17
    A Trip to the Grocery Store Jan Chism Wright 20
    [Excerpt from] Picture, Memory Scott Peterson 25
    [Excerpt from] Something Beautiful Scott Peterson 30
    Jade's Daisies Nicole Church 38
    Baptizing Cats Deb Carpenter 45
    Raptured Bonnie Crumly-Fastring 47



Volume IV, 2002

  • Edited by Margie Rine

    Interview with Jonis Agee by Genevieve Critel 5

    Shelley Fuller, Cover
    Amador Garrés 4
    Sara Fuller 5, 18, 29, 40
    Michelle Bishop 10
    Heather Glemboski 14
    Lori Armiger 16
    Dave Read 18
    Clint McMillen 46
    Susan Murnan 56
    Stacey L. Eggers 60
    Crystal Corman 61

    Funeral for a Farmer's Wife Lucy Adkins 7
    Butchering Lucy Adkins 7
    Milking Lucy Adkins 8
    Re-entry Sara Adkisson 9
    Sonnet for I20 South Sara Adkisson 9
    Grandmonther's Prairie Stories Ruth Armstrong 10
    Sunday ... cutting wood Carole Barnes-Montgomery 11
    Cowbosy Carole Barnes-Montgomery 12
    Sundays Melissa Beery 13
    Feeding the Town Chickens Melissa Beery 13
    The Band Plays On Dale S. Biggs 15
    Salvage the Heart, Mend the Mind Mary Ann Bowman 17
    Friday Night at the Singles Dance Ardiss Cederholm 21
    The Price Ardiss Cederholm 21
    Pet Bulls Jan Chism Wright 22
    The Whole Childe Nicole Church 23
    Letter from a Soddy Marilyn Dorf 24
    A Wednesday in Summer Tigerlily Ernst 25
    Road Trip Tigerlily Ernst 25
    We Walked Danielle Friesen-Bethune 26
    We are on Nine-Mile Prairie When Twyla Hansen 27
    Deer at Dusk Twyla Hansen 28
    Free Cheese William Kloefkorn 30
    Sergaent Patrick Gass, Chief Carpenter: On the Trail with Lewis and Clark William Kloefkorn 30
    Palmyra Renee Lanik 33
    Chicken for Sundays Renee Lanik 34
    Aunt Tessie's Apron Strings Ann Matzke 38
    Shelling Peas Sandra McBride 39
    Shaped Like War Deborah T. McGinn 42
    Driving across Nebraska in the Time between Darkness and Dawn Scott Peterson 42
    Traveling in a Funeral Procession on Highway 2 to Prudum June Rainbow 46
    707 Florence Boulevard Jim Reese 47
    Strike on the Stoop Jim Reese 47
    Afternoon Chores Jim Reese 48
    Spring Creek Prairie Dee Ritter 49
    Sometimes I Stray Off Deliberately Marjorie Saiser 51
    Wind Lies Down Marjorie Saiser 51
    Adios, Goodby Marjorie Saiser 61
    1:30 am Michael Salas 52
    The Bookmobile Mary K. Stillwell 55
    The Red Barn Mary K. Stillwell 55
    Off the Map in Nebraska Beth Torgerson 57
    Legacy of Images Deb Walz 59
    Lineage Deb Walz 59
    shithole Steve Werkmeister 60

    The Dance of Opposites Jon Brt 19
    Bangboard Marilyn Dorf 24
    Estate Sale, Palm Sunday, Lincoln, NE Karen Head 29
    Equinox Kelly Madigan Erlandson 35
    The Miracle Tree S. Scott Massin 37
    Young Man Brendan McGinn 41
    Tree Tales LoRee Peery 43
    Long Drive Home Cara Pesek 44
    Grandma's Diaries Dee Ritter 50
    A Little Nebraska Sara Smith 53


Volume III, 2001

  • Six Poems William Kloefkorn 1
    Circumference Margie Rine 8
    Journey Home Sarah Hector 14
    Birth Place Willa Bitney 15
    Snow Day Ellen Pillar 16
    American Quarter Horse Youth Association World Show Amy J. Ryan 18
    First Flight Nathan McConnell 23
    Growing up Playing Cowboys and Indians Pate Pike 28
    At the Edge of Town Gladys Haunton 30
    Request Mary Ann Bowman 33
    Summer of '68 Deb Walz 35
    Iron Threads David Oschner 36
    End of an Era Gary Renzelman 46
    All There Is, Is Paper Lois Bauer 47
    In David City Park Nancy McCleery 62
    #1 Gerald Giraud 63
    To the Sower Yi Zhang 64
    Star of the New Moon LoRee Peery 67
    Matress Melissa Beery 71
    Staying Put Jon Brt 73
    Three Miles West of Russell, Nebraska Ardiss Cederholm 77
    The Longing Chase Smith 78
    Never Realy Leave Christopher Hammack 82
    A Poem Written While Driving Through Nebraska and Iowa Dane Stickney 89
    In the Nebraska State Department of Roads We Trest Dale Biggs 91
    The Great Deeds of G.W.N. Matt Callicoat 93
    Sandoz and Cather: Are Jules and Alexandra Really So Different? Barbara Sawatzki 96

    Special Forum: Nebraska Constitutional Amendment 416 and GLBT Issues in Nebraska:
    A Lesbian's Response to Initiative 416 Kris Gandara 108
    Lacks Signs of Intelligent Life Genevieve Critel 109
    It Wasn't You Kris Gandara 110
    Collected Scenes Where Every Frame is Filled with Hair Michael Richman 113
    In Defense of What? Jewlya Lynn 122

    Disintegration Chad Weidner 130
    A Non-tradional Student Neil Boring 131
    My College Life Tanishia Butler 134
    The Day the Huskers Died Mary Iltzsch 135
    Of You The McNeelees 136
    Sketch at the Mill Peter Storonsky 137
    The Mill Deborah T. McGinn
    Girl Talk Nancy McCleery 139
    My People Zeljka Pavjasevic 140
    Where We Begin Gretchen Bergen 141
    The True Seasons of Farming Laurence E. Ackland 149
    Farm Trucks and Old Men Lucy Adkins 152
    Farm Girl Danielle Friesen-Bethune 153
    Installation of Personality Amy Hock 154
    The Night of the Storm Aaron Stutzman 159
    The Day After Charlene Neely 162
    Harvest Time on the Farm Jeff Fritz 164
    The Farm Carole Barnes Montgomery 168
    Grandma's House Deb Walz 169
    Father Marjorie Saiser 170
    Weathered Wood David Hartman 172
    Eulogy Luke Bonkiewicz 173
    Leave Only Your Footprints Adam Brosz 181
    Settling for Less than Less Rex Walton 190
    Siege Lawrence E. Ackland 191
    Five Details of Fall David Hartman 192
    November Renee Lanik 193
    Reflections in a Nebraska Field Mel Krutz 194



Volume II, 2000

  • O Pioneers! An Opera Based on the Novel By Willa Cather Tyler White 1
    Frost in the Morning Dorothy Thomas 4
    Anna in the Swing Marjorie Saiser 7
    A House in the Country Dee Ritter 10
    Going Home Brent Warren 14
    The Thing We Did Renee Lanik 20
    My Grandfather's Legacy Rebecca Weaver 21
    Carrying Leroy Kelly Madigan Erlandson 24
    A Question of Possession Tony Cacioppo 25
    The Top of the Hill Mary An Bowman 26
    Ever So Humble Dale S. Biggs 39
    Lloyd Grasinger Revisited Bryan Jones 40
    Buffalo Dreams Tigerlily Ernst 43
    American Dreams Rebecca Weaver 45
    Photo: Lincoln City Scape Susan Kiene 47
    Tillie Olsen: Writing about and from Working Class Motherhood Gretchen Obrist 48
    Women in Nebraska Politics Mary Schulte 58
    Living Over the Store Ruth Raymond Thone 61
    Blood Sisters Renee Lanik 64
    Me and My Soapbox Amanda Fechner 66
    Poem About My People Kris Gandara 68
    The Haircut Lois Schaefer Bauer 69
    A Questions of Mercy Luan Pitsch 81
    The Preacher's Son Susanne Sarah Novak 93
    The Meaning of Christmas Jessica Intermill 102
    Evolution Revolution: How Nebraska Authors are Taking Control of the Evolution Debate Amanda Schindler 106
    Fligloudli The McNeelees 113
    Wintry Awakening Ellen Pillar 114
    Lost Boots Kimberly Sallans 116
    Daddy's Spur Lew Kaye-Skinner 124
    Backstage Pass -- Interviewing Mustang Dick Jim Reese 134
    The Catch Jim Reese 135
    Seedless Cones Bobby Peru 136
    Mice Cara Pesek 139
    Mice in the House Lucy Adkins 146
    A Morning of Writing Virginia Wright-Peterson 147
    Road South Scott Abels 149
    In the Car Mary Johnson 150
    Howard Takes a Bath Bryan Jones 154
    The Sarben Bridge Charlotte Hogg 158
    My Favorite Place Lindsay Richardson 163
    The Mailbox at the Top of the World Jan Chism Wright 164
    Nebraska Sand Mary Andersen 166
    A Cathedral is the Plains Mel Krutz 167
    Photo: Nebraska Barn Susan Kiene 168
    Still-Life With Barn Charlene Neely 169
    Don't "Red" On Me Dale S. Biggs 171
    Black Shirt Tom Pappas 172
    Big Red Mania Brandee Illingworth 174
    The Skybox Takeovers, or How I Learned to Stop Worry and Love the Tuskers Debra L. Devonshire 176
    A Nebraska Indirective Steve Langan 181
    The A.M. Radio Danielle Friesen-Bethune 183
    Spots on my Silverware: Poem & Photo Danielle Friesen-Bethune 184
    The Barada Hills of Nebraska Jan Chism Wright 186
    A Day at the Duck Races Kate Flaherty 187
    Euchre At Two Jim Reese 193
    Mary Howard's Grocery Jan Chism Wright 194
    The Pioneer Inn of Gilead Luella Corliss Sphon 196
    Making Tomato Soup Jason Miller 197
    A Child Mary Jackson 199
    Springtime Comes to Laron's Place Lucy Adkins 200
    An Altar for the Rain Jason Miller 201
    Season in Nebraska Melissa Mecham 202
    Nebraska Haiku Kathy Disney 203
    Climbing Lucy Adkins 204
    In Season Blake Anderson 205
    October Renee Lanik 206
    Family Tree Lindsay Siem 207
    The Night the Lights Went Out Pat Pike 216
    The Year We Gave Stories Mary Jackson 217
    Nebraska From Every Angle but Above Graham Lindsey Skaluba 223
    Willa Cather and the Art of Human Experience: The Power of "Camille" in My Antonia Chelsea Schievert 225
    Photo: Church and House, Virginia City, 1941 Wright Morris 234
    Small Pleasures: A Memoir of a Wright Morris Weekends Joseph J. Wydeven 235



Volume I, 1999

  • Plains Song (of J. Alfred Chimneyrock) Dale S. Biggs 1
    A Plains Song Companion Dale S. Biggs 1
    Give Me This Dance Jenny Hasenauer 2
    Fences Sommer Jindra 18
    View From the Highway 11 Bridge Todd Robinson 28
    The Homecoming Lucas Schulte 30
    A Glimpse of History Jeremy Martin 33
    The Sandpit Rebecca Branting 39
    They Linger On Danielle Bethune 44
    Little Brother Steven Janssen 45
    Farmer's Poem Brian Vance 50
    The Summer I Can't Forget Michael Vech 53
    The Home Place Teri Lynn Imus 58
    Ole's Salvation Chris Halligan 61
    Great Plains Center Ron Larson 76
    Mapping Loren Eiseley: A Bonehunter's Geography Deb Derrick 79
    Landscape in Bess Streeter Aldrich Carol Miles Petersen 87
    Journey Shelly Clark 94
    Out at Kildeer Yasmin McEwen 95
    Nebraska Wind Danielle Bethune 96
    Peering Out Ramona L. Lindbloom 97
    Nebraska Storm Justin Gill 98
    Waiting for the Sun Rick Guilliams 102
    Nebraska Winds Kaycee Bridger 103
    Then & Forever Tycho McNeelee 104
    Emerging at the Surface Danielle Bethune 106
    A Brighter Future for All: Economic Development in Nebraska Katie Harr 108
    Memories for Sale Brian Vance 114
    How to Live in the Heartland Twyla Hansen 117
    Mid-West Misunderstanding Kristy Sorensen 118
    Saturday Night at the View Jim Reese 119
    The Jive Jim Reese 121
    Carny Amie Perlman 124
    Nebraska Boxer Harold B. Wilson 132
    Heoll, My Name is Chris Chris Bonnema 136
    Raves Emily Elowsky 139
    Falling Off the Edge of the World Joanna Findlay 147
    The Logic of Hate Adele Stevens 154
    Journalistic Giant Trips on Load of Cow Chips Joe Starita 160
    Political Culture of Nebraska Katie Sup 162
    Nebraska Political Culture Mike Schuering 164
    Tastes Like More Jim Reese 166
    Breeding Grounds Michael Garcia 168
    Bishop Bruskewitz and Orthodox Catholicim in Nebraska Matthew Robbins Johnson 170
    Wings Amanda Lighter 178
    Delia's Place Andria Skaff 179
    The Last Day Mary Trauthen 185
    Wright Morris and Chautauqua Oliver Pollak 189
    Wright Morris Holograph Wright Morris 194
    Reflections on Wright Morris' November Plains Song Donna Kortje 195