Five Voices, One Place Educational Resource

This educational resource webpage complements the Five Voices, One Place symposium and offers resource information to literature teachers at the secondary education and college levels, to book clubs or reading clubs, and to students who may be researching one of these authors.

The information found in these webpages can be printed for a more permanent booklet, or contact the Center for Great Plains Studies for a hard copy.

This Five Voices, One Place Educational Resource has been compiled by Katherine Dunham, Lincoln, Nebraska. We would like to express a special thank you to the following scholars for their assistance: Thomas Fox Averill, P. Jane Hafen, Arthur R. Huseboe, Patricia Nelson Limerick, and Joseph J. Wydeven. We would also like to thank Susan Rosowski and John Wunder, Co-Chairs of the Five Voices One Place symposium, for their vision in the production of this resource.