Our Town Cast List


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TU/WE/TH 6:00-11:00 FR 3:00-8:00 SA/SU 10:00-4:00

Tech Week:
FR 6:00-11:00 SA/SU 11:00-11:00 TU-FR 6:00-11:00

Performance curtain times: WE-SA 7:30 SU 2:00

If you register for 285X (Practicums)

Our Town*

March 8— April 7

April 8— April 12

April 13— April 24

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*OUR TOWN will rehearse 10:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m. during UNL SPRING BREAK except Monday, March 14 (AEA Day Off).

If you are cast in OUR TOWN and have existing plans for Spring Break, contact Brad before October 29 to make arrangements. After October 29, everything will be set in stone.

Cast should examine the above schedules and cancel any current conflicts and avoid any future ones. This avoidance includes:

  • Auditioning for overlapping productions.

  • Registering for night classes.

  • Registering for classes whose syllabi include conflicting requirements.

  • Scheduling work hours which conflict with rehearsals and/or performances.

    These productions are considered curricular for JCSTF students. Reschedule or suspend conflicting extracurricular activities.

Christopher AustinAEA
Stage Manager
Aeris Esterly-Tilmon
Emily Webb
Will Hayes
George Gibbs
Francoise Traxler
Rebecca Gibbs
Gage Boardman
Wally Webb
Shawn WitsellAEA
Mr. Webb
Lauren Durban*
Mrs. Webb
Shawn JainAEA
Dr. Gibbs
Suzan Lund*
Mrs. Gibbs
Joni Thomas*
Mrs. Soames
Aurora Villarreal
Professor Willard
Charles AdamsAEA
Simon Stimson
Brett Gaffney
Howie Newsome
Jack McCormickEMC*
Joe Crowell
Toby Bassette
Si Crowell
Daniel Hernandez
Sam Craig
Christopher AustinAEA
Joe Stoddard
Daniel Hernandez
Constable Warren

AEA - Appearing through an Agreement between this theatre, Nebraska Repertory Theatre, and Actors' Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.
*Nebraska Repertory Theatre Guest Artist
EMC - The Equity Membership Candidate Program (EMC) permits actors and stage managers in training to credit theatrical work in certain Equity theatres towards eventual membership in Equity.