Amanda Quattrone

Amanda Quattrone, Graduate Student

Program Information:

Ph.D, Complex Biosystems

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Prior Degrees Earned:

Bachelors of Science- Louisiana State University

Fellowships/Awards Received:

CROPS Travel Award, 2020

Portrait of Amanda Quattrone

Laboratory Association(s):

Dr. Sabrina Russo

Research Description:

I study plant-microbial interactions in the soil microbiome of maize and other grasses in the Poaceae. Specifically, we are researching phylogenetic effects and plant soil feedbacks of the rhizosphere communities in the Poaceae.

My personal interests also lie in plants. I keep several indoor plants and maximize my patio space with potted plants in the summer. My current favorites are ivies, herbs, and pepper plants. I also enjoy working with ceramics, playing music, and dancing when I get the chance.