Ariadna Gonzalez Solis

Ariadna Gonzalez Solis, Graduate Student

Program Information:

Ph.D., Biochemistry

Starting Year:


Contact Info:

Career Path:

Academics, balanced research and teaching

Prior Degrees Earned:

MSc Biochemistry, UNAM, Mexico
MSc Food Science/Biotechnology, University of Leeds, UK

Fellowships/Awards Received:

Mexican National Council of Science and Technology Scholarship

Portrait of Ariadna Gonzalez Solis

Laboratory Association(s):

Dr. Edgar Cahoon

Research Description:

My research aims to understand the biosynthetic pathway and function of sphingolipids in plants. Sphingolipids are structural components of membranes and bioactive molecules involved in cellular processes and environmental responses. Currently, I am investigating the molecular mechanisms of sphingolipid biosynthetic regulation in gene-edited Arabidopsis mutants.

In my free time I enjoy hiking, biking and traveling.